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Buyuden 74

Chapter 74: isamu VS watari

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 8, 2012 17:43 | Go to Buyuden

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Chapter 74: isamu VS watari\\
inserted text: watari quitted boxing. But what are his real feelings…?\\
side text: the confrontation between the two delinquents, azuma and watari. The one who saved watari from a bad situation is… not isamu, but moka!?\\
around azuma: pant\\
azu: dammit!!\\
moka: it’s useless no matter how many times you try.\\
moka: your punches cannot reach me.\\
azu: dammit… who the hell is this quick fat ass!!?\\
azu: could it be that she knows boxing as well!?\\
moka: just give up, I don’t want to punch an amateur.\\
moka: if you promise that you will not try to harm me and watari we can end things here.\\
azu: o-ok! I was wrong!\\
azu: I didn’t think that you were so strong…\\
azu: let’s settle things here.\\ from now on the azuma club will not involve with you anymore.\\
azu: uhaha!\\ are you stupid!? Like hell I will settle things like this!!\\
moka: fuah!!\\
moka: uuuh…\\
azu: hyahaha!\\
azu: how do you like the power of my stunner!?\\ you shouldn’t take amateurs lightly! There are no rules in a fight!!\\
moka: it’s obvious that I’m concerned!! We are friends who sweated together on the same ring!!\\
moka: it’s normal for me to be worried!!\\
azu: well then, what should I do with this fat ass?\\
azu: I will take embarrassing pictures of her, so she will not oppose to me anymore!\\
wata: hey.\\
wata: I didn’t want to get involved with the police because of trash like you, but…\\
wata: I don’t care anymore…\\
wata: I will fucking kill you!!\\
azu: what!?\\
azu: try it if you really want, oraah!!\\
azu: hnga!!\\
azu: geeeeh!\\
wata: die!\\
moka: s-stop…!!\\
moka: stop… watari-kun!!\\
wata: die!\\
wata: dieeee!!\\
moka: stop hurting him!!\\
wata: take…\\
take: do you want to become a murder, watari?\\
take: in this way you will also ruin your fists.\\
wata: shut up!\\ in that case what will you do!?\\
wata: like hell a honour student can preach a sermon while looking down on me! get lost!!\\
wata: I don’t care what happens!!\\
wata: I will kill this guy and even if I have to go to a reform school!!\\
azu: uuh…\\
take: stop behaving like a spoiled kid.\\
take: up until when will you resent like a spineless girl the gym’s boss\\
take: who you adored like a father, just because one day he suddenly betrayed you?\\ are you still a kid?\\
wata: … ooh, to think that you would challenge me, the champion of the kids tournament, even if you are so weak…\\
wata: I will take those words as the starting gong, take!!\\
take: come on, hit me with a jab!\\
take: it will not end with just a strike!\\
wata: y-you bastard!\\
wata: who do think you…\\
wata: i-impossible, not only he avoided all of my punches, he also took all of them with his hands…!!\\
wata: when did… become so…\\
wata: kuh…\\
take: now listen, watari…\\
take: the boss didn’t abandon you because you were defeated in the tournament…\\
take: he only suspected that you had a chronic heart disease, and made you quit boxing.\\
take: he just unfortunately died before he could explain everything to you.\\
wata: what…\\
side text: watari didn’t know the boss’ real intentions. Will he let the past go and… move forward!?\\

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