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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 497

Battle 497: kensei’s plan


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 497

Battle 497: kensei’s plan\\
inserted text: the summit of martial arts is still pretty far…\\
side text: takeda and lugh’s fight was interrupted at the last moment. But lugh left a strong impression on miu’s heart…\\
miu: hum…\\
miu: that person called lugh…\\
miu: I’m sure that he was able to perceive shigure-san with his ki…\\
lugh: In any case, I’m out of time.\\
lugh: I’m a disciple too, so I should be able to do it without problems as well.\\
miu: concentrate all the nerves in your body… make your ki go around you, and search for the far ki’s vibrations.\\
elder: don’t stop breathing.\\
miu: in the past, my grandfather taught me the basis, but this is still a technique that I’m not able to handle well.\\
miu: hum? I can feel that something is approaching from behind me.\\
miu: It is a calm but strong ki!\\
miu: sakaki.-san?\\
miu: ah, don’t say anything… hum… you are akisame-san, right?\\
tanaka: is that ki pressure perception?\\
miu: you are tanaka tsutomu-san, sorry about that!!\
miu: welcome.\\
tanaka: no, you did pretty well, I was erasing my presence.\\
miu: did this person…\\
miu: become even stronger?\\
tanaka: hey, kenichi-kun.\\
miu: I’m going to call my grandfather and the others\\
ken: ah.\\
ken: tanaka-san, I didn’t realize that you were here.\\
tanaka: so kensei wasn’t in that hideout after all…\\
elder: yes.\\
elder: however… why did you say “after all”?\\
tanaka: to be honest, I was personally gathering information.\\
tanaka: they said me that he is secluded on a mountain together with one of his disciples.\\
elder: I see!! “The heart of japan”…\\
elder: so he is in the valley of darkness?\\
tanaka: even if you go now, it would be useless.\\ he already left the mountain.\\
aki: … your intelligence network is fast.\\
saka: heh, It seems that you didn’t come here to tell us about his current location.\\
tanaka: … I came here in order to confirm if he will be imprisonment in the big lock or not.\\
tanaka: I don’t want to oppose the you, the ryouzanpaku…\\ … but,\\
tanaka: I will be the one who will bring down “kensei”, ogata isshinsai!!\\
tanaka: I just wanted to say that clearly.\\
elder: … vengeance for your master…\\
elder: tanaka-kun, you resemble him a little.\\
elder: ogata isshinsai I mean.\\
tanaka: s-sorry, it is my wife!\\
tanaka: I’m a little busy now, I will call you later.\\
ma: such a premature boy\\
sfx: pi\\
tanaka: sorry for the interruption.\\
tanaka: ah, I have a warning for you.\\
tanaka: kensei is putting more and more efforts in raising his disciples in order to make them into masters no matter what.\\
tanaka: I fear that he plans to make into “sacrifices” all the disciples related to ryouzanpaku, starting from kenichi-kun and also comprising miu-san.\\
tanaka: in any case, be careful.\\
ryuuto: … however, to think that they would build this new hideout so quickly…\\
lugh: yeah, this is the scent of a new building.\\
lugh: yami never ceases to amaze me.\\
kensei: you did a good work while I wasn’t here.\\
kensei: it seems like you had a lot if troubles\\
kensei: well, the information leaking went just according to my scenario, but you precisely did what you were supposed to do, sorry for that.\\
lugh: scenario… in other words the fall of that hideout\\ was a bluff in order to confuse the enemy, and make them think that they have the upper hand, right?\\
kensei: you are sharp as ever, lugh.\\
kensei: it seems that they just destroyed some expensive appliance, but it was useless… we already took all the information from those machines, such preparations are really important when you make small sacrifices in order to obtain something more precious.\\
kensei: I was affected by Atalanta’s enthusiasm and I secluded myself in the mountains. Because of that your training was delayed, sorry.\\
ryuuto: … so, what about atalanta?\\
kensei: she really put an effort in it…\\
kensei: so she was able to activate her ki of do.\\
kensei: he is different from how she was in the past.\\
kensei: she made such great progresses…\\
kensei: well, I had much more troubles than when I did it with you, odin-kun\\
ryuuto: atalanta.\\
ryuuto: is she sleeping?\\
kensei: yeah.\\
kensei: when we finished the training and I told her that we would leave the mountains, she was happily saying something like “I will finally meet odin-sama~~~”\\ and because of that, it seems that she almost didn’t catch any sleep yesterday.\\
rimi: rimi!!\\
rimi: where am I?\\
rimi: ah!!\\ the training was finished and after we began to travel in order to leave the mountains, we… hum~~~…\\
rimi: ah!!\\
ryuuto: it seems that you are fine.\\
rimi: ryuuto-sama…\\
rimi: rimi is back with an incredible power up~~~\\
rimi: here!!\\
rimi: he said that rimi’s ki of do is really strong.\\ on the level that girl from ryouzanpaku.\\
rimi ah!!\\ rimi is in front of ryuuto-sama with such dirty appearance~~~\\
rimi: I’m going to take a bath!\\
rimi: rimi is such an idiot!!\\
lugh: oh man, this place will become noisy again.\\
kensei: they told me that you were involved in a fight while I wasn’t here, right…\\
kensei: lugh?\\
lugh: yes.\\
kensei: how were those disciples?\\
lugh: I would say that they were uncommon beings, yes… uncommon…\\
kensei: yeah, but if I cannot have them under me…\\
kensei: then they should soon…\\
kensei: become food for you!\\
mikumo: I agree.\\
mikumo: but, it probably will not be a good thing if you take the monopoly for that.\\
kensei: I already told you that I know it, Bewitching Fist-dono\\
mikumo: for that reason…\\
mikumo: members of yomi under kensei’s guidance…\\
mikumo: you are assembled in this occasion together with these people who follow the killing martial arts.\\
rach: hi\\
kensei: geez…\\
kensei: now it has become so noisy here.\\
mikumo: I dare to say that the brief period of normal life we made them experience and their different battles…\\
mikumo: have tempered their discipline.\\
mikumo: and during the welcome for the eternal sunset…\\
rimi: hey, what’s happening?\\
rimi: don’t talk about important things when rimi is taking a bath~~~\\
mikumo: those among them who are able to become masters, will appear.\\
side text: finally an all-out war against yomi!?\\

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