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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 168

Night 168: guardian deities

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 5, 2013 15:33 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Reserved for Sense

Night 168: guardian deities\\
inserted text: the Laem empire draws near!!\\
box: magnoushutatt westernmost part (aktia’s territorial waters)\\
centurion: so this is magnoshutatt, huh…\\
centurion: it is such an incredibly small,\\
centurion: and pathetic country…\\
box: at the same time, Laem empire’s capital, Remano\\
sche: tell this to the magicians of magnoshutastt!!!!\\
sche: I am laem empire’s highest priest, Scheherazade.\\
sche: lord matal mogamett from your country revealed his intention to start a war against us, the laem empire…\\ he also smuggled magical items in our territory, and took a son of the Alexius family as hostage…\\
sche: this is the last warning.\\
sche: if you want to avoid the war, drop you staves and surrender to us!!\\
inserted text: Laem’s army’s invasion!\\
ti: Scheherazade-sama…\\
ti: I’m not an hostage!\\
moga: surrender you say?\\
moga: you already know our answer…\\
Irene: come if you want.\\
Irene: you arrogant invaders\\
Ma: I will kick you ass!\\
Soldiers: eeh…\\
Soldiers: eeek…!!\\
Sche: all troops…\\
sche: begin the assault!!!!\\
al: … it has began…!!\\
sp: what? Are you referring to the war!? Hey aladdin… shouldn’t we go to help titus and the others after all…!!?\\
al: but…\\ I’m the only one who can stop the chancellor’s “power”.\\
sp: what the hell are you talking about!?\\
al: if I don’t stop it…\\
al: everyone will die.\\
legion: uoooh!\\
legion: guah!\\
legion: guh!\\
legion: stop, don’t go forward… what the hell is this!!?\\
moga: it is a bolg barrier.\\
moga: the academic city is at the centre of three strong barriers.\\
box1: 1st defensive barrier\\
box2: 2nd defensive barrier\\
box3: 3rd defensive barrier\\
center box: magnoshutatt academy city\\
moga: the academy city is the core of this country, and it houses the majority of population within magnoshutatt’s territory…\\ I will not let you get there.\\
sche: destroy it with brute strength!! The bolg is not invincible!!\\
soldier: uh…\\
soldier: uwaaah…!!\\
soldier: hahaha, it’s working!!\\
soldier: we will slaughter the remnants of mustashim with laem’s long spears!!\\
soldiers: uuuh!\\
legion: !?\\ w-who the hell are they!!?\\
soldier: aaah!!\\
soldiers: l-lord magicians…\\
centurion: d-don’t falter, it’s only deception!! Naturally magic users are not supposed to have such a high fighting strength!! At most they can do things like floating a little in the air or produce rain…\\
legion: c-captain!!\\
centurion: eh!?\\
cen: w-what…!!??\\
beard: *smirk*\\
beard: ara radon(floating rock impact)\\
legion: gyaah!\\
legion: uaaah!!\\
legion: rain…?\\
sfx: juuuu\\
sfx: juuuu\\
legion: eeek!!\\
legion: guah!\\
legion: gyaah\\
legion: gyaaah!!\\
legion: uwaaaah!!\\
Irene: sharal merua (acid rain)\\
ma: we will become the shield that will protect everything in this country…\\
centurion: aaaah!!?\\
ma: that’s…\\
ma: the meaning behind magnoshutatt’s magicians’s existence!!!\\
legion: gyaaah!!\\
legion: uwaaah!!!\\
legion: t-they are so strong… who the hell are they!!??\\
moga: they are magnoshutatt’s “high class magicians”…\\
moga: the guardian deities of this country.\\
moga: an entire company of soldiers is inferior to even a single one of them… since their birth, they received from the rukh a great quantity of magoi that dwells in their body…\\
moga: and above all, for many years they spent their days and nights on magic research, unveiling the truth about magic…\\ they are able to release their power with the utmost efficiency and to put together ceremonial orders with the highest speed.\\
moga: they will not let you go any further.\\
moga: plus… you can use your Laem’s spears as much as you want, but you will not be able to open even a crack in the barrier…\\
moga: this war is overwhelmingly unfavourable for Laem.\\
moga: the barrier is unbreakable… and the source of its power is…\\
moga: the great quantity of magoi that is perpetually created inside of the academic city!\\
moga: furthermore, in magnoshutatt we have all the water and food we need…\\ as long as we have the magoi, it is possible to self-sustain ourselves eternally!\\
moga: I we didn’t think that… we could escape from laem and the kou empire.\\
moga: the war between those two great empire is fated to happen in this era…\\
moga: however, we will not surrender to such a fate!\\
moga: the magician country will continue to exist here for eternity!\\
moga: pitiful soldiers of laem, you will not know what to do and just exhaust yourselves…\\
moga: and then you can just go back to your country, after this age made fun of you and get intoxicated by the war…\\
centurion: such a impenetrable stronghold… how will we be able to make it fall?\\
sche: it will fall.\\
inserted text: Scheherazade is smiling…\\

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#1. by Aqouze ()
Posted on Jan 6, 2013
really thank for fast translation.

i'm dying to see how al gonna show his power as magi to everyone now.

may be few chapters more.
#2. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Jan 6, 2013
Probably aladdin will show his power when they will be on the verge of releasing the "power" that is after reim destroys at least 2 barriers and probably after kou joins the fry, so it will probably take more than a few chapters.

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