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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 503

Battle 503: in order to be loved


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 503

Battle 503: in order to be loved\\
Side text: rimi is having an equal fight with miu… but she suddenly declares her victory!! What are the bases for such announcement!?\\
Miu: you say that this is my loss?\\
Miu: that’s inexcusable…\\
Miu: although, since childhood I lived in the world of martial arts…\\
Miu: and this is the first time I felt such strength from a girl who is around my age.\\
Rimi: according to what they told me in yomi, you went in a journey around the world learning martial arts, right? that’s an astonishing thing after all.\\
Rimi: but…\\
rimi: have you ever thought about selling your own soul in order to obtain power for the sake of the person you love?\\
rimi: rimi!\\
fodder: impossible, to think that our leader, Chronos, would be defeated…!\\
fodder: atalanta… I thought that she was just an airhead with speed, and yet…\\
rimi: rimi is the strongest!!\\
rimi: with this rimi is the leader of the titans!\\
fodder: are you ok with that?\\
fodder: well she is strong, but… I don’t like her that much.\\
rimi: what? Rimi feels some kind of unrest.\\
fodder: no matter how strong she is, if we take courage a little girl like her will not…\\
fodder: ok, the one who defeats her becomes the new leader!\\
fodder: she is already weakened from her fight against chromos, now it is our chance!\\
rimi: urgh, my body feels heavy, they will defeat me!\\
odin: you stupid weaklings…\\
odin: you take heart only when you are in numerical superiority.\\
fodder: guah!\\
fidder: gubuh!\\
rimi: incredible…\\
rimi: d-did you come here to save me?\\
odin: no, I did an unnecessary thing, you would have won anyway.\\
odin: but if you suffered an injury that you would have not been able to completely heal because of this, things would not get interesting.\\
odin: you are strong.\\
odin: and I like strong people.\\
rimi: after that I knew that he was odin, the first fist of team ragnarok…\\
rimi: and I continued to put my efforts to become stronger.\\
rimi: for when I would meet his again…\\
rimi: in order to be loved by him!\\
rimi: ryuuto-sama loves strong girls…\\
rimi: so there must not be any girl stronger than rimi.\\
rimi: rimi, if it is for the sake of obtaining a great strength, is willing to take great risks…\\
rimi: any risks!!\\
miu: impossible, did she already master the ki of do release at her age!?\\
elder: using it halfway is not enough, you must release it with more resolution.\\
elder: but with your own pace~~\\
miu: the ki of do… an explosive and destructive ki just like the ones I saw in apachai-san and sakaki-san…\\
big kanji: do\\
miu: even a single mistake is dangerous. It’s a ki difficult to control…\\
rimi: heheh… but it seems that your procrastination of the control of your own ki of do…\\
rimi: will be the reason of your defeat!\\
kanji: do\\
rimi: rimi will kill you and become a woman stronger than furinji miu!!\\
ken: guh…\\
ken: ooooh!!\\
ken: sei!!\\
ber: you clearly have muscles thinner than mine and yet, this power…\\
ber: what the hell are you hiding into your own flesh?\\
aki: this is a secret way of strengthening muscles that I personally developed.\\
aki: it takes the good characteristics of the red muscles and the white muscles, without making anything go to waste… they are really strong.\\
ken: t-that a secret~~~~\\
val: there is no one here after all, captain thor!\\
thor: indeed… not even the workers are here.\\
thor: d-dosukoi!!\\ what, fire!? Is someone there!?\\
niji: this is a general attack from yomi, thor!!\\
thor: what!!?\\
niji: all the other captains except you have been challenged by yomi!\\ protect me, t-thor!!\\
thor: e-everyone except me!?\\
thor: ouch!!\\
niji: ah, the shoulder that lugh dislocated!!?\\
thor: ah… impossible… could it be that the reason why I’m not one of their targets…\\ is because I have a severe injury on one of my arms?\\
niji: that’s a possibility, considering that we are talking about yomi here.\\
flag guy: guwaah we are in troubles!\\
val: is freya-sama alright!? Where is she now!? General commander!!\\
niji: calm down you bastards!!\\
val: kyaah, hey…\\
niji: for the time being let’s gather the residuals of our military forces!!\\
niji: all hands, take the battle formation!!\\
everyone: shi-\\
everyone: shinpaku\\
niji: with the power of my words, I will make them forget that I was panicking too, niijima style: responsibility shifting art.\\
miu: so fast…\\
miu: but, I can dodge them!\\
miu: if I follow the surges of her ki…\\
miu: uh!!?\\
rimi: ogata style: hakudageki jin (white strike formation)!!!!\\
miu: what!? This strike is so heavy, I cannot repel it!\\
miu: kuh!\\
miu: if I suffer a direct it, it will be dangerous!\\
miu: t-these strikes are like…\\
saka: the strikes that have your ki and blood in them are made of steel!!\\
apa: that’s right, at the end is the ki to decide the outcome of a battle\\
miu: that’s dangerous, stop!!\\
rimi: too swallow~~~!!\\
miu: I cannot repel them with my strength… but with my ki!\\
rimi: this is rimi’s victory~~~\\
inserted text: miu has been sank…!? Tension rises in the next issue!!\\

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