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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 498

Chapter 498: Before the storm


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 498

Chapter 498: Before the storm\\
Side text: takeda’s fight against lugh the submission man was interrupted. Probably his master is angry after all…\\
Shiba: so what happened? Are you telling me that you came back nonchalantly after a draw?\\
Take: y-yes, shiba-daisensei.\\
Sfx:*diverting the eyes*\\
shiba: I see, it’s good that you came back safe and sound, ikki!!\\
inserted text: an unexpected reaction.\\
take: eh?\\
take: whaaat!?\\
shiba: in fights you lose everything if you lower your guard even for a mere second.\\
shiba: your concentration power was really high, that’s why you could come back in one piece after you fought against that submission user from yomi.\\
shiba: as it should be expected from my disciple!!\\
take: ye-…\\
take: yes! Thank you very much shiba-daisensei!\\
take: this is the first time he praised me.\\
shiba: listen ikki, our boxing is the martial art the gentlemen who chose to fight with just their fists in the lawless world of martial arts!!\\
shiba: to challenge your enemies who can make their whole body into a weapon with just you fists can be considered some kind of an handicap. But we fight only with our fists… and why do we do that!!?\\
shiba: because we are boxers!!\\
take: y-yes!!\\
shiba: but you don’t have to worry, for the very reason that this is a martial art that only uses fists, they devised its real battle version, the “underground boxing”.\\
take: I see.\\
shiba: I should hand down the secrets of this style to you soon.\\
shiba: those are moves absolutely necessary when you will have to fight against the armed division members who will come to attack you sooner or later.\\
shiba: I judged that the suitable time to teach you them was after you learned properly the bases of the underground boxing, but probably even now should be fine.\\
take: moves to use in fights against weapons, huh…\\
take: aren’t they just the right thing to use against that guy called lugh?\\
shiba: from tomorrow onward we will commerce an hellish training.\\
shiba: prepare yourself!!\\
take: ah.\\
take: sorry, daisensei, but I have to go to the amusement park…\\
shiba: what?\\
take: I promised that I would go to the amusement park together with the girls from the alliance and the others!!\\
box: unconscious defence\\
shiba: amusement park you say?\\
take: y-yes…\\
shiba: I see.\\
shiba: in that case have fun… here, some pocket money.\\
take: what!? I-I sense that there is some kind of trap here, I’m scared!!\\
shiba: this is a hint about how hellish is the secret moves training.\\
take: zoh\\
shiba: so what about you daily share of sandbag punching for today?\\
take: yes! Aren’t you saying me to do this because I don’t have anything to lose? Thanks, daisensei!!\\
take: as a sign of gratitude I will survive to the secret moves training to the end!\\
shiba: indeed, I became gentler as well.\\
shiba: to think that a disciple would be something so cute…\\
shiba: I don’t know what that guy would say to me it he sees me now…\\ cough\\
aki: *sneeze*\\
aki: I feel like that someone is talking about me… \\maybe shibacchi?\\
shi: you are accurate… as usual.\\
ken: gyyyah\\
ken: no matter how you say, this is too much ~~~\\
box: 29th hell training machine: premium\\
aki: you promised to train plenty today because you will go to the amusement park tomorrow.\\
shi: in this way tomorrow you will not overdo things when you move…\\
shi: he is so kind…\\
ken: he is not kind~~~!!\\
saka: perfect, in that case let’s spar a bit together just to warm up.\\ I will be kind too~~~\\
ken: … liar\\
saka: I’m doing it for your sake after all\\
miu: y-you overdid it, sakaki-san!!\\
ken: but this not such a great hardship because of miu-san’s treatment <3\\
miu: geez, these persons never learn how to hold back.\\
ken: h-however miu-san, is it true that you cannot come tomorrow?\\
miu: I want to come, but the housework piled up.\\
miu: since the time I had those after-effects from what happened in the tidat kingdom, I gradually left things in the hands of ma-san and akisame-san, so I cannot be pampered any more than this.\\
