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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 500

Battle 500: the war outbreak


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 500

Battle 500: the war outbreak\\
side text: they were supposed to enjoy their day off at the amusement park… but then yomi suddenly attacked!!\\
ken: berserker-san… why are you here?\\
ken: could it be…\\
text above: we arrived to the 500th chapter in a way or another!!!!!\\
ber: just as you guessed, I’m here to kill you.\\
rac: let’s put and end to our fight <3\\
ken: kuh… to think that the day I would fight against this person would come!!\\
renka: you finally show your true self, yankee.\\
ki: ah, it is just the midget?\\
ki: … you are full of killing intent.\\
text below: the unexpected outbreak of several simultaneous battles!!!!!!!\\
text above: train, fight and stand… first disciple\\
rimi: ri~mi\\
rimi: rimi rimi\\
take: let’s go!!\\
miu: yomi.\\
text below: shinpaku alliance VS. yomi\\
side text: the shinpaku alliance members are fighting against the yomi… nijima’s danger sensor activates loudly!!\\
box: danger sensor\\
niji: what!?\\
niji: y-you bastard, berserker, why are you here!?\\
niji: shit!\\
niji: dammit, to think that I would commit such an error, I was so surprised that I ignored my sensor reaction and shout!\\
ber: now that I remember it, I’m still indebted to you, alien.\\
niji: this is the second hole dug!!\\
niji: kyaaah~~\\
ken: niijima something is strange with this amusement park!! Go to warn the others!!\\
niji: ok!\\
ken: did you come here by your own initiative?\\
ber: yes and no.\\
ber: kensei-sama told us to swallow you up. But I came here by my own free will.\\
ken: did you learn martial arts from kensei!!?\\
ber: lugh already told you right? what I learnt were only training methods.\\
ber: my moves are…\\
ber: still self taught!!\\
ken: what incredible speed! If he would have attacked, then it would have been really bad for me!!\\
ber: let’s make this fair.\\
ber: the move attack is on you.\\
ken: what do you mean?\\
ber: I heard about your recent growth and fights while I was in yomi.\\
ber: but you didn’t get any more information about me from the last time we met, right?\\
ken: I didn’t expect…\\
ken: that you possessed such strong sense of duty!!\\
ber: hurry up and set up your seikuuken.\\
ber: slow starter.\\
ken: koooooh…\\
ken: he is coming to break my seikuuken by attacking head on!!?\\
ken: furthermore he is evading my attacks with his elbows and shoulders, while his hands are still in his pockets!\\
ken: dammit! There are places that you are cannot defend if you use just your elbows!\\
ken: cheryaah!!\\
ber: kafuh…\\
ken: he broke my seikuuken by attacking head on\\
ken: are you trying to say that you don’t need to remove your hands from your pockets in order to defeat me!?\\
ber: no…\\
ber: I just felt like it would be better if I left them in my pockets.\\
ken: uh!!\\
ken: I see!!\\
ken: by folding his elbows and shortening his reach, he created a small but powerful seikuuken!!\\
ken: and he smashed my seikuuken with it!!\\
ken: if this person was really able to it with just his intuition alone then…\\
ken: could all prodigies be damned~~~\\
ken: goah!!\\
ken: his attacks follow me smoothly because he is able to change them freely!! Is he also striking me thanks to his intuition alone!?\\
ber: it’s incredible after all.\\
ken: what are you\\talking\\about!?\\
ber: there is none in yomi capable of…\\
ber: avoiding completely my attacks to this extent.\\
ber: it was correct to choose you as my target after all, shirahama kenichi.\\
ber: I thought that I had to compete with the others, but… everyone seemed to already have their choice set.\\
ken: “the others…” so other members of the yomi are here after all!!?\\
ken: everyone!!\\
ber: that should be expected.\\
ber: today all of you…\\
ken: kuh.\\
ber: will die here.\\
box: his peculiar running style. He is laughing for no particular reason.\\
niji: were are you, my pawns? Come to protect me~~~\\
sieg: so it’s true, you are part of yomi…\\
sieg: tanimoto natsu!!\\
sieg: no hermit!!\\
sieg: and yet I said that you are a person who should be on our side.\\
sieg: fuuh…\\
sieg: I see.\\
sieg: if you are telling me that you will not learn unless we fight…\\
niji: he jumped from that stance!\\
sieg: I will make you into one of my comrades with brute force!!\\
niji: I thought this since a little while ago, but sieg becomes quite belligerent when it comes to persist…\\
niji: in what he thinks he is right.\\
sieg: I follow the principle that dull persuasion is useless against stubborn kids\\
tani: heh\\
niji: anyway I have to quickly find an underling that is free enough to protect me.\\
niji: uoh, fire!\\
renka: hey! To aim to my swimsuit is against the rules!!\\
rac: as a thank for the other time, I will undress you completely <3… it’s a real pity that there is no audience here.\\
niji: I cannot remain here, safety comes before of carnal desires.\\
niji: odin\\
near niji: *hurry*\\
kaname: shit!!\\
odin: what’s wrong? Could it be that you of all persons didn’t bring with you your staff?\\ well this was a date after all.\\
shira: guah!!\\
niji: shiratori!!?\\
shira: guh… commander nijima. Kisara-sama is…\\
chika: trash should just stand back.\\
ki: tch, just as I thought, I realized that you weren’t a normal person a lot of time ago, kushinada chikage!!\\
ki: you ruined our amusement park trip that I looked forward to so much!!\\
ki: don’t think that I will hold back but because you are a little girl!\\
ki: yomi!!\\
ki: tch, she is good.\\
niji: here is dangerous too.\\
take: all range punches!!\\
take: you are restless for someone who is not even able to see!\\
rimi: rimi!\\
rimi: rimi!\\
take: miu-chan\\
take: be careful!!\\
miu: yeah!\\
miu: yah!!\\
rimi: rimimimimimi!!\\
miu: she became remarkably faster than before!\\
miu: all of her attacks are heavy!! To think she would be able to overpower me!!\\
niji: there is no place to escape~~\\
rimi: I can do it!!\\
side text: the results due to kensei’s specialization training! What will do miu who is cornered in a defensive fight against rimi who obtained such a super power up? The extreme battles continue in the next issue!!\\

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