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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 501

Battle 501: everyone’s battle


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 501

Battle 501: everyone’s battle\\
inserted text: survive to the difficult battles of youth even if you provoked them!!\\
side text: the multiple battles between the shinpaku alliance and the yomi have began all at once! Miu is rimi’s opponent after she went under kensei’s specialization training, but…!?\\
take: honey!!\\
take: how is it going on your side!?\\
rimi: rimi!!\\
miu: not so bad!!\\
rimi: rimi!\\
miu: kuh!!\\
miu: not only her speed and her power have increased…\\
miu: but especially her moves have improved a lot!!\\
miu: even if she is a girl with more or less my age…\\
miu: she is a formidable opponent!!\\
rimi: what do you think of the power of a woman who have become stronger because of her tenacity in love!?\\
rimi: did you ever practice martial arts for the sake of love!?\\
rimi: today I will defeat you for sure!!\\
rimi: because ryuuto-sama is here as well!!\\
miu: kuh…\\
miu: what…?\\ asamiya ryuuto-san is here!?\\
rimi: don’t even dare to say his name!!\\
take: c-could it be that you are not the only two yomi here!?\\
lugh: you are correct.\\
take: what? He moved horizontally and jumped on me!!?\\
lugh: extreme rotation arm lock drop!!\\
take: that was dangerous!!\\
lugh currently, the seven yomi who were in stand by in Japan infiltrated into this place!!\\
miu: seven yomi!!?\\
ryu: could it be that you don’t have the staff with you right now?\\
ryu: you were called the third first, freya but… you have changed.\\
kaname: kuh!\\
ryu: did you fall in love or something?\\
uki: odin, why are you here? You bastard!! Leave freya alone!!\\
kaname: stop, ukita!!\\
uki: uoh!\\
uki: buha!\\
uki: shit, I cannot do anything alone!!\\
uki: everyone…\\
ryuu: wow… are you coming at me without a staff!?\\
kaname: fuh!!\\
ryuu: I see, you are using close range staff moves without a staff, right!?\\
kaname: this is a technique based on the staff-less secret principles of the kugatachi style’s joujitsu!! It’s a move used when we are attacked and we don’t have a staff with us!!\\
kaname: hah!\\
kaname: I can use the staff’s defensive and offensive techniques even unarmed!!\\
ryu: nonetheless, the two of us are not in our respective best condition right now.\\
kaname: yaah!!\\
ryu: what about…\\
ryu: stopping now and talk for a bit?\\
kana: guh…\\
ryuu: sorry, this quite a violent way of holding you down\\
kaname: kuh…\\
ryu: but as I know your personality, I don’t dare to risk to be exposed to the danger of a counter attack because I held you down with an half assed move.\\
kaname: uh~~~\\
kaname: t-talk you say!? I already clearly refused to become one of the yomi!!\\
ryu: you are wrong, things already passed that stage.\\
ryu: tonight you will all be obliterated as food for yomi’s growth.\\
ryu: and after this the yomi…\\
ryu: will be thrown into the eternal sunset as young soldiers!!\\
rimi: naah!!\\
rimi: teyah!!\\
rimi: what’s wrong, furinji! You are just defending.\\
rimi: could it be that you are not even able to follow rimi’s speed anymore?\\
miu: now I will release the limit on my martial arts completely.\\
miu: stop bluffing, you liar!!\\
take: fiuuuh…\\
rimi: kyah!\\
rimi: uooh, I lowered my guard…\\
rimi: what happened, her moves became sharper all of the sudden?\\
rimi: uh…\\
miu: since the time I went on a travel around the world, I adjust the level of my martial arts according to the level of my opponents, that is I fight differently if I’m against a strong fighter or just street delinquents. Otherwise things would end up into a disaster.\\
miu: therefore it took me a little of time to regulate my strength…\\
miu: against an opponent who has the appearance of a young girl, but is a strong opponent inside.\\
miu: if she is so strong, I will have to fight her will at my maximum level.\\
rimi: heh, I will smash that arrogant nose of yours…\\
rimi: in front of ryuuto-sama~~~\\
miu: and above all, recently I received a power up in a foreign country against my own will…\\
miu: and because of that I have to be careful about my strength output lately!!\\
rimi: t-this bitch, rimi thought that she was hiding something since the time we fought before the training, but…\\
rimi: I will not win this fight with orthodox methods after all!!\\
rimi: I have to remove these golden shoes immediately and fight her…\\
rimi: this time naked rimi…\\
rimi: is really incredible~~ <3\\
rimi: let’s go!!\\
rimi: shin genya no tsubame (true phantom night of the swallow)!!!\\
miu: ah, golden shoes <3\\
miu: wait~~\\
side text: even if miu’s attention is monopolized the gold, her limitless death match against rimi, is still in the early stages. In the next issue things will accelerate even more!!

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