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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 162

Night 162: the truth about mogamett

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Nov 10, 2012 11:43 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 162: the truth about mogamett\\
inserted text: mogamett’s unexpected proposal…\\
al: … what?\\
ti: what did you just said?\\
moga: it’s fine if you bring outside that little girl called malga…\\
moga: that’s what I told you.\\
moga: if you like it, she can live with you on the surface forever…\\
moga: is that fine with you?\\
ti: don’t fuck with me…\\
ti: you despised the goi to that extent, and now you suddenly feel pity for malga!?\\
moga: you are wrong.\\ The one I feel pity for is you,\\
moga: titus.\\
ti: what…!?\\
moga: after seeing you supporting that little girl called malga so much, I saw the presence of some kind of shadow that you carry as well.\\
moga: titus…\\
moga: what are you hiding?\\
moga: I know…\\
moga: that you are a subordinate of Laem’s magi…\\
moga: Scheherazade!\\
ti: … \\ dammit!!?\\
al: it’s alright, titus-kun. This person also knows about me and yamu-san.\\
ti: … aladdin!?\\
moga: that’s right…\\
moga: however, that’s not a problem!\\
moga: both yamuraiha and Scheherazade…\\
moga: are to me nothing more than two poor female magicians who are fighting alone in foreign countries*…\\
TLN: probably here he means that they are fighting alone in countries that are foreign to both yamu and schera because they are not magician countries.\\
Ti: poor you say?\\
Moga: yes…\\
moga: yamuraiha is a powerful magicians who, with her strong powers, is able to cover an entire country with a huge barrier…\\
moga: probably she is already doing such a thing…\\
yamu: “this is the magic barrier I’m so proud of that protects sindria!\\”
moga: but if she does such a thing, there is no doubt that…\\
moga: she will die young!\\
moga: that should be obvious!\\
moga: in magoshitat if we rely on the talent of single individuals in order to have so many magicians and magic items, the sacrifices would be inevitable!\\
moga: but, is that really right?\\
moga: and the same thing is valid for for “Scheherazade”. I know that she is one of the legendary magicians, the magi, but…\\
moga: … this isn’t related to the fact that she is a magi or not.\\
ti: it is not related… you say?\\
moga: that’s right… I cannot help to think that all the magicians… who sacrifice their own “special” powers…\\
moga: for their missions or for their own ambitions and satisfactions, are pitiable…\\ it irritates me.\\and I want to help them.\\
moga: I want to create a nation that…\\
moga: not only supports all those magicians scattered around the world, but that also is a country where they can live happily…\\
moga: that’s my desire,\\
al: chancellor…\\
moga: hey… you want to bring her with you on the surface, right?\\
ti: malga…\\
moga: and you should think hard with your head about what to do with other children here…\\
moga: once you get outside.\\
malga: you are bringing me with you on the surface? R-really?\\
ti: yes…\\
ti: yeah!\\
moga: hehe.\\
moga: so you like her so much, right*? I’m happy for you, titus!\\
TLN: the expression here is often used when referring to animals\\
mage: chancellor!\\
mage: chancellor! Chancellor mogamett!\\
moga: ah, it’s you guys.\\
al: this person…\\
al: he really thinks about us magicians. And he is worried about us… but…\\
al: but… there is something…\\
child: I want to go outside too…\\
child: ah!!\\
moga: go away.\\
moga: ha ha… I see…\\
moga: this is the one titus wished for.\\ you should be glad that he likes you!\\
al: yeah… now I understand.\\
al: I’m not able to understand if this old man is a good or bad person.\\
al: the only thing I know is that…\\ this person…\\
al: doesn’t think that those who are not magicians…\\
al: are human beings anymore…\\
al: but I know it.\\
al: because of that the world will end.\\
malga: wow…\\ wow…\\
malga: wow~~~!!\\
malga: titus! He said meow! This little puppy said meow!\\
cat: meow~~~\\
ti: yeah! He said meow!\\
malga: what’s that?\\
malga: what’s that?\\
malga: what’s that?\\
sfx above malga: cough\\cough\\
ti: are you alright, malga!?\\
malga: urgh…\\
malga: you know…\\
malga: thanks for bringing me outside. I’m really happy!\\
malga: I love you!\\
al: … by the way, sphintus-kun, do you agree with the chancellor’s point of view?\\
sh: eh?\\
sh: ah, yes! Obviously I don’t think that the goi are livestock, but you know…\\
sh: I think that a country where the magicians can live happily should be created! The others guys I talked with more or less agree with that.\\
sh: well~~~ I have to say that the chancellor is really a great person…\\ do you think the same, right aladdin…?\\
sfx: * upset*\\
sph: hey…\\ what’s wrong, why do you have that grim face!?\\
al: eh? Well… I have my… circumstances as well!\\
sfx: *chomp*\\
sp: c-circumstances!? What are you talking about!? Tell me!!\\
al: I want to tell you but… I will do it, eventually!\\
ti: hey~~, sphintus, what do you do into a “store”~~~!?\\
teach: well…\\
teach: it is everything for today…\\
teach: from tomorrow onward, an higher level classes than the “maref” called the “zemi*” will begin! The students who have multiple recommendations have to choose among the cards the research topic they wish for!!\\
TLN: it means laboratory or seminar\\
Al: there are still a lot of things I want to know.\\
Al: and I cannot leave the “fifth level authorization district” alone either… the things I have to do in this country are not finished yet. It is the same for you as well, right, titus-kun?\\
ti: y-yeah…\\
ti: you are right!\\
sp: hey, titus, aladdin!\\
sp: you two are the only ones with so many recommendations, hurry up and choose!\\
al: heheheh.\\
al: well then,\\
al: what “zemi” should I choose?\\
starting from my left: magic item training\\
below: magic military strategy\\
up: djiin research\\
the one with the lion: goi research\\
the one with the deer: magic biology\\
moon and sun: future prediction proprieties\\
the one with the fish: production of food with magic\\
flower patter: aberrant magic application\\
virgin card: space transition possibilities\\
right most card: rukh’s properties and alteration\\
side text: they are all interesting topic but…!?\\

TLN: I think he will go for djinn research

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