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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 496

Battle 496: katsujinken’s light


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 496

Battle 496: katsujinken’s light\\
inserted text: w-wait… sensei!! What? Even my mom!?\\
side text: takeda sacrifices his left arm in order to counter attack lugh, the submission man. It doesn’t seems… that he will be fine after this!!\\
lugh: hyuruuuuuuh\\
take: the movement of his finger’s muscles are not normal, is he controlling my tendons with his finger without me realizing it!?\\
ken: ah, that’s a technique that controls the opponents’ movements by just catching him\\
ken: it is the same as one of kouetsuji-shishou secret “torite*” techniques!!\\
TLN: art of defeating (and capturing) an opponent with one's bare hands\\
Aki: look, you cannot move now.\\
Ken: gyaaah, it hurts!!\\
Ken: takeda-san!\\
Take: *smirk*\\
Ken: what!!?\\
Miu: ah!!\\
lugh: are you sure about this?\\
lugh: I will completely destroy your left arm.\\
take: … it seems that I cannot escape this unharmed.\\
take: but, you will go down too because of my full powered “exaton* punch”!!\\
TLN: exa= 10^18, ton=1000 kg. shiba really likes to exaggerate with the names for his moves\\
Uki: hey…\\
Uki: what the hell are you talking about, takeda!!?\\ Could it be that you are planning to sacrifice your left arm!!?\\
Uki: y-you stupid fool, even if you want to act cool, that’s too much!\\
Uki: isn’t that the arm that you completely healed after going through such great troubles!!?\\
take: this is the way of the martial arts I chose!!\\
take: nuhn!!\\
uki: hey, someone has to stop him!!\\
uki: furinji!!\\
miu: …\\ this is a one to one fight between fellow martial artists…\\
uki: niijima!!\\
niji: nothing would change, no matter what I say…\\
uki: hey sieg…\\
lugh: your feelings, as a martial artist…\\
lugh: I will certainly take it.\\
take: the only thing you will take…\\
take: is my punch.\\
uki: if none of you stops them, then I will!! Because Before being a martial artist…\\
uki: I’m his friend!!!\\
lugh: hun!!\\
uki: ofuh.\\
take: k-kenichi-kun!!\\
ken: I’m sorry, lugh-san of yomi, but I had to interfere even if this is a one to one duel.\\
ken: and, I’m sorry to you too, takeda-san.\\
ken: but even if I’m a martial artist, I cannot even think about be silent and watch while one of my friends is going to be hurt…\\
ken: I have the same opinion as ukita-san, would your masters be happy if you are so obstinate about a battle that occurred just by chance and end up destroying each other?\\
uki: h-he is right!!\\
sieg: heh, I cannot go against that.\\
shira: yeah.\\
sieg: we are part of the katsujinken, and we cannot forget about that.\\
niji: *smile*\\
ken: lugh-san.\\
ken: what about…\\
ken: saying that I was the one who lost this duel?\\
niji: heheh\\
lugh: I feel a strong will.\\
miu: what is this? I can feel a really dark ki.\\
lugh: this is what kensei-sama calls the katsujinken’s light huh…\\
lugh: I’m glad that I was able to recognize it…\\
take: ah, wait!\\
uki: takeda, we are going now!\\
ken: fuh~~~ so, are you going now?\\
lugh: In any case I’m out of time.\\
ken: eh?\\
ken: out of time?\\
lugh: takeda-san, next time we meet, for fist I will continue with your destruction.\\
take: try to say that again after I sink my fists into your face!!\\
niji: oh man…\\
niji: If I have to say it, these so called martial artists do not behave that differently from normal delinquent after all.\\
lugh: I see, it is just as you said, berserker.\\ and odin,\\
lugh: once you said that that boy called shirahama was “just an idiot”, right?\\
lugh: you really have a bad personality~~~\\
lugh: or could it be that you were just plotting to hide some vital information?\\
niji: however, I don’t understand… he retreated too easily!!\\
niji: he run out of time? What was he talking about?\\
ki: what kind of limousine was that?\\
kaname: it seemed like a Japanese one\\
shi: I’m… back~~~\\
shi: … hop\\
ken: ah!!\\ did you find him, shigure-san?\\
shi: he was not… there\\
shi: we could not find even one… kensei.\\
kaname: we would be in trouble if there was more than just one kensei.\\
niji: could it be that by “running out of time”…\\
niji: lugh meant that he could feel from this distance that a master from ryouzanpaku was approaching?\\
shi: I was worried about you, so I came here to see if everything was fine…\\ wasn’t some strong guy here?\\
shi: I feel a strong ki, but…\\ could it be that it’s just a… sensation?\\
niji: could it be that if he continued to fight, then…\\
side text: lugh, a man to be wary of… a new development awaits you in the next issue!!\\

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