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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 177

Night 177: the high priestess

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 15, 2013 18:55 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 177: the high priestess\\
Al: alibaba-kun!?\\
Ali: aladdin!\\
Ti: w-who the hell is that guy!?\\
Irene: at any rate we are safe now…\\
Irene: enemy’s metal vessel’s magic square disappeared…\\
Muron: brother!\\
Roh: captain!\\
mu: to think that alibaba… was a metal vessel user…\\
muron: alibaba… do you realize the crime you have just committed!?\\
muron: you were a simple outsider, but now you made the entire reim empire into your enemy!!!\\
ali: you are right, but…\\
ali: It wasn’t like I could stay there doing nothing while aladdin was going to be cut into two.\\
ali: this is the guy. He is that important friend I was searching for… so…\\
ali: I sorry, everyone…!\\
al: alibaba-kun…\\
fan: t-the captain and rohroh’s are out of magoi…\\
fan2: what should we do now?\\
sche: retreat, everyone.\\
fan: what!!?\\
ti: w-\\
ti: why…\\
ti: why are you here…!?\\
ti: Scheherazade-sama…!!\\
mage: did he say S-Scheherazade!?\\
fan2: what’s the meaning of this… how was that person…\\
fan: able to come all the way here?\\
ti: I supposed that you were still in reim…!?\\
al: titus-kun, is that person sheherazade-san?\\
ti: yes.\\
al: but…\\
al: are you really… Scheherazade-san?\\
ti: !?\\ what the hell are you saying, aladdin?\\
sche: and who are you?\\ are you “Magnostadt’s magi”, aladdin?\\
al: no you are wrong.\\
al: but I want that you leave this country alone.\\ several triggers are hidden in this country…\\
al: the hate that the magicians hold,\\ the magoi accumulation furnace,\\ the connections to a certain organization,\\ and that other thing that if it is true that the chancellor is hiding it somewhere in this country then…\\
al: “terrifying things”\\
al: will be called in this world.\\ so, please…\\
sche: retreat the soldiers for now, mu…\\
mu: !?\\ why!?\\
sche: probably aladdin is… \\ gazing at the same scene as yunan.\\
sche: and in any case there is a great number of injured soldiers…\\
sche: probably we cannot just end things like this, but… make the entire army retreat in the open sea for now.\\ and in the meantime…\\
sche: aladdin,\\ aladdin’s king, alibaba.\\
sche: and titus…\\ can we have a talk together?\\
mage: a temporary armistice… we are safe…\\
sp: we are not safe! They took with them aladdin and titus!!\\
mage: be patient!\\
mage: because of the intervention of that outsider the war was stopped even for a mere instant…\\
mage: maybe this is the last occasion to find a compromise for this war. And because of such a possibility, aladdin agreed to Scheherazade’s request to have a discussion\\
mage: and in any case it is the sunset, the two armies cannot move carelessly now.\\
mage: let’s wait for the next developments by chancellor mogamett’s side!\\
sp: aladdin… titus… will you be alright…!?\\
ali: I thought that you were going to take us to reim’s fleet just like two hostages.\\
sche: this is a neutral territory.\\
sche: apart from the 4 of our on this small ship… no one is present in this territory halfway from magnostadt’s shore and reim’s fleet.\\
al: in that case we can calmly talk till sunbreak!\\
legio: the high priest… she didn’t bring anyone with her…\\ what the hell are they talking about on that ship…!?\\
al: … anyway I was so surprise, to think that you would appear out of the blue!\\
ali: I’m even more surprised!! To think that you would fight.\\ then mu-san became like a silver flash! And it was so super frightening that he was able to penetrate alone into your lines to that extent!!\\
ali: … eh!? Aladdin… could it be that you…\\
ali: grew taller, right!?\\
ali: the last time I saw you, you were like this… how can I say it… you seem a lot more sharper and calm now…\\
near al: ahem!\\
near al: I wasn’t that short!\\
al: a lot of things change in one year, you know!\\
al: and you alibaba…\\
al: didn’t change at all!!\\
al: eeeeh!?\\
near ali: I changed you know!\ look I have more dignity\ I’m more stylish!\ I look like a real gentleman now!\\
near al: ufufuh\\
ti: h-hey aladdin, leave him alone. Scheherazade-sama went through a lot of troubles in order to create a place where we could talk…\\ c-come on now, otherwise Scheherazade-sama will get mad…\\
sche: fufufuh.\\
near ti: this is the first time I see her smiling…\\
ti: I wonder why she looks so happy…\\
ali: … so I made the acquaintance of mu-san and his group in the coliseum.\\
al: I see~~~\\
al: eh? But didn’t you meet sheherazade-san when you where in reim?\\
ali: well!\\ I decided to not meet her!\\
ali: because, you know she would find me out, right? she would have immediately noticed that I had a metal vessel…\\ just like judar did…\\
ali: she would have sensed it and immediately understand who I was, right? she is a magi after all.\\
sche: … no…\\
sche: even if we would have met, I would not have realized it…\\
ali:?\\ what do you mean… Scheherazade-sama?\\
al: just as I thought,\\
al: you…\\
al: seem to be a little different from a magi, right…?\\
ti: !? what the hell are you talking about, aladdin, you are rude!\\
sche: you are right.\\
ti: …\\ what?\\
sche: I’m just like titus…\\
sche: I’m nothing more that one of “Scheherazade”’s clones.\\
sche: but that regards only this body of mine… my consciousness is that of the “magi” Scheherazade herself.\\
sche: my first body is resting in reim, in a place where no one can notice it… that body is not even able to take a single step… because it is too old…\\
ali: … old you say…\\
ali: how really old are you?\\
sche: I am 268 years old.\\
ali&al: two-\\
ali&al: two thousand years old!?\\
sche: fufufuh…\\
near sche: you are really easy to surprise\\
sche: did I surprise you?\\
sche: even if I look like this,\\
sche: I’m a really old lady.\\
al: an old lady\\
sche: now it is my turn to ask you something…\\
sche: please tell me.\\
sche: what is the thing that matal mogamett is hiding…? What does he intend to do with “Magnostadt”…?\\
box: Magnostadt academic city, internal quarters\\
TLN: the sfx says that the mages are crying\\
Mage: in the last battle, 161 second level magicians and 89 first level magicians died… this is really regretful… chancellor mogamett…\\
inserted text: what is mogamett thinking about!?\\

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