apa: apa.\\
apa: I did the laundry.\\
miu: eh?\\
miu: whaaat? Did you rip them again…? How many times I have to tell you that you cannot do that?\\
ken: he is not even able to hold back when he it comes to laundry, huh…\\
apa: apa!\\
miu: you washed them so well!?\\
apa: apachai secretly…\\
apa: trained.\\
ma: that was another grand training.\\
ma: I thought about stopping him countless time because he was too harsh…\\
ken: doing laundry huh~~~ what kind of training was that?\\
apa: well you know, apachai is really not good when it comes to hold back.\\
miu: even sakaki-san’s pants are safe <3\\
saka: don’t show then around in that way!\\
apa: apachai will do his best in house work too…\\
apa: so you should go to the amusement park too, miu.\\
ma: if it was just a little time ago he would…\\
near apa: apachai wants to go to the amusement park too~~~\\
ma: he matured as well…\\
miu: … yes.\\
ken: that’s great!!!\\
saka: well, I will help too… so count me in.\\
shi: me… too.\\
tou: chu\\
miu: heheheh<3\\
miu: and then, grandfather, apachai-san mastered how to do laundry.\\
elder: ho ho, I see.\\
miu: so I can go together with the others from the alliance!\\
miu: ah, sorry, how many times did I say that?\\
elder: this is the seventh time.\\
on the newspaper: the strongest newspaper*\\
TLN: quite a fit read for the elder\\
niji: well, as the confrontation against the yomi is drawing near, this kind of recreation in order to increase the alliance’s morale is also important.\\
matsui: here general commander, lately you can go on the amusement attractions even wearing a swimsuit, you know~~~\\
black one: hey matsui, come here!\\
matsui: time to increase the morale!\\
niji: he is so simple minded… that’s good.\\
kaname: I wonder if I’m not wasting to much time playing around lately…\\
take: what are you saying, freya.\\
take: ukita complained that he was the only one who didn’t come to the pool and you also agreed to come to the amusement park some time ago, right?\\
kaname: ye-…\\
kaname: yeah\\
above her: *blushing*\\
kaname: by the way, where is him?\\
ki: hey takeda, did you see ukita?\\
above kisara: ukita!\\
above kaname: ukita!\\
renka: kenichi~~~\\
miu: kenichi-san!!\\
ken: wait miu-sam.\\
near take:*irritated*\\
TLN: I can feel your pain bro\\
Ken: hey, you have to wait for me for real, miu-san!!\\
Ken: wait…\\
Ken: I cannot catch up with her at all!\\
Take: eh? Shiratori?\\
take: oooh!! He is finally confronting shiratori in her swimsuit and without any warning~~~\\
near shira: *heartbeats*\\
take: finally the moment he will accept the truth that shiratori is a woman has come.\\
take: that should be a shock for him, I was incredibly surprised as well.\\
take: eh? He didn’t react?\\
uki: kisara~~~\\
renka: kenichi~~\\
shira: he even looked at me with suspicious eyes… could it be that I don’t look that charming in a swimsuit…?\\
take: it is not like that, you are really pretty today.\\
shira: … I will not wear a swimsuit ever again.\\
take: no, you don’t have to feel that down…\\
take: hey ukita!!\\
uki: takeda?\\
take: shiratori is…\\
uki: hey shiratori, I was searching for you!!\\
uki: shiratori, I just saw your doppelganger a moment ago!!!!\\
uki: that doppelganger really resembled you… no, it was practically like you and there is another thing!! That shiratori…\\
uki: was a woman!!!\\
uki: heard that if you meet your doppelganger, one of the two of you must die!\\
uki: be careful!!\\
near takeda: ahahaha\\hahaha\\haha\\
Uki: ouch, what are you doing all of the sudden!!?\\
miu: eh? I lost kenichi-san.\\
guy: she is so cute.\\
guy2: what incredible style she has.\\
guy: hey sweetheart~~~ come here.\\
miu: this feeling… it’s a feeling thinner if compared with the one I felt when I met tanaka-san, but…\\
miu: I’m sure that I’m sensing a ki.\\
guy: oooh!\\
guy: she jumped!\\
miu: eh?\\
miu: could it be that shadow was…!?\\
rimi: rimi is coming to get you~~ <3\\
side text: yomi arrives in full force while they enjoy themselves in the amusement park. Sudden events awaits you in the next issue!!\\

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