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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 492

Battle 492: an uncomfortable feeling


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 492

Battle 492: an uncomfortable feeling\\
inserted text: it... came off~~~\\
side text: ryouzanpaku enters the battle in order to raid one of yami’s secret bases!! a long time passed since the masters’ unparalleled display of skills!!\\
bald: what’s happening!?\\
bald2: there are intruders!!\\
bald: impossible, what kind of a fool would try to invade the castle of one of the one shadow nine fists ogata isshinsai!?\\
shi: what about...\\
shi: this kind...\\
fodder: guah...\\
elder: of fools!!?\\
fodder: guah!!\\
apa: apa!\\
fodder: nuuuhn!!\\
aki: I see, I’m sure that these are moves from ogata’s old martial arts style...\\
aki: fuh!!\\
fodder: guuah!!\\
aki: kouetsuji nagihouki!! (kouetsuji mowing broom)\\
aki: it seems like this secret base is kensei’s castle, just like these people said.\\ let’s capture him and send him to the big lock.\\
sfx: kyu\\
fodder: they are here.\\
saka: heh, kensei, huh? I was thinking about fighting him since a while back in the past.\\ the first who finds him wins, ok!? heheheh.\\
saka: uraaah!!\\
saka: tetsuki hyakudan!!! (iron ogre 100th dan)\\
ma: ma-ke sentsuu shintoushou (ma-style 1000 ways penetration palm)!!\\
apa: hopacha tenkao!!!\\
ma: they are not retreating even if they are fighting against us. they must have received a great deal of teachings from kensei.\\
apa: apa!\\
apa: you are right, they are stronger than we’ve expected.\\
fodder: ooooh!!\\
elder: nuhn!\\
elder: that’s true, to think that he could bestow this level of training to this many of his subordinates...\\
elder: furinji oshi itte!! (furinji pressing palm)\\
elder: I’m surprised by his ability of passing down moves to others.\\
shi: however... is he hiding his ki? I can not feel his... presence...\\ don’t lower your guards... everyone.\\
shi: kousakaryuu chigiri mandan!!! (kousaka style: one thousand slices, ten thousand cuts)\\
fodder: nuh?\\
fodder: uh!\\
shi: I just cut the... wall.\\
shi: well then,\\
shi: let’s individually search for kensei...\\
elder: ok.\\
shi: let’s go...\\
ber: hey, this brings back memories.\\
ki: berserker, why are you here!?\\
ken: your face tells me that you already knew something about this, niijima.\\
niji: uh? why are you so sharp in this kind of strange situations?\\
ken: because I know you from a long time.\\
niji: according to the information I got from certain spies...\\
niji: berserker, kitsukawa shougo, after ragnarok was disbanded...\\
niji: entered into yami as one of kensei’s yomi!!\\
sieg: heh.\\
sieg: since the beginning a lot of members of ragnarock were nothing more than people who gathered in order to receive kensei’s teachings. I don’t feel that uncomfortable by knowing that this man is in yomi.\\
sieg: and the same thing is valid for the former first fist odin, who is inside of that car...\\
sieg: if we, former members of ragnarock, would have committed even one mistake, we would be on their side now.\\
ken: ah,\\
ken: ryuuto.\\
ryuu: yes.\\
sfx: pi\\
third: berserker, are these people the members of the shinpaku alliance you were talking about?\\
third: I see, I agree with you. These are people we should be concerned about.\\
third: I can feel that you are a very interesting martial artists as well.\\
thor: who the hell is this guy?\\
take: who is he?\\
ki: what a weird guy~~~\\
kaname: I don’t want to ask things carelessly and make them understand about our lack of information\\
uki: he is kinda cool.\\
shira: ukita-sama, your shirt’s collar is so stylish today!!\\
ken: who are you!?\\
kaname: ah!!\\
miu: yeah, right\\
lugh: ah sorry, I didn’t introduce myself, I’m “Lugh**”\\
lugh: a member of the team “mabinogion*”, a yomi raised by kensei sama\\
TLN: *mabinogion: a collection of ancient welsh mythology: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mabinogion
**lugh: in the mabinogion he is known as Lleu: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lleu_Llaw_Gyffes, but according to wikipedia, this corresponds to the irish “Lugh” that is also the closer spelling to the given name from the japanese text\\
ken: Mabinogion!?\\
ken: another program for yomi candidates together with ragnarok and Titans?\\
ryuu: roger.\\
ryuu: hey you two, right now ryouzanpaku is raiding kensei-sama’s castle.\\
ber: ryouzanpaku... so are you telling me that they cause those explosions by just using their bare hands?\\
ber: masters are incredible...\\
ryuu: it seems that is castle has been abandoned, we are heading to another base, let’s retreat.\\
niji: what is this uncomfortable feeling?\\
ber: they are commanding us to retreat, let’s go.\\
niji: I can not feel berserker’s overpowering aura he emitted last time. and this guy called “Lugh” seems strange!!\\
niji: our opponents are just those two, all of our members are here, plus ryuzanpaku is also near, this is a once in a lifetime chance to get these guys, come on now, I have to ignore this uncomfortable feeling and investigate about them with my talk skills.\\
niji: wait berserker, could it be that someone like you became a docile and obedient boy!?\\
niji: did someone like you who didn’t have any stance nor moves and was an user of a self-taught shapeless style, become an obedient, make-believe martial artist under kensei-san now?\\
miu: oh... he is provoking him.\\
ken: anyway, I almost respect him for the spirit he has that is capable to shake up and challenge his opponents like that.\\
niji: what’s wrong, could it be that the fangs of the mad warrior are broken now? eh? eeeeh?\\
lugh: no.\\ kensei-sama didn’t teach any stance nor any technique to him.\\
niji: eh?\\
ken: what!?\\
lugh: kensei-sama immediately noticed that berserker’s distinctive characteristic was the absence of form. He only continued to instruct him with a kind of training method devised by a pioneer of the ancient martial arts.\\
lugh: kensei-sama continued with a training without moves nor stances that sharpened berserker’s own raw qualities, he called it in a way once, that is …\\
lugh: self-taught style.\\
ken: s-self...\\ taught style!?\\
miu: just like my grandfather!!\\
niji: nugh, really?\\
niji: such a calm dreadfulness, there is no doubt about it, h-he powered up!!\\
sieg: it sounds like Atalanta’s so called “specialization training”~~~\\
ber: you are talking too much.\\
lugh: ah.\\
lugh: one of my bad habits.\\
niji: ah...\\
near niji: good~~~ they let us get away..\\
ryuu: what’s wrong, lugh, hurry up and get in the car.\\
lugh: no.\\
lugh: I...\\
lugh: I’m interested in the shinpaku alliance’s strength that I heard so much about.\\
inserted text: is he brimming of confidence even against such a number of opponents? in the next issue the veil on the mysterious yomi lugh will be removed!!\\

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