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Buyuden 94

Chapter 94: the reason why I go on the ring

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 17, 2013 13:26 | Go to Buyuden

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Chapter 94: the reason why I go on the ring\\
inserted text: waiting for the train on the station’s platform. Summer will come soon.\\
side text: aoki was carried to the hospital…\\
box: the injury on your face is not that severe…\\
box: and there is a fracture in your right arm, so it will take a month to make it recover completely.\\
box: I contacted your mother, but she cannot come because of work.\\
box: tomorrow she will come to pick you up, so you will be hospitalized for today.\\
ao: I was betrayed by them…\\ I kicked their asses, and broke our friendship…\\
ao: I also broke my relationship with azuma…\\
ao: and because I was irritated, I got into a fight with some delinquents I casually met in the street…\\
ao: what the hell am I doing…?\\
ao: I don’t have anything anymore! Because of my mistakes I have lost everything I had…!!\\
ao: a-azuma!!\\
ao: w-why are you here…\\
ao: eeeeek!\\
ao: a-azuma!!\\
ao: wait a minute!\\ don’t rush things!\\
ao: I-I’m sorry!!\\ I’m so sorry!!\\
ao: I will not do such a thing ever again! I had to do something because I felt betrayed by you, one of my friends!!\\
azu: come on, eat, it’s a melon.\\
azu: you probably never ate such an expensive melon.\\
azu: you are so weak and yet you always end up fighting someone.\\
ao: I-I didn’t have any other choice I guess.\\ they were the ones who picked up a fight with me.\\
azu: aoki…\\
azu: what about giving boxing another chance and practice it seriously?\\
azu: I will not say to you trite things such as\\ clubs are good for your youth,\\ there is nothing better than shedding sweat while doing some kind of sport…\\
azu: or that you will not obtain anything if you continue to be a delinquent\\
azu: it’s just that in boxing…\\
azu: you can fairly exchange punches with your opponent without anyone blaming you.\\
azu: even those gloom feelings,\\ that sense of irritation that never stops…\\
azu: are just expelled from your body once you step on the ring.\\
azu: obviously you get punched as well…\\ and it hurts like hell, but…\\
azu: on the ring, if you win you get praised…\\
azu: on the ring if you win you become an hero, while if you do the same thing outside of it you are branded as a villain no matter how cool you are.\\
azu: and because of that reason, I’m able to endure the training and everything else, you know.\\
azu: I’m sure that you will get into it, if you try.\\
azu: … well anyway, if, once your arm is completely healed, you will feel like that, the doors of our club are always open to you.\\
azu: you are welcome there.\\
ao: haha… i-isn’t that impossible now!!?\\
ao: I’m the one who messed up your club room, right!? the people of your club will never forgive such a thing!\\
azu: there’s no need to worry about that.\\
azu: I didn’t tell that to anyone.\\
ao: what…!?\\
sign: boxing club\\
moka: move, move!\\
moka: azuma-san, you are lowering your guard!\\
azu: dammit!\\
azu: uguuh…\\
take: sorry man. I hit you for real even we are practicing mass boxing.\\
azu: don’t fuck with me, you bastard\\
sign: boxing club\\
sfx: steps\\
ao: eh…\\
girl: sorry to intrude!\\
girl: nice to meet you!\\ I’m todoroki runa from class 1-C!\\
runa: I would like to join the boxing club!!\\
inserted text: aoki was hesitating in joining the club, when the one who enters the club room is… a girl!!?\\

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