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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 178

Night 178: the dark point

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 23, 2013 10:59 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 178: the dark point*\\
TLN: this name can change after I consult my collaborators at sense-scan, I think that “dark hole” is also a good translation\\
sche: tell us aladdin.\\
sche: what are you afraid of?\\
al: what scares me…\\
al: is that maybe…\\
al: the chancellor will realize “al-thamen”’s wish.\\
ali: “al Thamen”!?\\
al: right now Magnostadt is not related to “al-thamen”.\\
al: however, considering the great quantity of magoi in this country and the extent of the hate of the magicians, if the chancellor…\\
al: is hiding a great quantity of black rukh in somewhere…\\ maybe that scene of tragedy that “al-thamen” wishes for will reappear once again.\\
ti: … !? scene of tragedy…!?\\
sche: why do you know about…\\
sche: that “scene of tragedy”? where did you see such a thing?\\
al: “alma toran”\\
al: it’s a story from another world,\\
al: which history doesn't have any connection to ours.\\
ali: another world?? What the hell is that?\\
al: a lot of people were living in that world, just like ours, but…\\
al: everything there was put to an end because of a single war.\\ furthermore, those who caused that war were…\\
al: those who call themselves…\\
al: “al-thamen”\\
al: that war finished before everything in “alma toran” died.\\ and thanks to the power of a great magician called “king solomon”…\\
al: almost all of the few people who survived were guided to the new world that “king solomon” created himself.\\ and that’s…\\
al: the world where we are…\\
al: right now…\\
al: but there were certain people who do not approved such a thing.\\ “al-thamen” wants to erase this new world that king Solomon created as well, and they are thinking about altering it into a world without order.\\
al: and the power they need to realize such a thing is…\\
al: “the dark point”\\
al: an hole in this world created by a great quantity of magoi and black rukh. From that hole, the incarnation of evil that will eat the white rukh of this world will appear…\\
ali: a-aladdin…\\
ali: I don’t understand what you are saying…\\
al: y-yeah, I know. But they showed me “alma toran”’s history through “solomon’s wisdom”…\\
al: that day in balbadd.\\
sche: is this the first time you talk about such a thing?\\
al: y-yes.\\
al: I never talked about this to anyone.\\
al: but I was always thinking that I had to do something about it.\\
al: I always saw it in my dreams.\\
al: but that was the story of a totally separated world that was showed only to me.\\
al: I didn’t want to worry the others more than they already were!\\
ali: that’s…\\
sche: and then? If what you said is true…\\ what do you want us to…\\
ali: hey…\\
ali: aladdin… you keep saying things that doesn’t make any sense…\\
al: eh?\\ y-yes, sorry, I said such weird things all of the sudden…\\
ali: that’s not what I’m talking about!!!\\
ali: you should have told me about those things a hell of time ago.\\
ali: you were thinking about that since forever.\\ you were the one who said that I “don’t have to trouble about such things alone but to think about a solution together”\\ right…!?\\
al: y-yes…\\ you are right, but…\\
ali: that time…\\
ali: in balbadd!!\\
al: hum… I am born…\\
al: as a magi for this reason…\\ furthermore…\\
ali: it doesn’t matter, you moron!!!\\
ali: it doesn’t matter if it is such a complicated thing, if it is so dangerous\\ or if it is something that has to do only with you!\\
ali: you don't have to worry about it alone!!\\
ali: I will worry and think about a solution together with you!!\\
ali: just like you did for me countless times…\\
ali: right, aladdin!!?\\
al: yes…\\thanks\\ alibaba\\
sche: aladdin… now I know what I needed to know. You wanted to stop this war in order to prevent the worst possible scenario…\\
sche: give me a little of time to talk with the others on this ship, please. It’s alright… nothing bad will happen. Wait for a reply by lord mogamett’s side…\\
al: yes…\\
al: but could you give us just a little more of time?\\
al: titus-kun, we still have to talk about what will you do from now on.\\
muron: the traitor of reim’s empire!!\\
sche: would you leave titus alone with me for a little?\\
ali: aladdin, who is that guy?\\
al: he is a friend I made in Magnostadt.\\
al: I don’t think that his situation…\\ is totally different from mine…\\
sche: … it’s fine\\ you can go with them.\\
ti: eh!?\\ s-Scheherazade-sama… why…?\\
sche: when I saw those two…\\
sche: I felt that…\\
sche: king alibaba resembles a little the first person I chose.\\ he was a general of reim…\\
sche: and yet he wasn’t that strong,\\ and he was unreliable,\\ but he was cheerful and really kind to anyone…\\
sche: he was just like the sun…\\
sche: but this is a story from 200 years ago.\\
ti: …\\ Scheherazade-sama…\\
sche: I continued to be reim’s magi even after their death because…\\
sche: they established a great vessel, a country, that continued to exist.\\ and I was sure that the culture and the sense of morals we brought up would be useful to the people of the future generations.\\
sche: those are my true feeling.\\ however… however the most important thing is that…\\
sche: I came to love…\\
sche: the reim empire…\\
sche: I fall into a delusion while I was watching over it. It was like I thought of it as my own child…\\
sche: and in order to continue to support “my child”,\\ I averted my eyes from the rest of the world… and from the slaves and gladiators who were suffering in this juncture of reim’ s history…\\
sche: until now I continued to persuade myself that such a thing was inevitable countless times…\\
sche: even you…\\
sche: I pushed on you the fact that my own child should think about things…\\ as the same as me.\\
sche: I was so foolish…\\ to think of you like a son… even if I never gave birth to one,\\ and I don’t know the right way how to do such a thing…\\
sche: I’m really sorry,\\
sche: titus.\\
ti: to say such a thing…\\
ti: I was the one… who betrayed you…\\
ti: the only light in that long period…\\ I spent into darkness was your voice…\\ you taught me so many things, you were like a mother to me…\\ and yet…\\
sche: I see…\\
sche: I see…\\
sche: I’m really sorry, titus…\\
sche: I would like to let you continue to live, but…\\
ti: s-scheherazade-sama!\\
ti: in the academy they told me that if we gather the best knowledge about magic, it is possible to prolong the life of this body!\\
sche: the body, huh…\\ but… that’s not it.\\
sche: we don’t have…\\ any lifespan left…\\
ti: …? What…\\
ti: do you mean…?\\
sche: scheherazade’s real body is at its limit…\\
sche: at best it will die in a month… at worst in just a few days… and once it dies we will return to the rukh, and our ego will vanish without a trace…\\
ti: … impossible…\\
sche: that’s why titus, I want you to spend your last moments with the people dear to you. They are in Magnostadt, right?\\
sche: at least that little girl is alright now… probably reim’s army will retreat.\\
ali: what is happening, what are they talking about?\\
sche: I don't know if the story that young boy called aladdin is true. However I know a similar story that another “magi” told me…\\ maybe it is not the right time to think about just the reim empire anymore. That’s why…\\
sche: reim’s army will wait until daybreak and then retreat. I will officially notify it to Magnostadt…\\
sche: in other words the war has already ended… it has to end…\\
al: the war…\\
al: has ended…\\
legio: sche-\\
legio: Scheherazade-sama!! A… messenger just arrived…\\
mage: m-mogamett-sama!!!\\
mage: the…\\
mage: kou empire is…!!\\
inserted text: what will mogamett do next!?\\

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