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Buyuden 77

Chapter 77: advisor recruiting!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 30, 2012 18:05 | Go to Buyuden

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Chapter 77: advisor recruiting!\\
inserted text: the ring is inviolable. It’s the boxers’ sacred ground!\\
side text: after they dragged into the club azuma and his group of delinquents, the number of members necessary to establish the club is met, but…\\
on the sign: principal’s room\\
prin: did you find enough member?\\
moka: yes.\\
prin: I see, in that case we should recruit the club advisor today during the staff meeting.\\
moka: advisor!?\\
prin: yes.\\ obviously a club cannot be formed just because the necessary number of students is met.\\
prin: it would be a good thing if there is some teacher who has interest in boxing or combat sports in general, but…\\
take: … but?\\
prin: if none agrees to become your advisor, while I really regret it, you will not be able to establish the club.\\
take: what the hell~~!\\
take: no one will listen to us~~~!\\
take: it’s impossible that a teacher who wants to take care of the boxing club is here!\\
take: he should have told us that since the beginning!\\ we are at lost now, even if we finally found enough members for the club!\\
wata: and probably more than the half of the teachers are advisors for some clubs already…\\
kure: perfect, god still didn’t forsake me!\\
moka: the more we wait, the more our chances get slimmer, so what about asking directly to the various teachers for now?\\ let’s ask to those delinquents to help too.\\
mito: well then, and with this we finished\\ for today.\\
class rep: stand\\ bow\\
take: mito-sensei\\
mito: yes? What is it?\\
take: well~~~… sensei are you the advisor of any club?\\
mito: eh?\\
mito: yes… at the moment I’m the deputy advisor of the manga research club…\\
mito: but even if I’m the advisor, I mostly don’t do anything.\\
take: hum… mito-sensei, are you interested in boxing?\\
mito: what!?\\
mito: boxing…?\\ could it be that for boxing you mean that sport where they punch each other…?\\
take: y-yes that’s right!\\
mito: ah, now that you mention it, you were distributing the fliers in order to recruit members for the boxing club…\\!?\\ so… what!? Could it be that…\\
moka: sensei!\\
moka: would you accept to become the advisor for the boxing club!?\\
mito: whaaaaa!!?\\
mito: impossible!\\ I don’t know anything about boxing, plus…\\
mito: a male teacher should do that, right!!?\\
kure: yeah.\\
kure: geez, those two really don’t know when to give up…\\
take: it’s alright, probably there isn’t a teacher that knows boxing better than us here anyway.\\
take: for the time being, you can be the advisor just for bureaucratic matters!\\
take: we beg you, sensei!!\\
sign: meeting room\\
vice: well then, as regards the plans for the cultural festival let’s do like this …\\ every class will decide what to do by the end of this month.\\
fish face: so, we can adjourn the meeting for today…\\
prin: ah, vice principal.\\
prin: I have to say just one thing regarding the clubs.\\
prin: this time it is a new request to establish a boxing club from the students.\\
prin: they also gathered the required number of members,\\at the moment I’m thinking about acknowledging their club, but…\\
prin: is there anyone here who wants to become the club advisor?\\
prin: what about you, tanabe-sensei?\\ you like combat sports, right?\\
tanaka: eh?\\
tanaka: ah… well, I already have my hands full with the rugby club…\\ so I don’t have the time for that…\\
prin: so… what about you, yoshino-sensei?\\
yoshino: ah, no… I have other things to do as well…\\
prin: … I see, a really enthusiastic female student asked me about that…\\
prin: she really wants to create the boxing club and I could feel her passion, so I wanted to respond positively her demand, but…\\
mito: e-excuse me.\\
mito: i-in that case\\
mito: maybe I can do it…?\\
kure: what!?\\
mure: mito-sensei accepted to be out advisor!?\\
take: yeah, that’s why we will begin to gather starting today.\\
moka: for the time being, until the teacher doesn’t complete the various arrangements, we will train here.\\
wata: will they let us use the star gym?\\
wata: you normally use that place, right?\\ there is not even a ring up here.\\
take: they said that we cannot do that.\\
take: these are club activities, so it seems that we cannot use outside school facilities every day.\\
take: even if doing it privately it’s fine, \\ I don’t think that the hyoma household will pamper us to that extent.\\
wata: I see.\\
moka: well in any case, we don’t need the ring for now. Let’s concentrate on the physical strength and the basis\\
azu: hey, so we finally begin, huh.\\ I’m itching to punch you guys in the face.\\
azu: hurry up and teach me all the secrets about boxing.\\
take: hey, where should we start in order to teach things to them…?\\
moka: watari-kun, what did you say to these guys when you invited them?\\
wata: well.. you know…\\
azu: hey you bastards, stop complaining!!\\
moka: for now…\\
azu: hih!\\
azu: y-you are a real bitch!!\\
blonde: good dodging, azuma-san!\\
moka: you cannot smoke while you train for boxing.\\ from today onward you all will stop smoking .\\
guy with a 50s hair cut: what!? We don’t have to follow you orders!!?\\
50s: are you stupid!?\\
azu: stop.\\
azu: throw away your cigarette.\\
azu: just bear with it while they teach us boxing!\\
moka: hurry up and change into your gym clothes!\\ what? Why do you have indoors slippers?\\ you don’t have the right approach to sports.\\
sfx: pi\\pi\\ pi\\ pi\\
sfx: pi\\pi\\
moka: hey, you are too slow!\\
moka: this is just the warm up!\\
50s: dammit, what the hell is this…?\\
50s: why do we have to do this kind of physical exercises?\\
mito: it seems like you are into it.\\
moka: ah, mito-sensei!\\
moka: t-thanks very much, mito-sensei.\\ for taking the responsibility to be our advisor.\\
mito: eh…\\ah, it’s alright.\\
mito: I don’t know anything about boxing…\\
mito: and I don’t have any experience about sports clubs, I think that someone like me who doesn’t have any sense for sport is not appropriate to be your advisor, but…\\
mito: if a student asks it to me so desperately, I cannot refuse after all…\\
guys: pant\\ pant\\
wata: ok, this is the last round!\\
mito: … moka-san.\\
mito: I’m sorry but, it seems that I cannot be the boxing club’s advisor after all…\\
mito: I’m sorry.\\
moka: ah… sensei!\\ wait…\\
moka: why?\\
moka: impossible!!\\
side text: mito-sensei accepted to be their advisor, but now she declined!?\\

TLN: is she watari’s mom?\\

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#1. by Len1k ()
Posted on Oct 30, 2012
No, his mam and dad is dead
ch 44

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