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Buyuden 82

Chapter 82: kure’s will

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 4, 2012 12:42 | Go to Buyuden

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Chapter 82: kure’s will\\
inserted text: snow is falling down. That time of the year is coming again.\\
side text: watari regained his passion for boxing, but…\\
on the sign: orphanage\medaka home\\
mama: what? Are you not eating your breakfast this morning as well, watari-kun!?\\
wata: yes, I don’t need it.\\
wata: my stomach will hurt if I eat before running.\\
wata: I will buy something on the way and eat it at school.\\
mama: you idiot, in that case take this.\\
mama: I made some rice balls for you.\\ if you buy things to eat everyday, you will end up without money, right?\\
papa: what happened? Watari woke up quite early in the morning.\\
papa: did something happen?\\
mama: yes.\\
mama: it seems that he started practicing boxing once again.\\
papa: eh!? Really!!?\\
wata: I will get them back…\\
wata: I don’t know to what extent I will be able to run after isamu, but…\\
wata: but I will get back the three years I lost for sure!!\\
mito: ta-daan!\\
take: w-what the hell is that…!?\\
wata: could it be a sand bag!?\\
mito: right answer!\\
mito: we made it by borrowing an unused mat in the gym’s warehouse.\\ kaname-san helped me.\\
take: wow.\\
moka: it doesn’t work well if there isn’t someone who sustain it from behind like this, but…\\
moka: watari-kun, try to strike it for a bit.\\
wata: ok!\\
wata: ha ha, this is not bad.\\
wata: it’s good substitute for a sandbag!\\
mito: I’m so glad, right now I’m searching for a proper training place indoor, but maybe it will still take a little of time, so…\\ I thought that I could devise something for you for the time being…\\
mito: ah, by the way, what about azuma-kun and kure-kun?\\
moka: ah yes, they are over there doing basic training.\\
mito: heh, they are doing their best.\\
mito: well then, I’m going around to do other several errands for the club and then I will come back,\\ see you later.\\
moka: ok\\
kure: haa\\haa\\
kure: haa\\haa\\
moka: is something wrong, kure-kun!?\\
kure: I-I’m just resting for a bit…\\
kure: both my shoulders and my back hurts, so I cannot rise my arms anymore…\\
moka: ah, yes, ok.\\ you should do things with your own pace.\\ if you overwork, you could ruin your physical form instead or improving it.\\
azu: I did it!\\
azu: it burst!!\\
moka: wow, incredible!\\
azu: ok, what I have to do next!?\\
azu: train for straight punches!? Or for hooks!?\\
moka: just do the same thing again.\\
azu: what the hell, I made it burst!!\\ do I have to do it again!!?\\
moka: you still have to train. It burst only because the gum was deteriorated.\\ in order to make you remember the stance with your body, you have to do it for another week.\\
take: hey, moka\\
take: I want to strike the bag too, so come to hold it for me.\\
moka: ah, ok.\\
azu: h-hey!!\\
azu: come here!\\
azu: the midget collapsed!!\\
moka: eh!?\\
on the sign: infirmary\\
moka: k-kure-kun!!\\
moka: w-what happened, sensei!?\\
doc: he only had a light heatstroke because of lack of sleep and fatigue.\\
doc: he also regained consciousness, so there is no need to worry.\\
moka: I-I see.\\
doc: if he rests for the time being, he should be alright.\\
take: why do you have a lack of sleep?\\
kure: everyday I’m so exhausted because of the club activities that every night I collapse on the bed\\
kure: I just cannot sleep because my muscles hurt…\\
kure: especially my left shoulder hurts since I started practicing the jab.\\
kure: maybe you will laugh about it, but…\\ differently from you, I almost never practiced a sport in my entire life…\\
moka: sorry, kure-kun…\\
moka: we… didn’t have enough members for the club…\\
moka: so we obviously started from recruiting you because you are from our same class, but…\\
moka: I wonder if we forced you do to something that you didn’t like after all…\\
kure: I’m not cut for boxing…\\
moka: … t-then you shouldn’t force yourself…!!\\ why didn’t you tell us this earlier…?\\
kure: but, in that case we wouldn’t become friends, right…?\\
moka: eh…?\\
kure: If I quit the club, I would become just a classmate to you, right?\\
kure: I didn’t have a lot of real friends until now…\\
kure: and I wanted the two of you to become close friends with me.\\
kure: the two of you did a lot of good things for me…\\
kure: and even if I didn’t have all this interest in boxing, I thought that I could help you and decided to cooperate…\\
kure: but in the end, I will just become a burden, so it better if I quit after all…\\
kure: also I’m not even able to keep the pace with everyone else’s training…\\
kure: in the first place, boxing is too much for someone like me who is bad when it comes to sports…\\
take: you idiot, it doesn’t matter if you are a burden to us or not.\\
take: what matters is that you want to make friends and be part of a club.\\
take: plus, you just started boxing, so it’s too soon to say that you are not cut for it.\\
kure: so can I still be part of the club…?\\
moka: sure.\\
moka: we are friends after all\\
side text: to take a step forward is more important than thinking about a reason to continue. Even without being impatient it is possible to form bonds and accumulate experience little by little!\\

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