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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 495

Battle 495: matching


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 495

Battle 495: matching\\
inserted text: the new uniform of the gymnastics club… just kidding <3\\
side text: the blind submission man, lugh, easily saw through the carefree boxer takeda’s weak points. is the real battle going to start now?\\
lugh: so, how about starting to fight seriously?\\
lugh: takeda-san.\\
take: why don’t you drop the honorifics…\\
take: lugh-kun from yomi!?\\
ken: seriously? What the meaning…\\ ah!!\\
take: … so you noticed it after all, that I was wearing this under my shirt, I mean…\\
take: the underground boxing training gear!!\\
lugh: that thing was so noisy that I could not even concentrate well.\\
ki: that idiot!!\\
uki: he was wearing that thing again!!\\
shira: didn’t he become sturdier from the last time?\\
take: what about this!\\
lugh: it’s just noisy, it’s not like it will hurt me or something\\
take: tch\\
take: hyuuuuh\\
take: now that I have removed it, I can fight seriously.\\
uki: wow, that bastard, to think that he was able to develop his body to that extent since the last time I saw him!!\\
shira: beautiful…\\
ken: wow, that’s incredible!\\
take: hyuu!!\\
ken: s-so fast!!\\
miu: wow!\\
take: so you are able to dodge this too…\\
take: in that case…\\
take: if he is able to perceive all my movements thanks to the sound and vibrations, then…\\
take: what about meaningless sound and a storm of feint moves!!?\\
ken: ooooh!\\
uki: that’s the way, takeda!!\\
shira: that was a clean hit!!\\
ki: he used his head.\\
thor: takeda the smart puncher!!\\
take: kuh!!\\
take: what? The feedback I’m getting from my fist is strange!?\\
lugh: *snicker*\\
take: nuoh!\\
sieg: that’s similar to my counter… the ability to perceive everything that gets really close to you…\\
sieg: the Tibet manigiruma kaeshi*!?\\
TLN: Tibetan praying wheel rebuke\\
Miu: he doesn’t perceive things only by sound and vibrations!\\
Miu: he is even able to gather the information transmitted from the minute movements of the air on his skin and see through everything!!\\
Lugh: and it is not just that, I’m able to perceive the quiet and faint signals that humans give off when they move their muscles.\\
Take: kuh…\\
Lugh: someone like me who is able to minutely perceive the direction of your thrusts, cannot suffer a clean hit.\\
Lugh: maybe to people like you who are able to see with their eyes, my condition is difficult to understand…\\
Lugh: it is not like I’m strong even if I’m blind…\\
lugh: but I’m strong because I’m …\\
lugh: blind.\\
miu: if you look back in history, those who are masters are able, to a certain extent, to perceive the so called signals that the people gives off as well.\\
ken: m-masters!!?\\
take: It will embarrass me if you get full of yourself just because you were able to avoid my attacks a little too well.\\
take: I will drive in so many punches that you will not be able to avoid them completely!!\\
lugh: and among all those punches, if I’m able to catch you even once, it will be the end for sure.\\
saka: tch…\\
saka: he is not here\\
saka: but there are a lot of guys with a considerable ki pressure here…\\
saka: like hell he is concealing his ki after I went so wild in his base \\
saka: maybe I should just smash up things starting from this expensive looking equipment.\\
saka: eh?\\
saka: I feel a quiet but strong ki…\\
saka: it’s incredible… it’s really keen, but it is like there is no arrogance in it, such a ki shouldn’t even exists…\\
saka: I finally found you!!\\
saka: ogata isshinsai!!\\
aki: hey.\\
aki: you didn’t find him as well, roght?\\
saka: his ki is so ambiguous.\\
elder: is he here?\\
ma: no…\\
elder: could it be that he is not in this castle?\\
lugh: it’s regrettable…\\
lugh: this is really regrettable.\\
take: kuh.\\
lugh: this speed…\\
lugh: this agility. They can even be considered on yomi’s level.\\
lugh: you were very unlucky to have me as your opponent.\\
ken: uooh, he is trying to grip him, that’s frightening!\\
take: w-what did you say?\\
lugh: if your opponent was atalanta… no, if he was odin…\\
lugh: or even berseker!!\\
lugh: it would have been a good fight.\\
take: kuh…\\
ken: aaah, he is behind you!!\\
take: uoooh!!\\
lugh: but you are a boxer.\\
lugh: and I’m…\\
lugh: a submission man…\\
lugh: our matching was not good for you.\\
lugh: the attacks from your style are my ideal targets.\\
lugh: sooner or later I will catch you…\\
lugh: and destroy you.\\
take: well, probably you will do that.\\
uki: that idiot!!\\
take: my left arm, you can take it.\\
lugh: have you gone mad!!?\\
lugh: not that I caught it, it’s the end for you…\\
take: it’s just as you said, I protect my left arm too much, and that slows down my movements.\\ I owe you one, thanks to you I remembered my master’s teaching, “even if it is a trauma make it into your weapon!!”.\\
take: now then, who was the one who was caught ~~~?\\
ken: that’s too reckless!!\\
near miu: right!!\\
side text: is he ready to sacrifice his own body in order to land a heavy hit on his opponent!? Takeda sacrificed his left arm in order to launch an attack that puts his own life on stake!! In the next issue colour pages and an important announcement!!\\

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