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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 179

Night 179: toward the deepest sector…

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 30, 2013 14:45 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 179: toward the deepest sector…\\
inserted text: a new crisis arrives…\\
legio: s-sorry to interrupt you, Scheherazade-sama! The kou empire began to move!\\
legio: the reports say that the stationing troops of the northern plateau… a great army composed of more than 200000 warriors has began the invasion and is now heading toward Magnostadt…!\\
al: kou empire’s army!? At a time like this…\\
ti: listen aladdin. I will…\\
box: at the same time, Magnostadt academic city\\
mage: so they came after all.\\ that darn kou empire, basically they are just waiting that we are exhausted after our war with Reim.\\
mage: we supposed that such a thing would happen, but this is the worst possible scenario. Reim’s army is also making its preparations while they are in the open sea.\\
mage: what should we do, mogamett-sama…\\
mage: m-mogamett-sama\\
moga: … there is no need to worry.\\
moga: I will get rid of both…\\
moga: reim and kou’s armies.\\
mage: g-get rid…!?\\
mage: do you mean that we still have a method left to do such a thing…!?\\
box: fifth left authorization district\\
bubble: “mogamett” \\
bubble: “mogamett” \\
bubble: “mogamett” \\
bubble: “mogamett” \\
mage: what’s wrong, are you tired?\\ you just want to return to your daughter’s side as soon as possible, right?\\
mage: but there are people who can be saved thanks to our magic waiting for us out there.\\
mage: I’m really looking forward to see how many people we will be able to make happy thanks to our magic.\\
mage: you think the same, right?\\
mage: mogamett.\\
bubble: “mogamett”\\
bubble: “mogamett”\\“mogamett”\\
sana: “father”\\
bubble: “mogamett-sama”\\
bubble: “mogamett-sama”\\
mage: until we… came to this country, we thought that we were different because of a weird power that was behind our control…\\
mage: but we were wrong.\\
mage: we are “magicians”…\\
mage: and this power is called “magic”!!\\
moga: that’s right, your power is splendid.\\ I’m sure that there are things that we can only do!\\
moga: magic…\\ magicians…\\
moga: exist because they can protect\\
moga: and make happy,\\ those who can’t use magic!\\
moga: that’s why from now on, in order to create a world of order without strife and sadness\\ in order to create a “magician country”,\\ just for now we have to…\\
moga: nothing has changed for those who fought for their ideals, for the magicians who fought for the selfish desires of people like the “goi”’s kings, for those who were hurt.\\
moga: and after I finally understood such a thing, I made my brethren raise their staves.\\
moga: I…\\
moga: I…\\
moga: I…\\
moga: the ones I wanted to protect were…\\
goi: lord magicians!\\
goi: lord magicians!!\\
goi: lord magician…\\
goi: please… help us…\\
geo: I beg you, lower…\\
geo: the magoi absorption rate in the 5th level authorization district…!!!\\
geo: we heard that there is a war outside. We also know that there is a great need of magoi because of that…\\
geo: and that you are holding down the absorption rate as much as possible…\\ but we are at our limit!!\\
goi: those with a weak body are dying one after another!! Please have mercy!!\\
goi: think about us as well, please!!\\
mage: y-you bastards…!!\\ you are not even prepared to devote your life to this country!!?\\
mage: outside the soldiers… and the magicians\\ are desperately fighting in order to protect your country!!\\
otto: stop with those sorry excuses!!\\
otto: they can freely live outside in exchange \\ of us to living these lives spent here while you suck our magoi for all the eternity, right!?\\
otto: it is something you decided yourself!!! You magicians have to do something about what is happening outside!!\\
goi: he is right!!\\
goi: the magicians have to do something about it!!\\
goi: they are right!!!\\
goi: you magicians exist in order to make us goi live a correct life, in order to protect us, in order to make us happy…\\
goi: right!? And yet aren’t you just acting all self-important until now!!!?\\
goi: he is right…\\ yeah!\\
goi: do something about this!\\
goi: the magicians have to do something about this all!!\\
old lady: save us lord magicians!!\\
woman: give me back my son!!\\ understood!!!?\\
old man: stop! The lord magicians are desperately fighting for us after all!\\
goi: help us lord magicians.\\
goi: help us I beg you, lord magicians.\\
the last 4 bubbles the ones most below are{
lord magicians!\\
lord magicians!\\
lord magicians!\\
lord magicians…\\
TLN: the ten bubbles in the first frame are all: lord magicians\\
Boy: please, lord magician.\\
Moga: shut~~~~~\\
Moga: up~~~~~!!!\\
moga: the only ones I want to save are the magicians, I don't’ care about the goi!!!\\
moga: I don’t care about how you maggots will die!!!\\ you…\\
moga: vile,\\
moga: greedy,\\ fucking worms~~~~~!!!\\
mage: mogamett-sama!!\\
mage: mogamett-sama~~~!!\\
mage: did such a dignified person… say such a thing…!!?\\
people: “thanks”\\
people: “thanks lord magician”\\
people: “we are really grateful that you saved us”\\”lord magician…!!!\\”
sana: hey dad,\\
sana: why magicians like us\\
sana: were born?\\
moga: because…\\
young moga: the ones I want to protect…\\
moga: the ones I want to protect…\\
young moga: are all the humans!\\
moga: are just the magicians.\\
moga: this doesn’t have anything to do with kou or reim…\\ I will put an end to everything…\\ with my own hands…\\
box: fifth level authorization district, deepest sector\\
inserted text: this is… mogamett’s trump card!?\\

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