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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 160

Night 160: the magicians country

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 27, 2012 11:40 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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This translation was a difficult one

Night 160: the magicians country\\
inserted text: mogamett tells his story…\\
box: time passed…\\
box: the mustashim kingdom’s magicians had they work recognized, and obtained the title of “aristocracy” from the king.\\
moga: I… was happy…\\
moga: not because of the title we earned.\\ but because the hardships of my comrades were rewarded…\\
moga: the magician, that were casted out until then, and that desperately devoted themselves for the sake of the goi…\\
moga: were finally warmly accepted by everyone\\
moga: I was incredibly happy about that…\\
box: but, at that time, I still didn’t understand…\\
box: the fundamental difference between the magicians and the goi…\\
moga: aladdin, titus, sphintus,\\
moga: tell us what you saw…\\
moga: underground.\\
ti: in the underground…\\
ti: they suck up the magoi of 200000 people and oppress them!!\\
moga: I see, oppress you say?\\
moga: I wonder if it is really like that, titus?\\
ti: what…!?\\
moga: it is true that the people with not much magoi have a little of troubles, but they pass the majority of their time drinking alcohol, and indulging in laziness, right?\\
moga: they even didn’t tell you that they wanted to go outside, right!!?\\
moga: they are fine if they are able to satisfy those immediate and primitive desires such as gluttony and lust .\\
moga: just like cows, horses and pigs…\\
moga: that’s right, the goi…\\
moga: are animals no different from livestock.\\
sp: what…\\
sp: he is saying that thing… with such a composed face…!!\\
moga: but they are different from cows and pigs for just one thing…\\
moga if the “fifth level citizens” are convinced that they are a powerless existence, then they inhibit their\\ “frightening desire” …\\
student: frightening…\\
student: desire…!?\\
moga: that’s\\
moga: the desire for…\\
moga: power.\\
students: “the desire for power”…?\\
moga: that’s right, the desire to stand above others,\\
moga: to steal thing from the others,\\ to kick them down and step on them!!\\... in other words… the human’s most abominable desire.\\
ti: heh… isn’t such a thing…\\
ti: the same for us magicians?\\
moga: no,\\
moga: try to remember.\\
moga: which is the strongest desire you have as magicians?\\
moga: that’s right, it is the “desire for knowledge”!\\
moga: the “spirit that pursuits knowledge” that wants to know and explain anything!\\
moga: besides that, did you ever thought about stealing something from the others? Did you ever desired to have money or possessions?\\
moga: that’s why… none of the magicians in the past ever thought about creating a country.\\
moga: however…\\
box: an unthinkable event occurred.\\
box: three years after we became “aristocracy” a certain contagious disease spread around the country.\\
box: at that time the goi…\\
box: started the unfounded rumour that we magician were the cause of that disease!\\
box: the origin of the rumour were the aristocratic bureaucrats who were not pleased with the magicians rise to power…\\
box: the masses changed their attitude toward us quickly, and started to fear and hate the magicians.\\
box: king mustashim imprisoned us with false charges and even tortured us. Some died as well…\\
box: I, my daughter and my disciples, retired from the all the official positions, and after appealing to the king, we obtained a small school building…\\
box: and we continued to live a poor life researching about magic in segregation…\\
moga: but the story doesn’t stop here. After 30 years…\\
moga: there was the great war against the “partebia empire” outbreak!\\
moga: until that time, there where countless skirmishes with the contiguous countries, but this time our opponent was partebia, a strong country that at that time was expanding its territory as much as possible.\\
moga: and then, suddenly the goi began to rely on us magicians!!\\
moga: a great number of my comrades and disciples were forcibly recruited for the war…\\
moga: magicians became their shields because of the bolg, and once they ran out of magoi, they died…\\
moga: we researched only about magic to help the life of the people, so we almost didn’t create any method to fight in a war, my daughter died too…\\
sana: father… I always thought that… I would have…\\
sana: believed to the words you told me… no matter what would happen, but…\\
sana: now I wonder if…\\
sana: magic really exist to help the goi…\\
noble: we won!!\\
noble: we repelled the partebia invasion!! Hahaha!!\\
moga: at that time…\\
moga: while I was looking at…\\
box: the royal family members and the nobles who were growing fat by drinking alcohol in front of me…\\
box: and while I was remembering the soldiers who exalted by their victory in the war, committed violences, pillages and rapes as much as they wanted…\\
moga: I began to wonder…\\
moga: if magic really existed for such things.\\
moga: is really this the mission that the rukh gave us?\\
moga: will the world become better thanks to this?\\
moga: when I thought about it, I realized that this country didn’t develop even for a bit in the last 30 years…\\
moga: the goi didn’t do anything in the last 30 years, while we were discriminated and persecuted.\\
king: they were the “source” of the contagious disease, as well of the scapegoat for the different complaints from the masses…\\
king: and above all, they became the shield of our country soldiers…\\
king: these “magicians” are a really useful “species”\\
king: hahaha.\\
moga: “species”…\\
moga: did we really do all those things for this kind of people…?\\
box: why does magic exist? Just for things like the never ending wars and disputes between fellow countries that were caused only to satisfy their desire for power?\\
box: are they in any way different from savage beasts?\\
box: why\\
box: aren’t they aiming for a better world?\\
box: the development of the civilization, the progress for mankind awareness and morals.\\
box: and the creation of an intellectual world because of that.\\
moga: such things will not ever be created by these beasts!!\\
moga: if things continue like this…\\
moga: will not the magicians just be enslaved… in this world rules by these “beasts”?\\
moga: just like livestock…?\\
moga: which “species”…\\
moga: is really the “livestock” here??\\
moga: didn’t I commit a serious misunderstanding? Their absolute number and the position they were already occupying deceived me…\\
moga: who really are\\ the ones\\ who can\\ create a rational, ideal and\\ better world!!?\\
moga: they are the magicians themselves!!\\
moga: they can guide the world on the right path!!\\
moga: those beasts known as goi don’t have the qualifications nor the aptitude for that… if things continue like this and everything is entrusted to them, the world…\\
moga: and all the magicians will be involved in meaningless and ugly wars and end up destroyed…\\
moga: therefore!\\
moga: I decided… that I had to get rid of the goi’s rule!!\\
moga: the goi, the ones who are not able to suppress their desires, cannot completely control us magicians!!\\
moga: for the magicians’ main leadership and for their own sake…\\
moga: I had to build a “magicians country”!!!\\
inserted text: a strong determination!!\\

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#1. by caiohlr ()
Posted on Oct 31, 2012
Thanks for the translation :D, I'm addicted to Magi!

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