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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 165

Night 165: genesis

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Nov 30, 2012 19:27 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 165: genesis\\
side text: titus will finally… make everything clear!\\
ti: c-chancellor mogamett…\\
ti: I… am in a particular situation and I will not be able to live long…\\
ti: but… I don’t want to die…!\\
moga: titus…!?\\
moga: what’s wrong…? I noticed that something was wrong with you, but…\\
moga: could it be that you are affected by some kind of illness just like malga?\\
moga: in that case we will help you!\\
moga: in the case of magic for the sake of the people… for the sake of healing humans, then we continued researching it since long in the past.\\
ti: an “illness”\\ of the ”humans”…?\\
ti: then… probably it will not work on me…\\
ti: I’m not “ill”,\\ and I… not even “human”…\\
moga: …!?\\ what do you mean!?\\
ti: I’m…\\
ti: a doll created by Scheherazade-sama with magic…\\
ti: i-it’s so dark…\\
ti: what is… this place…?\\
sche: you are me and I am you.\\
sche: soon I will set you free in the world outside for the sake of the Laem empire…\\
ti: laem…\\
ti: em… pi… re…?\\
ti: I’m Scheherazade-sama’s clone, a fragment of her flesh and bones on which she poured magic for years.\\
ti: that’s who I am\\
ti: I can live in the “world outside” only for a tenth of the time she poured magic on me…\\
ti: for 14 years,\\ I continued to hear about the “world outside” while my consciousness was in the darkness.\\
ti: for all that time… I continued to yearn for the bright…\\
ti: “world outside”\\ which I knew about only because of the things I heard.\\
ti: but…\\
ti: I shouldn’t have come outside… to this…\\
ti: to this dazzling place…\\
ti: there was the sky,\\ I could breath air…\\
ti: I smiled,\\ I got angry,\\ sometimes they told me that they love me and even thanked me…\\
ti: for other boys it’s something normal, but for me is impossible.\\
ti: just… just another month and all of this will end…\\
ti: then why am I born in this world…!!?\\
moga: titus…!!\\
ti: s-sometimes I…\\
ti: envy aladdin, sphintus and malga.\\
moga: …? What do you mean?\\
moga: I envy them because they can live after my death.\\
ti: When they talk about what they will do after I will be dead… it becomes unbearable for me.\\
ti: why…?\\
ti: why…\\ I was the only one who is born in such a way…?\\
moga: !! this is bad!!\\
ti: I-I will not allow this…\\
ti: to think I would feel like this even towards the people who are supposed to be precious to me and towards Scheherazade-sama who is like a parent to me…\\
ti: I don’t want it, but I don’t have…\\
ti: any other choice!!\\
moga: titus!! Titus!!\\
moga: get an hold of yourself! There is no need to feel ashamed nor envious…!\\
moga: aladdin and the others will not blame you, they will want to help you instead!!\\
ti: my life…\\
ti: has no… worth…\\
moga: what is this boy…\\
moga: saying…!!\\
moga: anyway I have to make him calm down… his rukh are getting impure!\\
moga: what’s happening…!? The rukh inside of titus are simultaneously…\\
moga: titus… are you alright!?\\
ti: step back, elder from magnoshutat.\\
moga: who are you…?\\
sche: I’m… laem’s empire highest priest…\\
sche: Scheherazade.\\
moga: sheherazade, you say…!?\\
sche: I noticed that something…\\ was happening to his rukh, and I came out in order to see what it was…\\
sche: titus and I share the same rukh, in other words we are the same “life force”.\\
sche: I normally sense any abnormality in titus’s rukh…thus even for a little period of time I can align our consciousness in a single “vessel”…\\
moga: heh…\\ so the magi can even do such a thing, huh?\\
sche: lord matal mogamett…\\
sche: make magnoshutatt\\
sche: into a province of the laem empire.\\
moga: !?\\ what did you say!?\\
sche: no matter how you look at it, in the near future your country will only have two options.\\ one is to surrender to us, the laem empire…\\
sche: and the other one is…\\
sche: to become a vassal state of the kou empire\\
sche: and be involved in the war against the laem empire.\\
sche: you don’t have to worry… in laem the magician are not discriminated…\\ well then, take my hand… in order to survive.\\
moga: … no,\\
moga: I cannot live in a country ruled by the goi…\\ magicians can only live in a country made by magicians themselves.\\
sche: you look so foolish… do you really think that magnoshutatt, that doesn’t have any “metal vessel”, magi or divine protection can be a match against the kou empire and laem?\\
sche: haa… you don’t even consider it, huh…\\ anyway, I will not let you bring titus on such a path of self-destruction… I want you to return him to me…\\
sche: the people from laem have the destiny to rest on laem’s soil after all…\\
moga: no, I will not return him.\\
sche: … eh?\\
moga: such… young magicians crushed by sadness like him\\
moga: are the beings I decided to protect.\\
moga: I will not abandon this child…\\
moga: that’s the only meaning in my life.\\
sche: return titus to me…\\
moga: no!\\
sche: return him to me!!\\
sche: titus is exactly the same being as myself.\\
sche: do you understand what are you doing!?\\ lord mogamett from magnoshutatt!!\\
moga: yes, I understand!\\
moga: I will not give him back to you. Even if I will make the laem empire into my enemy!!\\
sche: I will remember…\\ those words!!\\
ti: what…\\
ti: what did you do…!!?\\
moga: all the magicians,\\ are like my own children!\\
ti: my life…\\
ti: has no… worth…\\
moga: so… don’t say those sad words anymore…\\
moga: titus!\\
inserted : his absolute love toward magicians!!\\
inserted text: urgent announcement\\
man: just a little more, esla!!\\
esla: I’m at my limit… dear…\\
man: what are you saying? This is our son we are talking about, don’t give up!!\\
esla: uh guuuh…\\
man: do your best… esla!!\\
woman: the head is coming out, it will be born soon!!\\
esla: uuuh!!\\
esla: aaaaaah!!\\
gyoku: I can feel it.\\
gyoku: something just happened…\\
moga: they are resonating.\\
moga: the rukh are resonating together with a great power!\\
sche: is born…\\
sche: something carrying a powerful strength in born in the northern lands!!\\
isnan: heheh… this is interesting.\\ to think that an human with such a strength would be born.\\
isnan: this is something that not even happens once every 1000 years, a real…\\ “miracle”.\\
isnan: I wonder…\\
isnan: what in the world this child will become\\
text: the miraculous child who carries and incredible power.\\
man: you did well esla.\\
man: it’s a spending boy.\\
text: his name is…\\
text: “sindbad”\\
text: the child who will become the high king of the 7 seas!!!!\\
text below: magi’s side story “sindbad’s adventures” ’s prototype\\
original story: ookata shinobu \ drawings: ootera yoshifumi\\
text: sindbad is 14 years old. His adventure in Baal’s dungeon will become a volume composed of more than 70 pages. The young eight generals will also make an appearance!! The volume will be enclosed with the first DVD-BD volume of magi’s anime!! It is a totally limited edition that you will not be able to obtain a second time. So be sure to reserve it!!\\

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