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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 499

Battle 499: the things that are behind martials arts


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 499

Battle 499: the things that are behind martials arts\\
side text: they are really enjoying themselves in the amusement park!!\ yomi’s shadow draws near unnoticed\\
renka: kenichi~~~! Look~~~!!\\
ken: renka-san is always so cheerful…\\
thor: amusement parks are incredible nowadays… you can even go on the attractions wearing a swimsuit.\\
thor: what’s wrong, kenichi? You still didn’t ride the rollercoaster…\\
ken: eh!\\
people: someone is singing\\
sieg: la~~~\\
side text: the members of the shinpaku alliance are relaxing themselves without noticing that yomi is there in full force, but…\\
Valkyrie: great captain thor~~~ what about a ride together with us next?\\
Thor: no thanks, my dislocated shoulder’s condition is still a bit~~~ you know~~~\\
Thor: I want to make it heal fast.\\
Ken: could it be that thor-san you…?\\
Thor: you too?\\
Ken: yeah.\\
Thor: oh man… I not able to understand those guys who are willing to pay money in order to have frightening memories!!\\
Ken: yeah right… if we talk about frightening machines, I ride them on a daily basis!!\\
Aki: what do you think about this last masterpiece of mine?\\
Ken: don’t talk to me while I’m doing this~~~\\
Box: rollercoaster\\
People: bravo\\
Ken: don’t tell this to miu-san please, I don’t want her to think that I don’t have any courage.\\ thor: ok. I promise it on the pride of the fat young men.\\
Ken: ah.\\
ken: miu-san, let’s go to some attraction that goes really fast.\\
ken: what are you looking at?\\
sfx near miu: *stare*
ken: eh? Merry go round? Do you want to ride on it?\\
miu: yes.\\
miu: when I was little I really wanted to ride on it.\\
ken: that’s right, when she was a child she went on a journey around the world together with the elder, so she never went to an amusement park.\\
thor: I see… so behind such superior battle proficiency…\\
thor: there are a lot of sacrifices for martial arts…\\
ken: however…\\
ken: thanks to the martial arts…\\
ken: I could meet miu-san.\\
miu: eh?\\
miu: hey…\\
ken: let’s go miu-san.\\
ken: on the merry go round.\\
miu: eh?, but…\\
ken: come on, let’s go!\\
ken: two tickets, adults!\\
girl: are going to ride it too, miss?\\
ken: hey thor-san!!\\
miu: geez, kenichi-san…\\
girl: miss!!\\
thor: heh.\\
thor: kenichi, you already have quite a lot of courage.\\
miu: aah…\\
miu: so this is how it feels when you are sitting on a merry go round waving your hand.\\
thor: eh?\\ hey sieg.\\
sieg: yes, what is it thor?\\
people: encore\ encore\\
thor: that man…\\
thor: doesn’t he resemble that guy called tanaka who appeared during the DofD tournament?\\
sieg: !? I don’t see him.\\
thor: eh? I’m sure he was here…\\
kisa: they gave us a free pass for the whole day~~~ let’s have even more fun!\\
uki: I-I see. But I don’t feel that well…\\
kaname: well you rode the rollercoaster for all this time.\\
uki: c-can a sit for a little?\\
kisa: are you an old man!!?\\
kaname: I’ll go to buy something to drink.\\
kisa: hum…\\
uki: what’s wrong, kisara?\\
kisa: now that it is evening, the number of people suddenly decreased.\\
uki: c-could it be that everyone didn’t feel well?\\
kisa: that’s impossible!\\
ken: miu-san\\
ken: again… I lost sight of her again.\\
ken: anyway, what is this? There are few people here all of the sudden.\\
ken: .. no.\\
ken: the presence of the people around here unnaturally…\\
ken: disappeared?\\
ken: y-you are…\\
ken: berserker!!\\
sieg: it seems that I will be able to write some good tunes today.\\
kaname: there are few people around now.\\
odin: up here, Freya.\\
kaname: o-odin!!\\
renka: kenichi~~!!\\
near renka: *sneeze*\\
renka: I wonder if the parade already began…\\
renka: ah geez, kenichi, let’s go to see the parade!\\
renka: uuh, it’s getting chilly, but I wanted to show this swimsuit to kenichi, so…\\
renka: hey this is not funny, if I die after the parade’s wheel runs over me, I would put in disgrace the ma household for generations.\\
near renka: uwaah it’s burning…\\
Rachel: it’s stupid to go on a parade alone after all.\\
Renka: that voice…!!\\
Renka: Rachel… no,\\
Renka: castor from yomi!!\\
shira: kisara-sama.\\
kisa: ah, shiratori.\\
shira: I’m sorry, I left your side.\\
shira: eh? Weren’t you together with ukita-sama?\\
misa: he is resting there, more importantly don’t you feel like the amusement park became empty all of the sudden?\\
shira: now that you mention it, while I was coming here there were some clerks who were guiding the customers outside, but they said that it was alright for us because we have this pass.\\
kisa: we are lucky!\\
take: hyuh, you made you appearance quite quickly.\\
take: you are an hasty fellow!!\\
lugh: heh.\\
take: I will fight him.\\
take: there is no need for you to interfere, honey.\\
miu: I don’t mind that…\\
miu: but….\\
miu: that person wearing an amusement park mascot’s costume really worries me.\\
take: … yeah me too.\\
lugh: the same goes for me…\\
miu: eeeh!?\\
lugh: I understand that you wanted to wear it at least once, but you should choose the appropriate moment and place to do that.\\
lugh: you make me seem like an idiot as well.\\
near lugh: and you are also noisy…\\
rimi: rimi!!\\
rimi: you relaxed after seeing the stuffed toy, right?\\
rimi: let’s go furinji!!\\
miu: atalanta!!\\
side text: in the next issue there will be the kenichi festival to celebrate the 500th chapter! With the front cover and opening in colour for a total of 23 pages!! Also check the colour announcement at page 145!!\\

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