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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Buyuden 76

Chapter 76: let’s gather members!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 23, 2012 17:38 | Go to Buyuden

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Chapter 76: let’s gather members!\\
inserted text: what worries her more that the following the lesson are the club activities… and what about the one seated behind her?\\
side text: after solving watari’s case, isamu and the others are gathering people for the club, but…\\
??: you again, huh.\\ I will not come, I already refused.\\
take: please! Think about it!!\\
take: with a physical built like yours, it’s a waste to not be part of any club!!\\
??: stop doing this.\\
??: I told you that I don’t have any interest in boxing.\\
kure: what a pity.\\
kure: I wonder if we don't have any other choice than give up about the boxing club.\\
kure: if we are not that popular, then it’s impossible to succeed.\\
take: you bastard, why do you seem so happy about it!?\\
kure: I-it’s not like I’m happy, I’m just saying that there is no way out~~~~!\\
moka: sorry… \\
moka: maybe I was too silly when I decided to do this thing…\\
moka: and I told you to create a boxing club even if we didn’t have any chance of success, making you have unrealizable expectations…\\ it seems to be impossible after all…\\
take: moka…\\
??: ah, so you were here.\\
moka: eh…\\ w-watari… kun?\\
wata: I cut my hairs…\\
wata: they get in the way when I practice boxing.\\
moka: whaaaat!?\\
take: h-hey,\\ but what about your heart…\\
wata: there is no need to worry. If I was so weak, then I would have died a long time ago when I was still a kid.\\
wata: I always bring with me the medicine for emergencies and…\\
wata: the doctor reluctantly allowed me to do that, under the condition that I avoid long and heavy training.\\
wata: obviously I understand that because of my condition I cannot aim to become a pro or an olympic athlete.\\
wata: but for something like club activities at school, I don’t have any issue.\\
wata: and to be honest,\\
wata: I want to start once again to practice boxing.\\
wata: if boxing is taken away from me, nothing remains.\\
wata: I’m afraid of the risks…\\
wata: but I don’t want to continue to live my life as someone who is dead inside!!\\
moka: w-what should we do, take-kun!?\\
take: I understand.\\ If we try to stop you, you will probably go to practice it in a gym anyway.\\
take: in that case, let’s do it together!\\ probably it is safer if you have someone together with you when you train.\\
take: and be sure to not do reckless things.\\
wata: yeah.\\
kure: b-but you know…\\
kure: in any case we don’t have enough members…\\
kure: it’s useless unless we are able to find another 2 boys who can join.\\
wata: are you lacking members?\\
moka: yeah, for the time being we have to gather people, because if we have not at least five people, we cannot even send the request to form the club.\\
wata: then recruiting them should be just fine.\\
moka: eh!?\\ c-could it be that by “them”, you mean…\\
thug: asuma-san did!?\\
blond: hey, are you shitting me?\\
thug: shut up… thing have become difficult around here, dammit.\\
wata: hey.\\
blonde: ah…\\
blonde: y-you are…!!\\
blonde: w-what do you want!?\\
blonde: we didn’t do anything wrong!!\\
wata: where is azuma?\\
blonde: a-azuma!?\\
blonde: T-the hell if I know were he is…\\ I-I mean, I don’t know. The azuma club disbanded…\\ and he…\\
wata: what?\\
azu: ha~~~ so pathetic…\\
azu: someone like me, who only had self-confidence when it came to fights,\\
azu: wasn’t even able to stand a chance against him.\\
azu: to make things worse, my punches weren’t even able to graze that fat ass…\\
azu: and to think that there is someone even stronger than those two… in what kind of world did I end up!?\\
azu: boxing, huh…\\
wata; hey! You shouldn’t carelessly throw it away while it’s still lit.\\
azu: w-watari!?\\
azu: ha ha… what the hell happened to you head!?\\
azu: could it be that a mad dog like you is going through rehabilitation!?\\
wata: do you want to practice boxing,\\ azuma-san?\\
azu: what!?\\
wata: there aren’t enough members in the boxing club at the moment.\\
wata: you will regret it if you leave things like this.\\
wata: if you challenge me for a rematch on the ring, I will accept every time you want.\\
moka: I wonder if he will be able to persuade that kind of people…\\
take: “if I make leverage on their pride, things will be simple.\\ you can leave everything to me…”\\
take: that’s what watari said, but…\\ I wonder if he will be able to do that.\\
take: those people hate things like training and effort, so it is almost impossible.\\
moka: then, what should we do.\\
moka: in any case, those delinquents are the last people we can ask help to. If even one of them joins the club, then…\\
kure: hahaha, like hell they will come, I never heard of delinquents attending to club activities…\\
wata: hey, take.\\
wata: I gathered them.\\
wata: they are only trash, but with this you should have enough people.\\
azu: who did you call trash?\\
wata: what’s wrong, do you wanna fight?\\
take: he recruited them for real.\\
kure: whaaaat~~~!?\\
moka: t-thanks, watari-kun!!\\
moka: and also thanks to you all!\\
moka: that’s what robust guys like you should do!\\
moka: with this the boxing club activities can start!!\\ ok everyone, let’s do our best!!\\
wata: try at least to cheer with a “yeah”, you trash!\\
side text: apart for their disposition(?) they were able to gather enough people!! Will they be really able to establish the club!?\\

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