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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 175

Night 175: “fighting spirit”

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 24, 2013 13:07 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 175: “fighting spirit”\\
inserted text: meanwhile, what does alibaba see while he is together with reim’s army?\\
box: Magnostadt western territory, open sea, reim empire’s fleet\\
legio: what was that attack just now…\\ and what about those white birds…!!?\\
ali: … aladdin!?\\
ali: I can see the rukh… it is the same thing… that happened in balbadd and inside of amon’s dungeon…\\
ali: is aladdin fighting against the reim’s army…!?\\
mu: are you sure that your friend will not take part in this war? According to our scouts, the overseas students didn’t support the academy, and the majority of them went away from the country.\\
mu: in any case, you are an outsider who doesn’t share the cause of neither of the two sides of this war. I didn’t mind that you came with us, but remember to behave yourself.\\
ali: it’s true that I’m an outsider in this war…\\ the situation is similar to what happened in balbadd, probably the people of this country have their circumstances and they are fighting, this is not a place where I can interfere lightly with…\\
ali: but…\\
ali: if aladdin is there, then…!!\\
mu: “I will stop this war”, you say!?\\
mu: how will you do something that neither Scheherazade-sama and mogamett could do!?\\
mu: furthermore, without killing anyone…!?\\
mu: stop saying such sugar coated words!! It’s impossible to realize such a thing!!\\
al: I can do it!!\\
Al: I have to do it!!\\
Al: professor Irene!! Can I talk with the chancellor!?\\
Irene: n-now!? It is impossible to have a conversation with him… but he should be able to listen to your words.\\
Irene: mogamett-sama should be watching attentively the battle progress with his long range clairvoyance magic…\\
al: that should be enough!\\
al: chancellor!!!\\
al: we will protect the city once again!!\\
moga: once again…?\\
legio: i-is he going to shot that flame once again!? The first time he missed, but if that thing hits us directly…\\
legio: reim’s army will be annihilated.\\
legio: shit!\\
muron: he is making fun of us…\\
legio: …\\ this is the end…\\
mu: no, we can still fight!!\\
mu: he cannot shot those flames any times he wants.\\ even if the “magi” has an inexhaustible supply of magoi, the “magi” himself is still just a human.\\
mu: if he continues to use such big magic, his body will not hold.\\ I’m sure about it!\\
mu: don’t show your back to the enemy!!!\\
mu: you are soldiers of reim!!\\
mu: we were able to invade their territory to this point.\\
mu: just a little more… and we will reach the enemy’s headquarter!!!!\\
mu: follow me!!!\\ reim army, advance!!!\\
ti: mu and the others still want to fight!!\\
sp: w-what will you do, aladdin…!?\\
mage: do it!!\\ kill them all!\\ aladdin!!!\\
legio: w-what!? They are crumbling all of the sudden.\\
legio: uoooh!\\
legio: it’s coming!!\\
legio: eeek!\\
legio: waaah!!\\
legio: w-what!? What the hell is he doing, the ground is…\\
legio: we are seized by the sand… and the entire army is being swept away!!!\\
soldier: uwaah, help us!!\\
mage: …!? The Magnostadt solders, are not being swept away?\\
moga: I see, that’s you plan…\\
mage: eh…? What is happening…\\
moga: now,\\
moga: we can restore the barrier.\\
legio: w-what…!!?\\
legio: t-the entire… reim army…\\
legio: was pushed back to the shore with the sand…\\
sche: that’s not all…\\
sche: the barrier… is totally restored…\\
al: with this, I have undone everything you have done in this war until now and brought the armies back to their initial positions.\\ if you want to make Magnostadt fall, then you have to redo everything from the beginning once again.\\ but no matter how many times you attack… I will every single time send you back to the shore!!!\\
legio: h-he will send us back…\\
legio: every time…\\
legio: will we be able to advance…\\
legio: by knowing that…?\\
bears: I see, that was his plan.\\
mage: w-what do you mean!?\\
beard: the spirit of soldiers who endlessly repeat their charge by knowing that it will be useless is not strong. Furthermore they are in a big foreign expedition. They are far away from their hometowns, they had to pay a lot of sacrifices and spend a lot of time to come here. And now their destination, that was right in front of their eyes, is once again far from them.\\
beard: I wonder how they are looking at this scenery right now…\\
legio: this is… impossible…\\
mu: w-what did you say!?\\
al: even if I would not have done this, the people of Magnostadt would probably oppose to reim’s army anyway.\\
al: because they are desperate…\\
al: because everyone holds his home country dear!!\\ so, don’t steal to these people the place where they belong …\\
al: people of reim!!!!\\
al: go back\\
al: to your own country!!!\\
mu: …!? What…\\ what the hell is he saying!?\\
sp: hah… I didn’t think about doing things in this way…\\
nero: aladdin, you are great!!\\
Irene: aladdin…\\
Irene: could it be that you…\\
Irene: didn’t want to crush the reim’s army’s life or weapons…\\
Irene: but just their “fighting spirit”…\\
??: obviously it doesn’t end here, but…\\
??: right now, the reim army doesn’t have any method… to stop that “magi”…!!\\
inserted text: is it really finished…!?\\
TLN: no chapter next week (T_T)

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#1. by caiohlr ()
Posted on Mar 7, 2013
Aegon-San Keep the good work, i love your translations :)

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