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Buyuden 95

Chapter 95: can I join the club?

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 24, 2013 11:50 | Go to Buyuden

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reserved for sense

Chapter 95: can I join the club?\\
inserted text: the new club member is… a girl!!?\\
runa: I’m todoroki runa from class 1-C!\\\\
runa: I would like to join the boxing club!!\\
side text: suddenly new club member applicants arrive! Who is this girl who appeared together with aoki!?\\
?: eh…?\\
ao: ah…\\
ao: then I will join too…\\
azu: aoki!\\
azu: your arm didn’t heal yet, right?\\
ao: yeah… what about making me watch for the time being as temporary club member…?\\
wata: heh, things got lively all of the sudden.\\
moka: you want to join, huh…\\ but there aren’t match between girls in high school you know.\\
runa: eh,\\no, obviously I will not fight!\\
runa: since this spring, when you began to distribute the leaflets, I was interested in this club.\\
runa: and I always liked to watch boxing matches on the TV to begin with!\\
runa: can I join the club as a manager?\\
runa: I will do anything!\\
moka: ok, one-two\\
moka: guard, guard!\\
runa: captain, I finished polishing the gloves, what should I do next?\\
moka: eh?\\
moka: ah, well… thanks for you work, that’s all for now.\\
azu: hey manager.\\
azu: in that case go to the vending machine on the first floor and buy me a Pocari*.\\
TLN a kind of Japanese soft drink\\
runa: eh?\\
azu: the one in the plastic bottle. I will return you the money later.\\
take: you don’t have to go todoroki,\\ azuma you bastard, go to buy it by yourself.\\
azu: what!? That’s should be manager’s job!\\
take: her job is to bring you water. She is not here in order to be used for our personal affairs!\\
runa: no, it’s fine\\ I’ll to and be right back.\\
runa: you asked for corn potage right?\\
azu: I said pocari, pocari! No one listens me here!\\
runa: here the towel.\\
wata: ah, thanks.\\
kure: thanks.\\
runa: take-kun, here.\\
take: ah, could you help me removing the gloves?\\
runa: ah, yes! Sorry I didn’t notice…!\\
runa: hum…\\ I should turn this over, right?\\
take: yeah, the Velcro is in there after all.\\
runa: hum…\\
take: that’s right.\\
??: bye guys!\\
?: see you!\\
azu: what do you think, aoki?\\
azu: do you feel like joining?\\
ao: … who knows.\\
ao: next week they will remove the cast and maybe I will try to practice it a bit, ha ha.\\
wata: take it easy.\\
wata: we even have a new and cute manager now.\\
?? ah, that girl is really cute.\\ everyone was unusually in high spirit today!\\
??: it is different when girls are around after all.\\
take: you guys… are a little rude toward moka.\\
sign: changing room\\
moka: Ahchoo!!\\
moka: what the…\\
moka: is this some kind of allergy?\\
moka: how was to be our manager?\\
moka: to be honest it is still a club with few people, so there aren’t a lot of things to do.\\
moka: didn’t you find it boring?\\
runa: no… I didn’t.\\
runa: this is the first time I join a sport club, so by just watching, everything feels new to me.\\
moka: I see… glad to hear that…\\
runa: why are you the club captain even if you are a girl?\\
moka: eh…?\\
moka: ah well… in the past I practiced boxing.\\ my father was a boxer, you know.\\
runa: eh…? Ah I see!\\
runa: now I understand.\\
runa: otherwise a girl would never become interested in boxing after all.\\
moka: eh? Didn’t you say that you liked boxing, todoroki-san…?\\
runa: ah…\\ that’s right I said something like that…\\
runa: sorry it was a lie.\\
moka: eh…!?\\
moka: a-a lie!?\\
runa: the truth is that…\\
rune: I’m not interested in boxing, but I’m really interested in take isamu-kun.\\
moka: i-interested!?\\
moka: w-what do you mean by that!?\\
runa: isn’t that obvious? I want to become her girlfriend.\\
runa: but he is an handsome guy, he is clever and he is also a sport man, so I think that he has high requirements for his ideal girl.\\
runa: there is a too big risk…\\
runa: to confess to him without being close to him first.\\
runa: so I joined the club, in order to become intimate with him and…\\
runa: I became the manager to carefully make him fall for me.\\
runa: it seems that he is not going out with anyone, but there could be someone he likes.\\
take: hey, are you listening to me, moka!?\\
take: what’s wrong? You are half heartedly replying to my talk since the beginning.\\
moka: ah… sorry.\\
runa: take-kun!\\
take: hey, what’s wrong?\\
runa: you… forgot this!\\
runa: there is written your name on this hand-bandage…!\\
take: ah,\\ we use this for the club activities, so you should have left it in the clubroom.\\
runa: eh!? Really!?\\
runa: sorry, I didn’t know that…\\
runa: I’m such a clumsy girl!\\ teh heh.\\
moka: c-could it be that she did this on purpose…?\\
take: to come all the way here to give me that bandage,\\ thank you\\
runa: no, it was nothing!\\
runa: my home is on this way too.\\
take: ah, I see.\\
runa: in that case could you accompanying me on the way home?\\
runa: I really like boxing, but I don’t know things in detail, so…\\ I would like you to teach me everything, please.\\
take: haha… you really are an hardworking manager after all.\\
take: ok.\\
take: see you, moka.\\
moka: this is bad… that girl is seriously going for it.\\
side text: moka is facing an heroine change crisis!!\\

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