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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 494

Battle 494: submission man


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 494

Battle 494: submission man\\
Inserted text: they appear after a long time!\ And they are in such an high spirit!!\\
side text: lugh ‘s bottomless strength!?\\
lugh: I’m one of kensei-sama’s yomi, lugh. The blind submission man.\\
ken: thor-san, sieg-san!!\\
miu: be careful, kenichi-san!!\\
sieg: I’m fine, kenichi-uji!!\\
sieg: what about you, thor!?\\
thor: I…\\
thor: I’m alright, I’m accustomed to suffer dislocation in my real battle sumo style!!\\
lugh: heheh, you changed the angle of your arm before I could completely crush your joint and dislocate it by yourself, right? I see, you have the determination to fight, just like they told me.\\
thor: gunh, it is in place now!!\\
ki: fall back thor!!\\
thor: I-I…!\\
lugh: well then, who’s next…?\\
niji: I told you to stop behaving like that and attack him together!!\\
niji: he is able to read your inner thoughts, if you attack together, he will not be able to do such a thing!\\
lugh: heh.\\
lugh: you are right, however you will not be able to bend their belief to fight one VS one, no matter what you say…\\
miu: yes, he is right.\\
lugh: I can see it…\\
lugh: really well.\\
niji: kuh!!\\
niji: what the hell is this malice mixed with something similar to an unnatural strength!!?\\
ken: I will be next.\\
lugh: oh.\\
lugh: so the rumoured ryouzanpaku disciple makes his appearance on the stage?\\
sieg: why is he able to understand such a great deal of things even if he is blind!? Something is dangerous here.\\
take: wait.\\
take: isn’t this my turn to shine?\\
ken: takeda-san!!\\
take: I cannot let you always take the risks… I mean, let you be the only one who shows off every time.\\
take: ah, look at me honey, ok <3\\
ken: be careful!\\
miu: do your best!!\\
ken: takeda-san\\
niji: if it’s someone like him who became so powerful under the tutelage of a master, then…\\
uki: oooh!!\\
shira: incredible!!\\
take: this is the payback for sieg and thor.\\
take: I will not hold back.\\
lugh: I wonder what will happen…\\
lugh: to your left arm, boxer-san.\\
sfx: gyo\\
lugh: … it was injured in the past …\\
lugh: ah, that’s right, there was even a period in which you couldn’t move it, right?\\
niji: t-this guy… could it be that he has an outstanding ability when it comes to read information from the signs his opponent gives off because he is blind!?\\
ken: is he even able to read so much from someone body’s posture and other unintentional movements…?\\
take: I cannot move my left arm.\\
aki: I’m sure that I can heal it.\\
take: you are annoying!!\\
take: niren sandan blow (double three part blows)!!\\
ken: what’s happening!? He slipped around him and then cut in in the blink of an eye!!\\
miu: that’s ancient martial arts steps!!\\
lugh: ogata style…\\
lugh: slipping steps.\\
lugh: if you jump up and down so much, you will waste your strength and reduce the range of your attacks, boxer-san.\\
kaname: a confrontation between ancient stile steps and sport science refined step, huh…\\
uki: don’t loose~~~ takeda~~ \\
take: ok, ukita.\\
take: shi!!\\
lugh: what incredible strike…\\
lugh: I cannot stop it with my hands.\\
take: shouldn’t you be more surprised about the speed?\\
take: maboroshi no hidari!!! (illusionary left)\\
ken: ah,\\
ken: he went around him!!\\
take: kuh, my left arm…\\
lugh: that’s right, if you continue to protect your left arm, you will not be even able to display half of your strength.\\
niji: what a bastard, to think he would bring psychological warfare into such a high speed fight.\\
take: damn you!!\\
lugh: it’s causing indecision in your movements, just as I thought.\\
uki: be careful takeda!!\\
ken: takeda-san!!\\
ken: your head is mine, boxer-san.\\
take: blow rabbit punch!!!\\
ki: wow!\\ that’s a clean hit!\\
take: tsk\tsk\tsk\\
take: my style is not just simple boxing…\\
take: but real battle oriented underground boxing!!\\
ken: hoh…\\
ken: I-I judged too fast~~~\\
lugh: I beg you pardon, I didn’t expect a punch from such an angle.\\
take: impossible!!\\
take: he cannot be so lively after suffering such an hit.\\
take: ouch!!\\
uki: what’s wrong, takeda!?\\
sfx: peki\\
take: guooh!!\\
uki: takeda!!\\
lugh: it didn’t break. What incredible temper, you should thank your master.\\
ken: takeda-san!\\
take: I’m alright.\\
take: it is just dislocated, it will come back in place immediately.\\
lugh: next will be your left arm.\\
lugh: how do you feel?\\
lugh: isn’t your spirit already broken?\\
take: don’t fuck with me. if you underestimate my resolution in martial arts…\\
take: you will not be just sorry about it.\\
take: you will be submerged by my fists!\\
ken: wow, you are doing great, takeda-san!\\
take: as an expression of gratitude for playing with someone’s trauma!!\\
lugh: you have more backbone…\\
lugh: than I thought.\\
side text: even if he saw through takeda’s weak point, lugh cannot break his spirit!! The fight versus Lugh enters in its second half. Don’t miss the next issue!!\\

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