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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 166

Night 166: before the beginning of the war

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 8, 2012 12:42 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 166: before the beginning of the war\\
Inserted text: this morning a war cry echoes in the air!\\
Box: magnoshutatt academy\\
Moga: I will start from the end.\\
Moga: magnoshutatt will wage war against the laem empire!\\
mage: what do you mean…!?\\
box: the previous night, chancellor’s room\\
moga: everything is as I told you, aladdin.\\
al: titus-kun… that’s impossible…!!\\
moga: returning titus is just as a simple pretext for Scheherazade.\\
moga: She is focused on the kou empire that is beyond magnshutatt. I tried to talk with her and confirmed that.\\
moga: it’s fine if you choose to follow kou or laem…\\
moga: or to leave magnoshutatt that will be swallowed by the war. Tomorrow morning I intend to say the same things to everyone.\\
moga: but before that, aladdin…\\
moga: there is something you want to ask me in private.\\ right?\\
al: chancellor…\\
al: who taught you about the was to create the “black djinn”?\\
al: are you allied with “al-samen”!?\\
moga: oh… aladdin…\\
moga: do you know isnan too?\\
al: isnan!!?\\
moga: 12 years ago, when we were preparing for the revolution and gathering magicians from foreign countries,\\
moga: isnan and his group appeared in front of us.\\
moga: we shared the same ideas…\\
isnan: the goi who are unfairly ruling the world, will not make it evolve.\\
moga: I agree.\\
isnan: lord mogamett… if you have the will of the revolution then…\\
isnan: we will offer you “knowledge ”.\\
moga: and from that moment we heard about a lot of things. About the dungeon that give to the goi the power to become kings,\\
moga: about the “magic items”, the “djinn” and the “metal vessels” resting in those places…\\
moga: we collaborated with the isnans and advanced in our researchs.\\ in order to give birth to a power that could oppose to the kings of the goi.\\
moga: that’s right, I’m talking about the “black metal vessel”\\
moga: that entraps the power of the “black rukh” and the “black djinn”.\\
al: !!? you and isnan created the “black metal vessel”!!?\\
moga: yes.\\
al: so magnoshutatt and “al-samen” are allies after all…!!\\
moga: but we cut our relationship with the isnan and his group.\\
moga: isnan, of all things, distributed those black metal vessels among his goi subordinates.\\ I couldn’t allow such a thing. I also came to know that mustashim’s princess was secretly among them.\\
moga: I cannot give a goi the power to become a king, no matter who he is…\\
al: that’s why you cut the relations with them… but in the past you were allies.\\ and now it is different, right?\\
moga: we are not enemies… but the agreements we had several years ago were broken and they left. They didn’t contact us since then.\\
moga: were you concerned only about that?\\
al: why did you give the “magic items” to thieves?\\
moga: we sold them. I’m considering, in the near future, to mass produce magic items and sell them to other countries to obtain funds.\\
moga: I just gave those prototypes among the inferior goods as a trial runs for those who wanted them.\\
al: because of that…\\
al: a lot of people are being hurt. But I’m sure that you would say that it doesn’t concern you, because they are not magicians…\\
moga: the ones I want to protect are the magicians.\\
moga: not the goi.\\
al: chancellor you are a suitable king.\\
al: but only for the magicians!\\
moga: you are a magician too.\\
moga: aladdin!\\
noga: you, titus, Irene, Myers,\\
moga: I worry for all the magicians, and…\\ I would never lie to them!\\
moga: I want to protect this country.\\
moga: and in order to do that, I want you to lend me your power, aladdin…\\
moga: please…\\
mage: … I will fight for the sake of this country…\\
mage: if we yield this place to foreign countries… then there would not have been any meaning in causing the rebellion during rule of the mustashim king… I would not be able to apologize to all those people who died then.\\
girl: me too…\\
girl: I searched for a place where to live in peace, if we yield this country, there will have been no meaning in abandoning my home town together with my family…!\\
?: that’s right…\\
mage: we are the only ones who can protect our families…\\ I want a country for magicians…\\
mage: I want a country for magicians.\\
mages: we want a country for magicians!\\
ti: because of me, magnoshutatt will…\\
ti: I’m so sorry…!\\
my: what are you talking about, titus?\\
my: this is not happening because of you. We will help you for sure and not forsake you!\\
ti: it’s impossible… you cannot win against laem, lower you staves, please…!!\\
moga: ? what are you so afraid of, titus?\\
ti: I’m afraid of the king vessels in laem…\\
ti: the three metal vessel users… that scheheraze-sama chose…!!\\
box: laem empire\\
box: capital: Leman*\\
TLN: I don’t know, maybe “Reman” is better, I will talk with my checkers and decide\\
?: a war, huh…\\
box: the son of the current emperor of laem\ conqueror of the 44th dungeon “shax”\ Nerva Julius karuades\\
nerva: eheh… that’s should be obvious.\\
nerva: we cannot avoid the war against the kou empire. Laem’s territory will expand even more\\
box: laem empire’s army supreme commander\ conqueror of the 20th dungeon “purson”\ Ignatius Alexius\\
sche: before that… we have to get back titus…\\
sche: that boy is a member of the laem empire…\\
nerva&ign: yes!!\\
