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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 156

Night 156: livestock

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 1, 2012 09:27 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense-scans

Night 156: livestock\\
Red text: they are too cool!\\ the fanalis army!!\\
inserted text: aladdin’s new favourite magic!!\\
al: ugo-kun!!(gravity magic)\\
al: the city outside is more or less like this.\\
mal: uwaaah~~~!!\\
mal: incredible, incredible!\\
mal: thanks you misters!\\
ti: you should become a scholar as soon as possible and go to see the real thing.\\
al: wow, do you want to become a scholar, malga-chan?\\
mal: yes!\\
al: in that case would you be happy if I come everyday here to teach you the characters?\\
mal: r-really!?\\
mal: … no it’s fine.\\
mal: I can learn the characters by myself. If you just could come here from time to time and tell me about the world outside…\\
al: ?\\ why?\\
mal: because I don’t know if I will be able to live long enough to become a scholar…\\
mal: my mother often said that…\\
mal: I will not be able to live long because of the illness in my chest…\\
mal: but I’m alright, I already have fun by listening to your stories…\\
mal: and by imagining how is the world outside…\\
al: … titus-kun…?\\
old man: you said that your name is aladdin… right?\\ thanks… I never thought that such a gentle magician who would do so many things for a child of the 5th district would exist…\\
box: 5th level authorization district, first class western sector’s sector chief Geolga\\
sph: geolga-san, are you really satisfied with such a way of living?\\
geo: yes… even this is better than the period under the mustashim monarchy…\\
geo: in the past, the royal family held all the national rights to use magic… things such as deciding where magic should be used to make it rain during periods of drought, etc.…\\ instead now, all the people in the country are able to receive plenty of the magic’s blessing…\\
??: give the rights on magic to the population! We will not permit the monopoly of the royal family!!\\
geo: but… those who are really miserable here are ones from the “second generation”…\\
geo: those like malga… and our sons…\\
sph: “second generation”?\\
al: eh?\\
geo: what’s wrong, otto?\\
otto: old man… do something to stop him, he has gone crazy.\\
al: eh…!?\\
al: titus-kun…?\\
al: what’s wrong, titus-kun?\\
ti: aladdin…\\
ti: … I will take Malga…\\
ti: outside together with me.\\
sph: eh!?\\
otto: people from the outside… shouldn’t do unnecessary things.\\
otto: those who plot to evade are all executed once the they set foot outside of the district…\\
otto: the facility where the corpses of the so called makubalah (those who will run out of magoi soon) are disposed of is at the end of this hole…\\
otto: they are threw off to there from here. We cannot fly in the air with staves like you do, so once they throw us in there it is the end.\\
ti: I can fly.\\
otto: what?\\
ti: I can fly and take everyone here with me.\\
ti: if you want to go outside, I can take you with me!\\
otto: what the hell is this guy talking about!?\\
sph: I-I understand his feeling, but… he is unreasonable…!\\
al: titus-kun… why are you suddenly willing to do such a thing…?\\
geo: p-please stop this…\\ we are satisfied with our current situation.\\
star: hah… you shouldn’t say that… to be honest I think I ended up here because of someone else’s fault…\\
ti: what do you mean?\\
sph: what? The gate opened.\\
geo: it’s the time for the magicians’ patrol. Every day, when it is the dead of the night outside, they come here to check the number of the people in the district…\\
sph: I see…\\ they check the number of people…\\
the three of them: what?\\
sph: what should we do…? If they find us here, we will get expelled…!\\
sph: and maybe worse, the population level system is a national law in this country…\\ and we have violated it… in the worst case we have committed a capital crime, do you know that…!?\\
sph: anyway, once those guys go back, we will go outside as well.\\
al: yeah…\\
??: 5th level authorization district, first class western sector… are you still all alive?\\ stand up straight now!!\\
??: hahah… today the operating ratio of the magic items on the surface is high,\\
??: and the volume of the collected magoi is high as well… maybe some of the weak goi could have kicked the bucket today.\\
mage: they are all here, no one died.\\
??: what about the makubalah? We have to get rid of them…\\
mage: … no makubalah either!\\
??: ok,\\ let’s go to the next district.\\
geo: !!\\ malga!!\\
sph: she was on the verge of dying just a few minutes ago… she still haven’t regenerate her magoi…!!\\
??: what?\\
mage: a makubalah.\\
mage: one person to dispose of!\\
geo: wait, please… couldn’t you help her!?\\
guy: he is right… those students helped her last time she collapsed!\\
??: …?\\ what are you talking about?\\
geo: c-children… are innocent… please help them!\\
??: ??\\ innocent?\\
geo: we old people are fine… but the youths…\\
geo: they were forcibly brought here because of us, their incompetent parents. Some of them didn’t even understand what was happening…\\ I think that what we did was inexcusable…!!\\
otto: old man…\\
geo: malga is a pitiable child…\\
geo: who dreams about the surface just because she was born here…!!\\ don’t you think that she is pitiable as well, even for a little!!?\\
??: haha…\\
??: I see\\ now listen well everyone\\
??: you are just livestock that produces magoi!\\
??: the gois who are not even able to do that\\ are only trash!\\
mal: ahh…\\
mal: I wanted to see the world outside…\\
inserted text: don’t think about the consequences!! Go and save her~~~~!!\\

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