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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 163

Night 163: zemi

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Nov 17, 2012 10:56 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 163: zemi\\
Sp: I did it… barely, but I did it…!\\
Box: zemi: “8th type high level healing magic” letter of recommendation\\
Guy: I’m so envious, sphintus.\\
Girl: I have zero recommendations…\\
Box: the teaching format “zemi” is a high level maref. Only the students in the academy who are expected to have a special talent in education are able to obtain a recommendation and are allowed to follow the lessons.\\
Box: the zemi classes are scheduled every day in the limited time after the standard maref classes are completed. For this reason, to follow more than one course is not allowed,\\
Box: and the students who have received several letters of recommendations must choose a zemi among them.\\
girl: you two are incredible! You received so many letters of recommendation…\\
ti: these are all subjects I have to tell about to Scheherazade-sama…\\
al: I’m interested in all the zemi as well… hum…\\
al: let’s do like this, titus-kun. I will tell you the content of the lesson I will take.\\
al: … but that’s a little unfair, don’t you think?\\
ti: heheh… I see. Don’t worry, we are not prohibited to talk about that stuff.\\
ti: I will do the same thing with you as well.\\
ti: well in that…\\ I will do this.\\
box: zemi\ “magic item production” letter of recommendation\\
al: then I…\\
al: this is the subject I’m the most interested in after all.\\
box: zemi\ “rukh’s properties and alteration”\ teacher: Irene Smirnoff*\\
TLN: lol yesterday I was in dubai’s airport and passed in front of a Smirnoff vodka stand…\\
ire: welcome. I’m the teacher of this class, Irene.\\
al: I met you several time, miss…\\
al: I’m Aladdin! Nice to meet you!\\
al: ouch!\\
al: what are you doing!?\\
ire: I’m sorry but, I hate lucky people…\\
al: what? Lucky? Me??\\
ire: to have tea alone with m-m-m-mogamett-sama…\\
ire: that’s… that’s… like a dream…\\
in the picture: near ire: ufufufu\\ near moga: hahahaha\\
al: Irene-sensei, do you want to drink tea together with the chancellor?\\
ire: how shameless… I have filthy people as well…\\
ire: more importantly, this is the zemi.\\
ire: is this the first time you see black rukh?\\
ire: our maref primarily consists in manipulating them.\\
al: a maref with black rukh…!!?\\
al: what the hell is this…!!?\\
ire: the rukh is…\\
ire: a great power that normally shines in white…\\
ire: however, in a report 12 years ago, it was confirmed in that if certain actions are performed,\\
ire: their body changes to black…\\
guy: black rukh? What the hell is that…?\\
guy2: I saw them just once in my life. But I thought that it was some kind of optical illusion…\\
al: “a report 12 years ago”…?\\
ire: we humans, who are nothing more than a small part of the rukh, the so called “great flow”, are absolutely not able to completely put under our control the rukh itself…\\
ire: this is what was thought until now.\\
ire: however…\\
ire: this black rukh is an exception.\\
ire: in the case of this rukh that deviated from the “great flow”, it abides to the will of the magicians and miracles that are impossible with the white rukh become possible…\\
guy: miracles?\\
ire: for example… this.\\
sfx: giiiih\\
guy: what’s that!!?\\
ire: this is… an artificial life-form created by the black rukh.\\
guys: artificial life form you say…!?\\
ire: the creation of artificial life forms from the rukh… this is the ultimate secret even in magic.\\
ire: this is a miracle that is possible only for the legendary magicians who are loved by the rukh!\\ however… we were able to discover it…\\
ire: our unique alchemic technique…\\
ire: that creates from the black rukh…\\
ire: a “djiin”…\\
ire: heh, aladdin… you seems to be particularly interested in this. Just like mogamett-sama told me…\\
ire: the other students shouldn’t be able to understand a talk on the black rukh and artificial life forms.\\ and yet…\\
ire: I wonder what do you know about it…\\
ire: aladdin…\\
al: I should be the one here asking why you know about such a thing, Irene-sensei…\\
al: “a 12 years old report”…\\
al: could it be the people who caused that “world abnormality” told you about the black rukh …\\
al: just a little before causing that incident?\\ so magnoshutatt…\\
al: is connected to that “certain organization”, after all.\\
ire: what…?\\
ire: I don’t know what you are talking about…\\
ire: but I’m sure that this class will be really useful to you. But this is all for today… you are dismissed.\\
al: I wonder how much the chancellor knows about me…\\
al: he is a tough old man after all…\\
al: but, I know it now, alibaba-kun, yamu-san, miss dunya, and everyone…\\ magnoshutatt has some connections with “al samen” after all!\\
sche: that’s… odd…\\ if magnoshtatt has connections with the “organization”, then…\\
sche: they should have joined forces with the kou empire long ago… what’s the meaning of this…?\\
ti: what is this “organization”, Scheherazade-sama?\\
sche: don’t worry about it, continue your report, titus…\\
ma: titus!\\
ti: mariga shiiii!\\
sche: titus…\\
sche: what was that…?\\
ti: she is the mariga I was talking you about…\\
ti: we are living together since 2 days ago…\\
ti: for that reason chancellor mogamett prepared a splendid house for the two of us.\\
ti: we have a complete view of the city from our window, and we can go to do shopping any time we want…\\
sche: titus…\\
sche: I still didn’t forgive you…\\
sche: for the incident happened in the “fifth level authorization district”.\\
ti: I’m sorry…\\
sfx near sche: haaa…\\
sche: what do you think you can achieve by living with… that child?\\
sche: you can enjoy it as much as you want, but you will regret it…\\
sche: titus…\\
sche: I think that you already know it but,\\ you still have…\\
sche: little time left…\\
sfx over his shoulder: cough cough\\
ti: mariga!?\\
ti: are you alright, mariga?\\
ma: yes…\\ hum… are you alright too, titus…?\\
ti: eh?\\
ma: you know…\\
ma: I want you to tell me whenever I will become a bother to you…\\
ma: you…\\
ma: brought me out here…\\
ma: and showed me a lot of thing for the first time…\\
ma: you are the first person I met…\\ the first who worried about me…\\
ma: it was really fun, and I’m happy…\\
ma: maybe I will not be able to see other things, that’s why…\\ that’s why…\\
ti: it’s not like that, I will be here tomorrow and the day after tomorrow as well.\\
ma: really? Will you be together with me?\\
ti: yes!\\
ti: I will be here forever,\\
ti: together with you.\\
ti: “I will be here tomorrow and the day after tomorrow as well.”\\
ma: “really? Will you be together with me?”\\
ti: “yes, I will be here forever, together with you.”\\
inserted text: is titus hiding something!?\\

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