muh: in that case we will sweep away the enemy’s lines.\\
muh: leave it to us…\\
sche: I’m relying on you…\\
sche: mu…\\
nerva: heh! The slave protégés from the alexius family huh… so filthy!\\
bear: gauh\\
nerva: hiih!?\\
bear: heh, there no need to be scared, little boy. Some filthy former slaves are not a match for you…\\
nerva: nuuuh…!!\\
girl: hey! Stop such savage behaviour. You will only lower my older brother’s dignity!\\
Muh: ok, ok, get along well!!\\
Muh: you guys… should behave smartly in times like this! I always say you to behave with courtesy, right?\\
Fanalis: yeah…\\
box: member of the “fanalis corps”\ rohroh\\
roh: but captain! We have sworn loyalty to you,\\
roh: not to Scheherazade-sama!\\
roh: if you didn’t search for us around the world, we would all just be slaves.\\
box: member of the “fanalis corps”\ myuron alexius (mu alexius’ little sister)\\
my: don’t confuse me nor my brother with you.\\ we were accepted in the alexius family and their blood flows in out veins.\\
muh: well actually, I searched for you under the name of the alexius family…\\ and that happened because of the authority of his majesty and scherazade-sama.\\
roh: well, if you say that, then…\\
fanalis: we will fight and make anyone prostrate!\\
fanalis: in front of him majesty, the emperor of laem*!\\
TLN: here it actually says “kou”, but it didn’t make any sense, so it is probably just a typo\\
Muh: for the laem empire!!\\
Box: laem empire “fanalis corps” captain\ conqueror of the 8th dungeon “barbatos”\ muh alexius\\
Inserted text: laem’s empire strongest warriors are marching on magnoshutatt!!\\
white text in black: “Sinbad and the 8 generals” ~preview~\\
girl: welcome!\\ I’m the one who gives you information about magi, isshiki miho.\\
miho: this time, as special celebration of the 2 volume of the BD/DVM\\
miho: I thought about giving you the information\\ on the “sindria kingdom dram CD”\\
miho: let’s see\\ the story of the night before king Sinbad, masmur-sana and ja’far-san…\\
miho: would depart for balbadd..\\
miho: what really happened, ja’far-san?\\
ja: yes, I’m writing a complete report about that matter.\\
miho: you seem to be quite tired.\\
sfx: steps\\
ja: that’s not true\\
near ja: why are you following me?\\
mas: are you alright, jafar-san?\\
near mas: who is that person?\\
ja: masmur…\\
miho: masmur-san you are really tall now that I see you so closely\\
near miho: 195 cm are around 2 meters\\
miho: well then let’s take a peek to the content of the drama CD for a bit!\\
box: my name is ja’far.\\
box: I’m in charge for sindria kingdom’s government affairs.\\
ja: geez… the other time the king became drunk because of his problems with women\\ and he is guilty of damage to property…\\
near ja: I have to put things in order well otherwise…\\
box: the problems that troubles me are for the major part the consequences of my king’s mistakes…\\
ja: I have to do my best for the kingdom’s peace.\\
shark: wait!! Masmur!!!\\
mas: help me, ja’far-san.\\
ja: what happened, masrur?\\
mas: sharrakan-senpai is pestering me.\\
shar: what!? You are the one who make a fool out of me!!\\
shar: ja’far-san this guy is terrible!! Even if he enjoys to train with the sword together with the king…\\
shar: he never fights once against me!\\
shar: he says that he would not be a match for me…\\
shar: I’m called the master fencer of this country, do you know that!?\\
ja: ok, I understand…\\
ja: sharrakan. You are the senior here, so have patience.\\
shar: what!?\\
shar: that’s mean…\\
miho: I see!\\
shar: are showing just that!!?\\
shar: that’s not even the complete beginning of the story…\ in that way no one will understand.\\
miho: sharrkan-san.\\
shar: in this way the most important part, how we 8 generals set up the plan in order to soothe ja’far-san’s fatigue\\ will not be conveyed to the reader…\\
miho: I see, so the story will develop like that!\\
shar: aah, I ended up explaining here everything.\\
miho: I really looking forward how this will be connected… to balbard!\\
pisti: the king and the 8 generals will all make an appearance!\\
miho: pisti-san.\\
pisti: and then this and that happen…\\
miho: incredible. How did you get all this information…?\\
near pisti: I have a lot of sources for my information.\\
near miho: that’s something really difficult…\\
miho: there are a lot of other things together with the second volume of the BD/DVD!\\
near shar: I never look cool\\
near mas: well no biggie\\
near ja: work, work\\
pisti: on sales the 2/6/2012!! Look forward to it!\\

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#1. by Raigerzero ()
Posted on Dec 13, 2012
I am a latecomer to this series, but I want to make some corrections to the translations of some names.

"Magnoshutatt" should be Magnostadt (from corrupted Latin "Magnus" meaning "great and German "Stadt" meaning "city".

"Al-Sarmen" should be Al-Tha(a)men (corruption of the Arabic word الثامِن Al-Thaamin, meaning "The Eighth", or the Arabic word ثَمانِية Thamaaniya, meaning "Eight", perhaps referring to their symbol, the 8-pointed sun and octagram).

"Mustashim" should be Musta'sim (reference to Al-Musta'sim Billah, the last Abbasid Caliph of Baghdad - from Arabic مُستَعصِم Musta3ṣim (also written as "Musta'sim" in more common, but less precise transcription), an adjective describing one whom exercises restraint in face of temptation.

"Laem" being translated as "Raem" is probably a better choice since it sounds more like the word "Rome", which it appears to have been based on.

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