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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 169

Night 169: the power of the people

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 13, 2013 11:50 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 169: the power of the people\\
inserted text: the strongest empire in the world…!!\\
box: the “Reim empire”, the supreme ruler of the western continent, was established 730 years ago by the emperor Remus and under the rule of emperor Pherdinaus* 211 years ago, it reached its maximum expansion.\\
TLN: maybe Phernandus or fernandus is better, I will consult with my checkers and decide\\
box: if we exclude the great kouga empire, which existence is close to that of a legend, reim is the “strongest and largest country” that continued to exist in the recorded history of the world.\\
box: even the strong partebia empire, that opposed to reim in the past, was forced to yield some parts of its territory.\\
box: and now Reim’s soldiers and\\
box: their countless spears \\
box: are stopped by an invisible and thin protective wall made of magic.\\
box: and they are not even able to make one single step forward.\\
legion: guahh!\\
legion: uoooh…\\
cen: advance!!!\\
side text: this is an hard fight for reim’s army!\\
legio: this is impossible… the great power of reim is…\\
legio: being stopped by just a barrier made by magicians…!?\\
legio: guwaaah!!\\
sol: lord magician!\\
mage: you soldiers must remain inside of the barrier! We will defend this place!\\
cen: why are you protecting them!? Wasn’t Magnostadt supposed to be a country where the magicians discriminate against the goi and abuse them?\\
moga: you are wrong. They are people of Magnostadt too.\\
moga: in a magician country, the magicians protect all the lives of the people in that country in exchange for the power of administering everything!! And we are standing there with that determination!\\
myers: we will not let you…\\
myers: lay a single finger on our soldiers!!\\
sol: lord magicians!!\\ lord magicians!!\\
sol: lord magicians!!\\ lord magicians!!\\
sol: lord magicians!!\\ lord magicians!!\\
sche: magicians, magicians, magicians…\\
sche: that’s right…\\ that’s your and your people’s belief right? lord metal mogamett…\\ well…\\
sche: I really hate you…\\
sche: after all.\\
sche: Ignatius, Nerva.\\
sche: everything is fine, there’s no need for your metal vessels.\\
sche: believe…\\
sche: in the strength of the people of Reim…\\
mage: second formation, advance!!\\
maga: first formation, fall back! If we use all this high level magic, even high class magicians will exhaust their magoi in matter of minutes…\\
mage: what the hell are you talking about? It’s alright, after this, they…\\
mage: will just retire without even destroying the first barrier…\\
mage: what the hell is that?\\
mage: Irene-sama, what is that? \\
Irene: first type of magic… no, that’s something even more complex…!?\\
Irene: and it is an even more powerful “magic”!!\\
Mage: what’s happening!?\\
Mage: there were such powerful magicians army corps in the Reim empire too!?\\
Sche: no, this is not magic…\\
Box: one year ago, reim empire\\
ig: gunpowder?\\
sche: yes…\\ in order to be prepared for the fight in the near future against the kou empire and Magnostadt… we continued to research and finally the research bore its fruits…\\
sche: we used saltpetre, sulphur and iron vitriol, and by applying an heat that is normally not present in nature, we cause a blast… in other words it is something similar to aberrant magic.\\
ig: probably no other country except for Reim is able to develop a “weapon” such as the “gunpowder”…\\
ig: this is splendid!\\ in other words this is something that Scheherazade-sama created with her own “magic”, right?\\
sche: no…\\
sche: I didn’t do anything… this is the power of “chemistry” that…\\
sche: the respectable people of Reim devised and created by piling up their improvements day by day.\\
sche: … don’t give me that face, Ignatius.\\
sche: I know what you want so say…\\
sche: why isn’t reim waging war with more metal vessels and magical items…\\
sche: and further developing its country, just like the kou empire and Magnostadt are doing right now…?\\
sche: it is not like that we are not able….\\ to do such a thing.\\
sche: the people of reim must walk with their own legs.\\
ig: this is what Scheherazade-sama told me…\\
ig: our age now is whirled by the “abnormalities of the world”, and it is even possible to unnaturally develop a country thanks to the power of magic.\\ however, she dares to “entrust” things to us…\\
ig: she lets us grasp with our own hands our own country and our own way of living, in order for us to find our own way…\\
ig: that’s why the people of reim,\\ us,\\
ig: should be proud of ourselves.\\
legio: we will show you reim’s willpower!!\\
mage: did they really create something like this!?\\
mage: they are attacking us from both the sky and the ground… what the hell are you doing? Hurry up and shoot those things down!!\\
moga: !?\\ what!?\\
moga: why…\\ this is…\\ impossible…\\
moga: to think that the goi…\\
moga: would dominate against the magicians…\\ with their incompetence and vulgarity…!?\\
sche: you are wrong, lord mogamett.\\
sche: people can live by themselves.\\
sche: even if the magicians would disappear…\\
sche: they would think with their own heads…\\ and evolve while searching for a better path.\\
sche: sometimes they commit errors.\\ and there are times when they choose a sad paths and lose themselves…\\
sche: but…\\
sche: what’s wrong with that?\\ cannot people have savage feelings?\\
sche: they make mistakes, become hurt and yet they continue to step forward.\\
sche: with their own legs…\\
sche: with their own strength…\\
legio: goooo!!\\
sche: the sum of “individualities” that believe in themselves.\\
sche: the assembly of “people” who incessantly improved themselves.\\
sche: that’s…\\
sche: the “reim empire”!!!\\
legio: we…\\
legio: we did it!!\\
legio: uoooh, serves you right!!\\
cen: we broke the barrier!\\ all troops, advance!!\\
sche: lord mogamett… I pity the people of your country.\\
sche: they leave everything to magicians, they are always being protected and kept alive, until their death comes…\\ they don’t have any self-confidence.\\ they renounced to fight by themselves.\\ and only depend on others…\\
sol: aaah, lord magicians, what should we do!?\\
sold: lord magicians, help us!\\
box: Magnostadt’s town area\\
woman: don’t worry, the magicians will do something for us no matter what happens this time as well!\\
man: they are completely different from us…\\
box: 5th level authorization district\\
woman: …? the magicians who stand on guard seems to be agitated…\\ I wonder if something is happening outside…\\
otto: yeah… but…\\
otto: it doesn’t have anything to do with us…\\
sol: lord magicians!!!\\ lord magicians!!!\\
sol: lord magicians!!!\\ lord magicians!!!\\
moga: that’s right…\\ several tens of thousand lives are depending on us…\\but…\\
moga: that’s the way of the magicians country!\\
moga: the magicians are carrying everything on their shoulders and are standing!!\\
moga: and we will win against you\\
moga: with the “power” we created…\\
inserted text: mogamett is smiling too…\\

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