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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Buyuden 80

Chapter 80: the club president’s choice

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Nov 20, 2012 09:16 | Go to Buyuden

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Chapter 80: the club president’s choice\\
Inserted text: even if you are an amateur we will warmly welcome you!\ the boxing club is recruiting new members!!\\
side text: finally mito-sensei decided to become the club advisor! But what about the number of members necessary to establish the club…!?\\
azu: what!?\\ mito sensei will become the advisor no matter if I’m in the club or not~~~!?\\
wata: that’s right.\\
azu: s-seriously!?\\
wata: yeah, so be sure to come to the roof after school.\\
wata: and bring the other 3 with you.\\
azu: what!? I already told you, right!?\\
azu: they will not come! They don’t care about mito and other things…\\
ao: yeah… we don’t care anymore.\\
ao: the one who is eager to practice boxing is just that traitor, azuma\\
azu: aoki you bastard, who did you just call a traitor!?\\
wata: hey, stop.\\
wata: if you are not interested, then we don’t have any other choice…\\
wata: by including moka we already have 5 members, let’s do like this for the time being.\\
azu: heh… it means that if I say no, then it would be the end for the boxing club.\\
azu: the fact that mito accepted to become the advisor doesn’t mean that I would return to the club.\\
wata: a-azuma!\\
azu: in any case I have just a condition.\\
azu: if you accept it, I will come back.\\
wata: w-what!?\\
on the sign: teachers changing room\\
mito: ok.\\
on the book: introduction to boxing\\
mito: last evening I could just look over this book, but… I accepted to become the advisor, so I have to do it!\\
prin: if a teacher stops approaching students, then it is the end.\\
wata: azuma is still a good for nothing guy…\\
wata: but he could be able to find another side of himself thanks to boxing.\\
mito: I totally forgot this kind of feeling…\\
mito: natsuki, you have to do your best…\\
mito: for the sake of your students… no, for your own sake!!\\
moka: wha… what did you say…!?\\
azu: I told you to make me the club president.\\
azu: I’m from the second year, while you are all from the first year, after all.\\ that’s how it works.\\
take: what the hell is this guy saying!?\\
take: you don’t even know the basics of boxing, stop sprouting nonsense!\\
azu: ah, I see.\\
azu: in that case I could quit~~\\ if my juniors complain about me, and they act so self important, then there is no need to be part of this club~~~\\
azu: how many club members would remain if I quit~~?\\
take: this bastard is taking advantage of our weakness…\\
azu: perfect, it seems that you don’t have any objection.\\
azu: hey you midget!\\
azu: I’m thirsty, go to buy me some juice.\\
kure: eh…\\
azu: this is a order from the president! Hurry up and go!!\\
azu: a Dr. pepper should be fine.\\
wata: what a bastard…\\
take: dammit…\\
moka: we don’t have any other choice, let’s make him president just in the name, and let him enjoy himself. If he quits now, then…\\
kure: don’t fuck with me, he is just using me as an errand boy\\
kure: ah, s-sensei!!\\
mito: did something happen?\\
kure: well no… azuma-san told me to go to buy him some juice…\\
mito: eh?\\ what do you mean?\\
mito: I-I see…\\
mito: so azuma wants to become the club president…\\
azu: it’s not like I want to do it, but I’m the older student here, so it’s natural that the president should be me!\\
azu: right, sensei!!?\\
moka: hey you! At least use a respectful way of talking when you address to the teacher!\\
azu: what? Weren’t you talking with me, your senpai, with a casual speech until now?\\
azu: hurry up and choose, mito-chan!\\
azu: what do you want, me as club president, or an insufficient number of club members!?\\
azu: I’m the president alright!?\\
azu: eeeh!?\\
take: that bastard, he knows that mito-sensei is frightened and he is plainly intimidating her…!!\\
take: you bastard…\\
wata: teacher.\\
wata: you were the only one who decided to become the boxing club advisor for our sake.\\
wata: so everyone will follow your decisions.\\
wata: if you have confidence in yourself, and decide what you think is right, then it’s fine with us.\\
wata: didn’t you come here for that?\\
mito: he is right…\\
mito: why am I so scared!!\\
mito: I came here in order to regain my self-confidence as a teacher!!\\
mito: … then…\\
mito: the club president will be kaname moka-san.\\
mito: the vice president will be take-kun!\\
take: eh…?\\ ah, yes.\\
mito: this is the club you built will all your efforts after all.\\
mito: moka-san is a girl, but I heard that she not an amateur, she is reliable so I think that she is qualified.\\
mito: is that fine with you?\\
moka: yes!\\
azu: hey hey, stop joking…\\ what’s up with this matching?\\
azu: mito you bitch!! So you don’t care if I quit or not!!\\ if I’m not the president I quit!!\\
mito: you are welcome.\\
azu: wha…\\ no but… if I quit then…\\
mito: it’s true that the condition to start club activities is to have more than 5 members,\\
mito: but if I ask to the principal, he will just do an exception.\\
mito: in a sport that consists in one to one matches like boxing, even a single member can participate to tournaments,\\ so I think that there are high probabilities that he will do an exception.\\
take: I see.\\
wata: your useless negotiations end here, azuma.\\ and by the way you probably don’t really care about the club president’s position.\\
wata: I don’t believe that someone like you who longs for strength so much that he even parted from those guys…\\
wata: will quit without even wearing the gloves at least once.\\
mito: that’s right, azuma.\\
mito: I would be troubled too if you quit.\\
mito: because the battle against my fated enemy is just began.\\
azu: tch.\\
moka: in that case, here an order from the club president to everyone.\\
moka: from now on use a respectful language when you address azuma-senpai.\\
azu: that fat ass, she…\\
moka: I don’t think that he will be able to understand when you will talk to him in such a manner, but he is a senpai after all.\\
moka: well then, let’s begin practice!\\
??: ok!\\
take: hey get up azuma!\\ ah that wasn’t so respectful.\\ I cannot do it after all, moka.\\
azu: dammit, I will become strong and kick these guys asses for sure!!\\
side text: the club they yearned so much for is established! The boxing club activities now begin!!\\

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