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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 159

Night 159: the magicians’ solitude

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 20, 2012 17:26 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 159: the magicians’ solitude\\
Inserted text: aladdin’s solitude…\\
Ali: aladdin let’s meet again for sure!\\
Mor: I want to become the strength of the two of you!\\
Everyone: aladdin,\\aladdin!\\aladdin,\\
Everyone: aladdin,\\ aladdin\\
Everyone: aladdin…\\
Al: but in truth…\\
Al: I never…\\
moga: you are different…\\
moga: from the people you love!\\
inserted text: moganett will talk of the truth about the magicians!\\
moga: … you…\\
moga: probably came to this country carrying with you your different personal circumstances.\\
moga: but…\\
moga: everyone of you\\ shares one thing, that is you carry the solitude of being “different from the others”.\\
moga: then why…\\
moga: were you born as “different” beings from the others?\\
moga did you ever dared to…\\
moga: ask yourselves why you were born as magicians in this world…?\\
moga: to think about why magic…\\
moga: is born into this world!?\\
moga: do you know …\\
moga: that the rukh ,this so called great power…\\
moga: is making the entire world move?\\
moga: the life and death of living things, the pulsations of the earth and the of atmosphere, they are all natural phenomena caused by the rukh.\\
moga: it is said… that humans who are not magicians are not able to see the rukh.\\
moga: those who can see the rukh and are able to manipulate the power that moves the world,\\ that’s…\\
moga: who you are, the “magicians”\\
moga: but I want you to try to think well about this point.\\
moga: “were the magicians, who hold the power to make the world move, ever able to make the story of this world move?”…\\
moga: that… “never” happened.\\
moga: if you try to remember, since the ancient times, who were the kings who fiercely established the various great countries…\\
moga: the great kouga empire,\\
moga: laem empire,\\
moga: patebia empire,\\
moga: the emergent sindria kingdom,\\
moga: to arrive to\\ the kou empire?\\
moga: who were those who stood on the stage of history,\\ made history itself\\
moga: and ruled upon this world?\\
moga: that’s right,\\
moga: they were…\\
moga: the “goi”!!!\\
moga: … the magic users at most were employed as\\ “fortune tellers” or “mediums” by the kings.\\
moga: now I will show you a fraction of that…\\
students: w-what is that…!?\\
moga: this is the situation of the mustashim kingdom 70 years ago.\\
student: what do you mean?\\
moga: “remote clairvoyance magic”. I’m projecting the memories of the rukh that dwell in my own blood.\\
sph: l-like hell someone can do such a thing!\\
al: no, I already saw something like this once.\\
sph: really? That’s incredible. Did you see it in the academy?\\
al: no, it was to verify if a certain person was guilty or not.\\
little bubble: check volume 9\\
moga: well then magicians, you can witness it with your very eyes.\\
moga: the fate of the magicians who lived in a country ruled by the goi…\\
??: dad!\\
box: matal morganett (70 years ago)\\
girl: have a nice trip, dad! Will you come home earlier this time?\\
moga: yeah.\\
girl: really? Will you read me a book once you will be back?\\
moga: sure. But only if you behave like a good girl, Sana.\\
sana: that’s great!\\
sana: dad,\\
sana: don’t overdo things and die.\\
sana: just like mom did.\\
moga: yeah…\\
moga: I will be back for sure…\\
moga: 70 years ago in the mustashim kingdom, several tens of magicians already served under the royal family.\\
moga: it was an unusual thing at that time. It was a century after the principles of magic where unveiled and the orders of formula system was created.\\
soldier: make the water fall into the fields in order to cancel this drought!\\
soldier: hurry up and do it!!\\
people: oooh!!?\\
people: that’s a miracle…!!\\
guy: no, I heard that’s called “magic”!\\
old lady: thank you, magicians…!\\
guy: are you alright, moganett!?\\
box: at that time the “magicians” could not use a great deal of magic.\\
box: the orders of formula system was still inadequate, and the consumption of magoi was extremely inefficient. Even something like gathering water requested a great toll on your body.\\
box: the “magicians” were under the authority of the royal family, and were forceful employed. And yet their social standing was still low, because they were considered nothing more than “fortune tellers”…\\
box: and there were people who died because were forced to use their magoi until they run out of it as well. Just like my wife.\\
moga: my daughter sana was a magician too.\\
box: if two fellow magicians are blessed with a child, it often happens that child is a magician too. \\ I was concerned about the future of my daughter…\\
box: but… even in such a way of life, the magicians could enjoy something.\\
box: that was magic research. No one surpassed them when it came to the intellectual desire to decipher the truths of this world.\\
box: you know what I’m talking about, right?\\
moga: magic is incredible… if we can research more, probably the things we can do will increase. And even without considering that, the civilization will advance as well… we can make the life of the citizens prosper too!\\
guy: if we are able to do such a thing, maybe even the king will acknowledge us. Let’s do it, everyone…!\\
people: magicians! Magicians!\\
people: thank you very much, magicians…!!\\
moga: until now there were restrictions,\\ but give us the right to use the magic freely, please. I assure you that we will make this country prosper!\\
king: their appeal seems reasonable.\\
minister: !...\\ you are right, king mustashim.\\
noble: hohoho… “magicians”, huh…\\
noble: they became famous. Just a little of time ago they were a group of people not different from “witches” or “fortune tellers”…\\
people: magicians!\\ Magicians!\\
people: magicians!\\ Magicians…\\
sana: “magicians”\\
sana: huh…\\
sana: hey dad…\\
sana: why am I a magician?\\
sana: sometimes I think about it. if we weren’t magicians but a normal people…\\
sana: then mom… would have not died and…\\
sana: no… forget about what I was saying…\\
moga: sana…\\
moga: I’m sorry…\\
moga: but, there must be a reason why we are born.\\
sana: a reason?\\
moga: magic can help a lot of people.\\
moga: I’m… sure that we are born to improve things in this world and to help the others…\\
sana: to help them.\\
moga: that’s right.\\
moga: it is something that only we can do.\\
moga: I’m sure that there is a mission that the rukh gave to us magicians.\\
moga: that’s why, no matter what happens from now on,\\
moga: please, don’t regret to be born as a magician.\\
moga: because magic\\
moga: is something magnificent!\\
sana: ok…\\
sana: I understand.\\
moga: at that time…\\ I thought that the magicians’ mission was just to support the goi\\
moga: but I would immediately realize that\\ it was a mistake\\
inserted text: in the next issue, the whole story will…\\

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