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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 172

Night 172: fanalis vs magicians

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 2, 2013 15:46 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Reserved for sense

Night 172: fanalis vs magicians\\
Inserted text: aladdin’s power as a magi has been released!\\
Yamu: aladdin-kun, listen ok? If the moment to fight should ever come in Magnostadt …\\
Yamu: you have to remove those stones and release your power as a magi!\\
al: I’m not getting magoi from the rukh?\\
al: why?\\
al: no…\\
al: just a little of magoi in coming into me… so my body will not return into its original state immediately, huh…\\ probably because I completely stopped the flow of magoi for all this time…\\
al: but…\\
me: aladdin! Titus!\\
me: we are here to assist you.\\
al: professor Meyers! Sphintos-kun, everyone!\\
me: I brought with me my subordinates… we have to put our strength together and defeat them in a way or another.\\
me: if we are able to make the “fanalis corps” retreat, we should be able to stop reim’s army’s advance too!!\\
al: she is right, everything is fine.\\
al: I’m sure that in the meantime my power will be back too.\\
al: I’m not just able to fight with the power of a “magi”. \\ I have to wait, combine my strength with the others and…\\
al: fight against these people.\\
roh: it seems that they are swarming all over us, captain.\\
mu: we will… never retreat.\\
mu: we will be in troubles if the kou empire takes Magnostadt, you know. You hold such a high magic expertize…\\
mu: furthermore, you are a good foothold for when the reim empire will invade the eastern continent…\\
mu: in other words Magnostadt is useful.\\
mu: we will attack without stopping, until we conquer the capital!\\
al: why is Scheherazade-san…\\
al: doing such an arrogant thing…?\\
mu: what did you say?\\
al: isn’t Magnostadt the one that is more on the right side here? … as long as the people of the reim and the kou empires treat this country in this way,\\
al: this country… the chancellor and the magicians…\\ will never change their way of thinking.\\
al: so would you to stop chasing after this country?\\
al: could you tell this to Scheherazade-san?\\
mu: someone like you cannot command such a dignified person as her.\\
mu: advance!!\\
mu: destroy all the barriers and gain the control of the capital.\\
fana: yeah!!\\
me: stop them!!\\
me: we have to crush them before they reach the second defensive barrier!!\\
mage: yes!!\\
box: Magnostadt’s troops amount to 59 individuals (37 first high level magician + 20 second level magicians+ aladdin and titus) vs fanalis corps, 22 individuals\\
from above: gigantic magical weapon\\ second defensive barrier\\ aladdin and the others\\ fanalis corps\\ first defensive barrier(damaged)\\reim’s naval fleet\\
box: the battle begins\\
sfx: dosha\\
muron: ! wow…\\
muron: the magicians’ shell… they are just like they said to me, some of them are hard, while others are soft.\\
mu: yeah, I heard that it is related to quantity of magoi they have. No matter how you look at it, the magicians’ forte is the “borg”\\
mu: its strength comes from the fact that it can be sturdier than steel or even rock plates, and in the case of a “magi”, it seems that you are not even able to dent it unless you use a metal vessel or a household vessel.\\
mu: furthermore, if they use levitation magic, they are able to take distance from the enemy and…\\
mu: they become difficult to fight with.\\
roh: I don’t care about their “magic”…\\
girl: single attacks are weak, and they are not even able to graze us!\\
mu: let’s try to arrive to the barrier like this, without suffering even a single attack!\\
me: what incredible bunch!\\
al: what should we do, professor Meyers?\\
me: if we are able to stop them in their tracks for even a moment…\\
me: I should be able to do something about it together with my subordinates, but…\\
sp: stop them…\\
al: what about stopping them by…\\
al: fixing once again the barrier that has been broken?\\
me: that’s impossible… such a big barrier that completely covers the city cannot be created so easily…\\
me: the ones who are administering these 3 barriers are mogamett-sama and his subordinated high level magicians who are in the academy’s headquarters.\\
me: mogamett-sama and the others are searching for a chance to regenerate the first barrier as well, but… it would not have any meaning to do it when the enemy have already invaded the territory inside of that barrier.\\
al: yeah…\\
al: stop the tracks…\\
al: of the “fanalis corps” \\
al: what about…\\
al: this then?\\
mu: what are they doing? Are they just firing random shots?\\
mu: do they intend to keep firing attacks that don’t hit anyone?\\
muron: they are totally insane.\\
girl: come on!! Aren’t you just hollowing out the terrain? You cannot stop us like this!!\\
man: water!?\\
man: where did they take this water from!?\\
man: the river, huh… so they connected this tunnel with a place full of water, huh…\\
mage: we did it, it servers you right!\\
al: I remembered that mor-san is not very good when I comes to water.\\
near al: sorry, mor-san\\
ti: no…\\
ti: such a thing will not stop mu and his men…!!\\
sp: geeeh!!?\\
muron: you are too silly.\\
muron: did you really think that you could stop us by just attacking with…\\
muron: water!!?\\
me: no…\\ but this should be…\\ more than enough!\\
me: our forte is not the “borg”… our strength consists in making into allies the weather, the rivers, the terrains and all the natural things where the rukh dwells.\\
me: furthermore…\\ even if taken singularly the destructive power of magic is low, if a great number of magicians activate their power at the same time,\\
me: huge ceremonial orders can be furthermore multiplied…\\ and the power is increased.\\
mage: with this the enemy’s power should have been splint…!\\
mage: it all was possible thanks to aladdin…\\
me: aladdin… aladdin?\\
side text: the magicians’ forte won over the fanalis. And now…!?\\

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