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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 167

Night 167: war cry

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 21, 2012 19:01 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Reserved for sense

Night 167: war cry\\
side text: another great country is on the move!!\\
box; tenzan plateau\\
guard: we have received a message from your subordinates in magnoshutatt. It seems that laem is invading magnoshutatt\\
ha: how absurd…\\
ha: that place doesn’t belong to laem.\\ it belongs to my brother.\\
guard: are you going to do something about it?\\
guard: kouha-sama…\\
ha: you can bet on it…\\
the war starts! Don’t turn away you eyes for even a week!!\ because this is the most majestic shonen manga in history about swords magic and superpowers\\
box: magnoshutatt\ academic city\\
people: a war against the laem empire you say!? Why did they decide to do such a reckless thing!!? Let me escape!! Let me escape from this country!!\\
guard: c-calm down!! In the past, when partebia’s great army invaded us, the magicians drove them away, remember!!?\\
woman: t-that’s why… I’m sure that the lord magicians will do something about this war too…!!\\
box: magnoshutatt academy…\\
student: no… this is unreasonable…\\
student: according to information we have, it would not be strange if not only laem, but also the kou empire attacks us…\\
student: what… should we do?\\
student: I will run away… I don’t have the duty to die together with this country!\\
student: but… are you sure that it’s the right thing to do…? If there will be a war… t-the professors… and the people from this country… will all die, right…!?\\
student: it’s true but, what should we do then!?\\
al: … what will you do, sphintus-kun?\\
sp: … I…\\
Irene: calm down…\\
Students: the professors!\\
Irene: you shouldn’t be afraid of the laem and the kou empire to that extent.\\
Irene: we stored a lot of “power” in order to defeat those arrogant goi kings…\\
Sp: “power”…?\\ w-why the high class magicians have such a composure!?\\
Al: “power”…?\\
Irene: “ and then we finally created it”\\”a power capable of opposing to the goi kings…”\\
student: y-you… why are you dressed like that?\\
al: ah…!\\
al: titus-kun…\\
ti: I became one of this country’s high class magicians.\\
ti: and... I cannot communicate with laem anymore.\\
al: you know… the chancellor told us everything.\\
al: that you were probably troubled by something…\\
sp: he said…\\
sp: that you completely changed sides… is that true…?\\
al: will you fight together with the people of magnoshutatt?\\
al: will you also fight against…\\
al: Scheherazade-san?\\
ti: yeah… I will fight… I don’t want to die, you know.\\
ti: you scorn me now, right…?\\
ti: … I was really wrong…\\
ti: when I said that we are similar…\\
ti: I could not become like you…\\
ti: no matter how many times I said to myself that it was for the laem empire’s sake…\\
ti: I could only think about myself…\\
al: I do what I do for my own sake as well.\\
al: we…\\
al: are born in this world…\\
al: and then meet people dear to us. We don’t do what we do only because of the duty that was bestowed upon us.\\ but also because we came to love this world.\\
al: that’s why…\\
al: I will fight will all my strength…\\
al: until my life is totally consumed,\\
al: for the wishes that the others entrusted to me!\\
ti: aladdin… who in the world… are you… !!?\\
al: well… however I’m not that inclined to fight against the laem empire.\
al: they are not the real threat here…\\
sp&ti: real threat??\\
al: the source of that threat is probably dormant somewhere in this city…\\
al: and I will stop it.\\
moga: the magoi that dwells…\\
moga: in your bodies…\\
moga: cannot continue to abandon itself\\ to the unreasonable flow of this world…\\
moga: decided by someone we don’t even know anything about!\\
moga: probably, if our will falls apart now,\\ the magicians will be pushed down in the darkness of history for the next 1000 years once again.\\
moga: in order to not lose sight of the true meaning of being born as magicians... in order to not let the sadness of our history repeat once again, in order to not disappear from this world...\\
moga: don’t let your flames go out!!!\\
moga: and grab you staves!!\\
moga: in order to protect the “magicians’ country”…\\
moga: stand up!\\
moga: magicians of magnoshutatt!!!!\\
box: the number of magicians employed in this war is less than 1000 people. Even by including the ordinary soldiers, magnoshutatt’s military forces slightly exceeds the 30000 units.\\
box: at this time no one outside magnoshutatt would ever consider that such a minuscule country would be a match for the powerful laem and kou empires\\
box: also…\\
roh: captain mu! Let’s hurry up and go to swim! Or at least let me row this slow and sluggish ship in order to get to that place called magno-whatever. I don’t feel well if I don’t move for a bit!\\
muron: I would prefer that you refrain from saying such dumb things.\\ Do you even know how many miles is magnoshutatt away from here?\\ despite being fanalis, only the “pure bloods” have that brute physical strength…\\
roh: every single one of these fucking intelligentsia fanalis piss me off!!\\
mu: come on get along well!!\\
muron: don’t touch me!! you muscle-brain fanalis!!\\ you shaggy beard*!!\\
TLN: I think this is rohroh’s nickname…\\
Roh: ah!!?\\
Fana: captain!\\
Muron: brother!!\\
??: are you alright?\\
mu: ah, it’s you! You saw such a shameful scene. I cannot compete in raw strength with the majority my unit’s members, because I’m not a pure blood.\\
fana: are you alright, captain!\\
??: wow, so that’s how it is, huh…\\
roh: sorry captain.\\
fana: the captain was sent flying again!\\
muron eh? Now that I think about it, why is that guy coming with un in this war?\\
roh: I heard that he asked captain mu to come along with us…\\
roh: I had to admit that his performance in the coliseum were not bad. He was even able to draw blood from the captain in a sword fight.\\
roh: it seems that the captain has a high opinion of his strength and listened to his request…\\
roh: they say that one of his best friends is in magnoshutatt.\\
ali: are you doing well… aladdin?\\
box: laem empire army’s guest\\ balbadd kingdom’s former third prince\\ Alibaba saluja\\
inserted text: a-a-a…….a!!\\

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