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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 161

Night 161: transformation

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Nov 3, 2012 12:32 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 161: transformation\\
inserted text: the ideology class continue…\\
Sp: it was…\\
Sp: quite an extreme talk…\\
moga: I had to build a “magicians country”!!!\\
moga: and in that country the goi must be completely controlled!!\\
student: I cannot completely agree with him.\\
student: I understand that terrible things happened in this country. However…\\
student: both my parents are goi!\\
student: I could not bear to see them treated as live stock!\\
ti: heh… it was a completely messed up talk.\\
box: in this occasion the students were just shacked.\\
box: however the “ideology” lessons didn’t stop there.\\
box: the following day\\
moga: after the war against partevia, we magician , who secretly decided to built a country…\\
moga: granted the goi’s desires by using magic… starting from the pleasures of those lowlifes coming from the nobility , arriving to the slothful desires of the masses\\
people: this is paradise~~ I can eat as much as I want even without working!\\
people: use more magic to produce and raise the crops in our fields!\\
noble: it’s a waste to use the magic for the people, magician, no magician-sama.\\
noble: favour only us nobles!\\
people: this is not fair!! The royal family has the monopoly of the magicians!!\\
people: divide the magic equally with the citizen!!\\
noble: the people support is gradually shifting to the academy…\\
noble: in the last few years their number increased, they also advanced in their research, and now they are becoming able to use powerful magic… if things continue like this, and they obtain even more power, a simple academic institution can even obtain the throne…!!\\
moga: … after that, we just needed to lend our hand to a faction of nobles eager to have a part of the political power and to preserve their status.\\ then the internal strife was caused, and the king defeated.\\
moga: everything in this strife was due to the goi who succumbed to their own greed. So, what do you think? You all have ugly expressions on your faces, you know?\\
??: kill all the royal family members and the nobles!!\\
??: you bastards kept magic all for yourselves!!\\
al: so that’s what happened, huh…\\
al: the whole country depended on magic!\\ and dunya… ended up involved in that conflict…\\
al: and the one who caused the conflict was…\\
moga: do you want to say something titus?\\
ti: aren’t you yourself the incarnation of that ugly greed?\\
ti: mogamett.\\
ti: you used magic in order to usurp this country!\\
ti: you just wanted to become king, right!?\\
moga: that’s not it, titus. For all this time I just remained the chancellor of this academy.\\
moga: of course, during the establishment of this country, after obtaining the support of the people, I resigned myself to carry the responsibilities of a king.\\
ti: the people’s…\\
ti: support, you say…!?\\
ti: no one would do such a thing!\\
ti: after seeing the terrible spectacle that “fifth level authorization district” is…\\
student: “f-fifth level authorization district”…?\\
ti: the life there is too cruel!\\
ti: the people there spend every day underground in an empty existence, while their magoi is stolen and without strength!\\
ti: and, malga a five years old little girl born there, cannot live more than another year because of an illness in her chest…\\
ti: she said that her dream is to go outside…!\\
ti: are you able to say the same things in front of the eyes of that girl, you bastard!!?\\
student: that little girl…\\
student: so sad…\\
moga: in that case\\ you can let that little girl go outside.\\
moga: but in that place there are several hundreds of young people like her. What would you do about those children?\\
moga: will you raise them all?\\
moga: if you want to help only that child called malga…\\
moga: then aren’t you doing that just because you want to heal some kind of personal injury in your heart… just for self-satisfaction?\\
ti: aladdin…\\
moga: do you want to say something?\\
moga: aladdin…\\
al: it’s not as you said, chancellor.\\
al: I also thought about making malga-chan go outside of that place. I also experienced something similar to her current situation, but it is not just like that.\\
al: are you saying that those 200000 people destined to die after running out of magoi exist in order to make the people on the surface live a confortable life?\\ that’s strange.\\
al: I think that you are wrong, chancellor.\\
ti: aladdin…\\
moga: you have misunderstood something, aladdin.\\
moga: “in the fifth level authorization district”, the citizen’s mortality drastically decreased since the mustashim era.\\
al: what…!?\\
moga: they don’t experience extreme cold, extreme heat nor hunger. They don’t have to pay taxes, there is not famine nor natural calamities there.\\ and the magicians heal their illness too. Obviously there are some congenital illness that even magic cannot cure.\\
moga: these are all the things that the poor peasants desired in the past. They wanted to receive the blessing of magic, and pass their time without working.\\
geo: now we live a lot better than in the past.\\
geo: leave us alone. We are satisfied with the current situation.\\
student: b-but!\\
student: my parents are goi. I cannot accept that they are locked underground!\\
moga: calm down and remember.\\
moga: on the surface, there are a lot of goi who normally work and live.\\
moga: listen everyone!\\
moga: it’s not like I want to oppress the goi or something!\\
moga: I just want to built a world where a lot of people can live happily!\\ but I will say this thing countless times!!\\
moga: the magicians and the goi\\
moga: are two different species!!!\\
moga: the species with superior intelligence and reason\\
moga: must control the species that don't have those qualities, and guide them toward a more advanced world!!\\
moga: a world without meaningless conflict!! Toward a peaceful and civilized society brimming with order!!\\
moga: the only ones who can make the world improve more and more thanks to the pursuit of knowledge are only us!! We, the ones who are born with power, already have this duty!!\\
moga: otherwise,\\
moga: what is “magic”!!??\\
moga: we magician are born\\
moga: in order to guide this grieving world toward the right path!!!\\
moga: and yet…\\
moga: a lot of magicians receive an unfair treatment, right? and I want to erase such things.\\
sp: an unfair treatment…\\
al: everyone…?\\
sp: it often happens that medical magicians are born in my clan, but…\\
sp: they are used by the royal family for worthless conflicts in order go gain political power.
Sp: something like assassinating your political opponents through diseases…\\
Sf: if you don’t like such things and oppose them, you are exiled from the royal court.\\
sp: I thought that my grandfather was just an idiot who went against the royal family. But…\\ if a country where magic is used to do the right things would be born, then…\\
sp: I wonder if people would be happier…\\
girl: …I think that in the east, \\
girl: it is even worse…\\
girl: there concept of “magic” is still immature…\\ so even my parents thought that I was something gross.\\
girl: because I was a little girl with strange powers.\\
girl: I’m sure that even in this moment there are a lot of children who are crying just because they can use magic!\\ when I came here in magnoshtatt, I thought that…\\
girl: I wanted to show this country to them…\\
student: a country for magicians, huh…\\
student: I never thought about such a thing…\\
al: everyone…\\
box: and then, the transformation began.\\
box: , the first kodor students began to gather somewhere every time they finished their lessons, and exchange their opinions.\\
student: but in any case don’t you think that making them live underground is too cruel?\\
student: in that case,\\ which is better between the slum districts in your country and that!? And what about the slaves who are sent to the coal mines!?\\ I think that the “fifth level authorization district” is better!\\
sp: what do you think?\\
student: well…\\
student: I cannot judge until I actually see the place with my own eyes.\\
box: fifth level authorization district\\
citizen: eh? Going outside?\\ I don’t even think about that.\\
citizen: no matter what you say, this is several times better than the life I had before. Just leave me alone…\\
al: what’s wrong, titus-kun?\\ let’s go and meet with malga-chan.\\
ti: malga…\\
ti: could it be that I just wanted to help you because of my personal circumstances…?\\
al: … titus-kun…\\
moga: aladdin and titus…\\
al: what!?\\
al: chancellor! Why are you here…\\
moga: guide me\\
moga: to the place where that girl called malga is…\\
inserted text: what will mogamett do!?\\

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