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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 493

Battle 493: strange!


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 493

Battle 493: strange!\\
Inserted text: let’s begin the show in high spirit!!\\
side text: the shinpaku alliance went together with ryozanpaku that now is attacking kensei’s castle. Then Lugh of yomi appeared in front of them. Why is he itching to fight against them?\\
lugh: geez, those people from ryouzanpaku are so loud.\\
lugh: will they really be able to find kensei-sama?\\
ken: you said that your name is “lugh”-san right? your master kensei, also known as ogata isshinsai, is a dangerous man!!\\
miu: he is right, kensei experiments on his own disciples…\\
miu: he massacred midou kai from the tenchi mushin school… if you became his disciples without knowing such things, you should re-think about what you have done.\\
the graph{
glasses: tanaka tsutomu
double edged arrow: married
the two arrows on the left: master/disciple
the two arrows below: father/daughter\\
the shadow man: midou kai\\
near the swords: on the right: killed/ on the left: killer\\
near kensei: ogata isshinsai\\
lugh: heheh…\\
lugh: I decided to became his disciple because I knew about those things.\\
ken: I see.\\
ken: if not only you claim to be part of the satsujinken, but also you want to get in our way, as a member of the katsujinken… as ryouzanpaku’s first disciple…\\
ken: I will attack you with everything I have got!!\\
lugh: that’s how you should fight.\\
niji: oh man, it’s beginning.\\
niji: however if we fight here, my troops amount of nine people and among them there are kenichi and miu!!\\
niji: even if berserk and odin inside of that car show up, it will still be a 9 Vs 3 fight!!\\
niji: I felt uneasy because this strange guy here, but…\\
niji: once I do the calculation again…\\
niji: fellow members of the shinpaku alliance!! This is our chance!!\\
niji: attack all together and beat him into a pulp!!\\
ken: as a martial artist I will fight him one to one.\\
niji: I told you to attack together!!\\ that’s why martial artists are unreasonable!!\\
kaname: no, I will join the fight, strange one.\\
kaname: thanks to my reach we can analyse your moves\\
ki: I cannot let freya-nee to be the first one to attack.\\
ki: I will go as well!!\\
uki: uooooh!!\\
shira: kisara-sama!!\\
lugh: do anything you want…\\
lugh: I would have stopped you even if you came all together…\\
uki: uooooh!!\\
uki: uraaah, I will be your opponent!!\\
kaname: u-ukita!!\\
ken: that’s too reckless, ukita-san!!\\
sieg: that’s dangerous, ukita-dono!!\\
sieg: lalala~~~\\
uki: what the hell are you doing, sieg!!?\\
ki: ugeh, what kind of hand movement is that? That’s gross!\\
ki: even if ukita was attacking him, he didn’t turn his face toward him…\\
lugh: geez…\\
lugh: I didn’t expect that you would stop your friends because you were concerned about his safety…\\
ken: ha!\\
ken: what the hell is that? Could it be his seikuuken!?\\
sieg: I thought that it was impossible, but it seems that this man is…\\
ken: eh?\\
lugh: heheh…\\
lugh: it seems you noticed.\\
lugh: let me read the set up of this battle.\\
sieg: since the moment I saw him, I vaguely suspected it, but…\\
sieg: he doesn’t look in the direction of his enemy, instead he turn his ears toward him and probes the air with his fingers!\\
sieg: in other words, you are blind right!?\\
lugh: hyuuu\\
ken: eeeh!!\\
thor: a-are you kidding me, sieg!?\\
sieg: no, this is not a joke, thor.\\
ken: a blind martial artist!!\\
ken: who the hell are these people who improved their skills with specialized training!!?\\
sieg: sorry for my rudeness!! But my defensive power is more suitable in this situation!!\\
ken: sieg-san!!\\
sieg: he is too strange!!\\
sieg: well then,\\
sieg: try to punch me~~~\\
lugh: a go no sen* user? I will go trough with you.\\
TLN: sieg’s style “attack second, strike first”\\
niji: it’s too dangerous, stop sieg!!\\
lugh: well then,\\
lugh: I will not hold back.\\
lugh: one down.\\
thor: damn you!!\\
lugh: indeed, someone with an incredible strength…\\
thor: nuh!!\\
lugh: if you enter a feint in the direction of his strength…\\
thor: gaaah!!\\
lugh: you can destroy his joints.\\
niji: run away thor, you opponent is a satsujinken, he will try to inflict the fatal blow!!\\
thor: gunuh!\\
thor: impossible, is he reading the directions I’m taking in order to avoid him!?\\
lugh: otto!!\\
sieg: mezzo piano.\\
lugh: I though I killed you, but…\\
sieg: I’m really glad that I was the first one to attack you…\\
sieg: if it wasn’t for the secret method I learnt from the mani ‘khor lo* in Tibet, I would have died.\\
TLN: those rotating columns that they use in Tibet to pray\\
ken: ooh! He is still alive! Great!\\
niji: hey what secret methods are you talking about?\\
sieg: I see, you use submission* moves…\\
TLn: literally “decisive moves”. From Wikipedia-japan they are moves that aim to decide the outcome of a match by attacking the neck and the joints of your opponent and to inflict damage by blocking your opponent’s body with your own. In the west these kind of techniques are known as submission holds.\\
lugh: that’s right, my moves are submission moves… when I was still in my team my alias was…\\
lugh: submission man!!!\\
ken: a yomi specialized in submission moves!!\\
side text: even if blind, lugh is easily fighting thor and sieg… does he still have some unknown abilities left?\\

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