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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 505

Battle 505: a greedy person


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 505

Battle 505: a greedy person\\
inserted text: will my turn come… soon?\\
side text: while the 1 to 1 battles between the shinpaku alliance and yomi unfold, odin’s attention is drawn by something…\\
kaname: hey odin, I accept to talk with you, so let me go.\\
odin: you say that, but you are still full of fighting spirit, you cannot deceive my eyes.\\
kaname: kuh… he is so sharp.\\
kaname: what’s wrong, you are looking around you for while.\\
odin: nothing… I’m just feeling an high swell of ki from somewhere far from us.\\
kaname: furinji!!?\\
odin: the two of them…\\
odin: activated the ki of do!?\\
kaname: this is… the ki of do…!?\\
miu: yaaaah!!\\
rimi: kuooh…\\
miu: ouch!!\\
odin: has miu gone out of control!?\\
kaname: hey don’t move, it hurts!!\\
kaname: I will not do anything anymore, so let me go!\\
odin: … stop lying.\\
kaname: are all the members of yomi, including you, able to release such a dangerous ki?\\
kaname: kuh.\\
odin: no,\\ the one who learnt to release it recently is just Atlanta.\\
odin: but…\\
kaname: but?\\
odin: if you just consider the dormant ki ability, in a certain sense it can be said that there is a man in yomi which ability greatly surpasses the others by far …\\
odin: even if he carries on his shoulder what you would call an handicap, that is blindness… no it is for the very reason he is blind, he polished the ki inside of him, and now that he became powerful, it is expected that he will master the release of ki soon.\\
kaname: !! could it be that you are talking about…
odin: according to kensei-sama, if he will be able to master his ki release, he will probably be, among yomi, the one closer to a master when it comes to the quality of ki.\\
take: what’s happening? What is the cold shiver that sometimes goes down my spine when I confront this guy?\\
lugh: you are such a greedy guy.\\
lugh: you are greedy about “the left arm you healed after so much pain”, “the bright and enjoyable time with your friends”…\\
lugh: and, your “life”.\\
lugh: what happened to your determination to yield your left arm you showed the other time? Does it mean that you think that you can win against me without losing anything?\\
lugh: isn’t that a little bit…\\
lugh: selfish?\\
take: oaaaaaah!!\\
lugh: you are so greedy.\\
take: guoooh!!\\
take: this is bad!! No this is impossible!! A-anyway, if I don’t put space between me and him and calm down, things will get really dangerous!!\\
take: perfect, I should only use out boxing against him and…\\
take: do not let him get closer no matter what.\\
take: let’s strike him with accurate punches!!\\
take: what!!?\\
take: what the hell? He caught my sleeve with one of his fingers!!?\\
lugh: ogata fuyuu nage!! (ogata style: floating throw)
take: h-he threw me with just the centrifugal force!!?\\
take: guh!!\\
take: no, this guy is a submission man, the throw should just be a way to prepare for the next move!!\\
lugh: kah kah\\
lugh: jinitah\\
take: kuwahhh!!\\
take: ooooh!!\\
take: illusionary left!!!\\
lugh: you have a good tenacity, furthermore you have great reflexes that enables you to not be entrapped into my moves for more than a fraction of second…\\
lugh: and your concentration is always sharp, so splendid. Probably you were given a great training by an equally great master.\\
lugh: but…\\
lugh: it is just boxing after all …\\
lugh:, right?\\
take: stop uttering bullshit.\\
take: anyway, things could get dangerous because of the sleeves.\\
take: a-and what the hell is this suspicious “dark thing” that follows me around?\\
take: uh.\\
take: oh man, why yesterday didn’t you ignore my selfishness and forcibly…\\
take: teach me the new secret moves to use against armed opponents, shiba-daisensei!!?\\
shiba: instead I will initiate you to the art of begging girls.\\
near take: I was thinking that he was spoiling me a little too much lately\\
lugh: what’s wrong?\\
lugh: do you still want to run away, Takeda the puncher?\\
take: wow, were you even able to perceive my nickname?\\ I see, then that thing coming from you that I’m feeling now is…\\
take: the so called “ki pressure”!?\\
lugh: indeed, I still didn’t master its release but…\\
lugh: my ki is of the type of “sei”.\\
lugh: yeah, just like the disciple of ryouzanpaku, shirahama-kun.\\
take: don’t compare yourself to him.\\
take: you are nothing like him!!\\
side text: is takeda powerless in front of lugh!? In the next issue their fight will accelerate even more!!\\

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