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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 164

Night 164: the truth about titus

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Nov 23, 2012 18:56 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Reserved for sense

Night 164: the truth about titus\\
inserted text: malga’s medical treatment\\
around malga: cough\\cough\\
malga: … eh?\\
malga: it doesn’t hurt anymore…?\\
moga: what’s wrong? You desired that malga would live longer, and we are doing it.\\
ti: … are you really able to…\\
moga: eh?\\
ti: are you really able to… do such a thing?\\ is it really possible… to lengthen the lifespan of seriously ill humans with magic?\\
moga: yes, we can do it.\\ even for illnesses that cannot be cured like the one affecting malga, there is the possibility to delay the progresses of the decaying of her body’s structure.\\
moga: although in order to do that… she must be treated periodically by the best high level magicians in the academy…\\
ti: I see.\\
sche: … well then, report me about today’s lesson… titus…\\
ti: yes, Scheherazade-sama.\\
ti: just as we thought, magnoshutatt is “manufacturing” magic items.\\
ti: originally the magic items can be only found in the “dungeons ”, but because of they are able to manufacture them, the entire city is brimming over with magic items…\\
sche: then, why were they able to “manufacture” them?\\ how where they able to do such a thing…?\\
ti: just by chance…\\
ti: it seems that they obtained some original “dungeon” magic items.\\
sche: …? Original “dungeon” magic items…?\\
ti: yes,\\ the way they obtained them is not clear, but… it happened around 12 years ago.\\
ti: however, the magic item production system was ready around 2~3 years ago…\\
sche: 2~3 years ago…!\\
ti: that’s right…\\ it corresponds with the period we began to confiscate magic items from thieves.\\
ti: furthermore…\\
ti: the “magic items that the academy developed in the initial stage” that they showed me during class and the “magic items of the pirates” you showed me in Laem were…\\
ti: almost…\\
ti: with the same shape.\\
ti: I’m sure that there is a connection!\\
sche: I understand.\\
sche: search for other positive proofs about this matter.\\
sche: just as I thought,\\ magnoshutatt is illegally smuggling magical items to the thieves, if they intend to endanger laem, then…\\
sche: I will not just remain silent.\\
ti: yes!\\
sche: … and…\\
sche: once that investigation is finished…\\
sche: your role will end too, titus…\\
ti: … eh?\\
sche: … that’s right. Your role is to determine the real identity of the menace from the east that is endangering laem…\\
sche: don’t worry… just leave the rest to me…\
ti: yes…\\
ti: however… hum…\\
ti: will it end…\\
ti: soon?\\
sche: titus…\\
sche: you did well.\\ if you weren’t a magician with such a strength, you would not have earned the academy’s trust to this extent, and probably you would not have been able to exact all this information …\\
sche: come back to me… do what you can for the time remaining to you…\\
sche: the “other children*” did the same…\\
TLN: this should go in bold\\
Sche: what’s wrong?\\
Sche: is there something that you want to say?\\
ti: I…\\
sche: yes?\\
ti: no,\\
ti: I don’t have anything to say.\\
al: wow~~~ malga-chan is so fast~~, sphintus-kun do your best~~~~\
near al: you are out of breath\\
sp: shut up\\ near the bubble: cough\cough\\
al: ---us…\\
al: ---us…\\
al: titus!\\
ti: eh!?\\
al: is something wrong? You space out often lately, but…\\
sp: r-really? Sorry, what were you saying?\\
near sp: pant\\
al: I see. In titus-kun’s “rabo*”, you are attending to such lessons.\\
TLN: laboratory/ seminar\\
Al: I would not ever imagine that…\\ the “great holy mother” and those bandits were involved with magnoshutatt…\\
Ti: …?\\ aladdin?\\
sp: this is too much~~~ I cannot follow her anymore!\\ you became too full of energy lately malga…!\\
ti: heheh, right?\\
ti: the usual “treatment” in the academy is working…\\
sp: I see… oh man, the chancellor is really incredible…\\
al: sphintus-kun! You are heavy! Move!\\
al: geez!! Does your horse-power just amount to this!?\\ you are cool only when it comes to use healing magic!!\\
sp: w-wha… what did you say…!??\\
sp: you bastard! I will show you it is not like that!!\\
al: wow!! Incredible, it looks so delicious!!\\
sp: well what do you think? This is an aromatic herbs soup made with chicken meat and beans\\
ti: hohoh… your cooking skills aren’t half bad.\\ near the bubble: the taste is still lacking something but…\\
near sp: hey, don’t snitch the food!!\\
sp: shut up, this is my speciality!\\
under the hand: young man from the nobility\\
sp: ah now that you mention it, little lord… you should pay me the medical fee sooner or later…\\ near the bubble: I saved you once…\\
ti: hey! You are a really stingy fellow, do you know that?\\
sp: shut up! Ah that’s right… Just try to complain about it and I will make my way into your family with force!\\
sp: once I finished attending lesson here… just wait for me for another 1 or 2 years!\\
al: the laem empire~~~ it sounds good~~ I would like to go there once!\\
al: right now there is once of my friends doing his best there.\\
sp: that talk about the mysterious alibaba again.\\
al: I will introduce him to you next time!\\
al: and I will introduce him to titus-kun as well!\\
al: once I complete the things here at the academy…\\
al: I’m sure that we will have a lot of fun!\\
ti: yeah,\\ I’m looking forward to it!\\
sp: I told you to not snatch food before the meal!!\\
sche: your role will end too\\
ti: Scheherazade-sama…\\
ti: I… I…\\
ti: what’s wrong?\\
ti: malga.\\
ti: … I see. Even during the night you don’t feel pain, huh…\\ I sure that we will be able to cure your illness.\\
mal: yes.\\
mal: hey, titus…\\
mal: will you wait for me?\\
ti: ?\ wait?\\
mal: will you wait for me until I become an adult?\\
mal: you know…\\
mal: I’m not dying thanks you.\\
mal: but right now… there is nothing I can give back to you so…\\
mal: I will wash the dishes!\\ Do the laundry!\\
mal: but one day, when I will become an adult…\\
mal: I want to return you all the favours you did to me!!\\
mal: so stay together with me, for the next 5, 10 years…\\ until I don’t become an adult…\\
mal: what’s wrong, titus?\\
ti: yes…\\
ti: I understand, I will wait for you…\\ even if it takes 5 or 10 years, I…\\
moga: what’s wrong? Why are you here so late in the night, titus?\\
ti: I…\\
ti: don’t want to die yet…!\\
inserted text: the shout coming from titus’ soul!!\\

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#1. by Torca ()
Posted on Nov 23, 2012
This chapter made me shed a tear .. and I only read your translation, I can't wait for scans.
#2. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Nov 23, 2012
things will probably get worse in the following chapters. There is an high probability they will begin to experiment on Titus...

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