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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 507

Battle 507: shiba’s hint


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 507

Battle 507: shiba’s hint\\
inserted text: if you believe in yourself and your friends… you shall not fear even a hundred battles!!\\
side text: what did takeda notice inside of the mirage house, while he is in an overwhelming disadvantageous fight against lugh who doesn’t rely on his sight…?\\
lugh: in front of death you show your back to your enemy and practice your jab?\\ you shed too much blood and now you are totally confused, huh…\\
take: … puh puh\\
lugh: let’s finish this.\\
lugh: what’s the meaning of this?\\
lugh: just like the other time, do you want to stop my movements by making me catch you?\\
lugh: you should have already noticed that such methods don’t give you any chance of victory…\\
lugh: so maybe he is really confused and he lost his judgement?\\
take: *smirk*\\
take: it’s alright so…\\
take: why don’t you try to catch my arm~~?\\
lugh: impossible, did he already give up?\\
lugh: no, but what is this feeling…?\\
take: why are you so afraid?\\
take: you have the determination to kill me, right!?\\
lugh: you fool!! now I have completely destroyed your left arm!!\\
lugh: I will not give you and chance of counter attacking. Next I will end your life with a stranglehold!!\\
take: illusionary left straight!!!\\
lugh: kuh.\\
take: just as I thought!!\\
lugh: guh… t-that was dangerous!!\\
lugh: if it was a clean hit, he would have sent me down with just one attack!!\\
lugh: I was sure that I caught your left arm and destroyed it, why!!?\\
lugh: did you understand some kind of trick during such a situation!?\\
take: you fool, I’m not that soft-hearted!!\\
take: shi!\\shi!\\
lugh: ogata zajuu ori!!(ogata style: sitting weight break)\\
take: dog fight blow!\\
lugh: I was sure that I caught his left leg…\\
lugh: eh!!? Impossible…\\
take: that’s right, you boastful idiot.\\
take: I’m using the ki in the same way you do!\\
take: what you thought you caught was not my left arm!! It was just the ki that my left arm released!!\\
take: the hell with “I’m able to sense the faint electro-magnetic waves generated when you move you muscles”!! you are able to sense those movements from your opponent’s use of ki, right!?\\
take: since long in the past there are legends about moves of martial artist who were able to sense their enemies even without looking at them with their eyes…\\
take: I thought that it was impossible that there would be so many legends of that kind if such things would not have really happened, but those are techniques related to the ki pressure, right~~~ I discovered that today.\\
lugh: you are right.\\
lugh: but I didn’t lie. It is said that those feeble electro-magnetic waves are the origin of the emission of ki.\\
lugh: your master didn’t understand such a thing, or he simply thought that you couldn’t understand it and he didn’t teach it to you…\\
take: guh, that’s right shiba great-sensei avoided some explanation by saying that I shouldn’t think about complicated things…\\
shiba: you don’t have to think about it!\\
shiba: but to feel it!\\
take: why no one wants to explain difficult things to me?\\
take: dammit, but now I understand!\\
take: shiba great-sensei!!
Take: this is the “anti weapon user move” you were going to teach me, right!!?\\
take: hoop punch*!!\\
TLN: this name is temporary\\
Lugh: Impossible!! I was sure that I caught your arm!!\\
Take: yeah you are right, in your favour I have to assure you that it is not your “ki perception” ’s fault.\\
Take: even if you could see, the result would have been the same!!\\
take: this punch normally destroys its target by making its ki explode in the moment of the impact…\\
shiba: you don’t have just to strike, you have to pierce through the wall behind the sandbag!!\\
take: eh? Eh?\\
take: I-I don’t understand what you are saying\\
shiba: you don’t have to think about it, but to feel it!!\\
take: with the property that the fist penetrates what there is in front of it, it is a move that reduces the range at once by surpassing the common knowledge of the opposing side!!\\
take: if you are able to exceed your opponent’s senses…\\
take: this punch will deeply sink into your opponent’s face!!\\
take: great-sensei, the special trainings you made me go through were all for this technique, right!!?\\
take: uoooh… I’m sorry that I didn’t understand your intentions at all, great-sensei!!\\
take: hoop punch!!\\
take: you are really incredible, to think that even with such a punch I cannot land a clean hit on you!\\
lugh: I see. I didn’t expect that you already went through a strict training to be able to apply your ki to your moves…\\
lugh: and it is also frightening that you didn’t understand the truth behind that training…\\
lugh: however, you hoped that a combo made of this kind of attacks would sink me at once, right…?\\
lugh: but I already thought about a way to deal with it.\\
take: eh!?\\
take: impossible… it’s a move that I just understood by noticing that by looking at my punches reflected on the mirror on the floor their reach extended more than I expected, and yet…\\
lugh: I’m happy, the people I have to eat up must exceed my expectations.\\
lugh: and then I will absorb their strength inside of me!!\\
take: … what’s wro…\\
oga: hello there~~~\\
oga: there’s nothing better than having fun.\\
side text: while the fight reaches its climax, lugh master’s appears… now that the wire puller arrived, where will this battle go!?\\

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