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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Buyuden 96

Chapter 96: depressed moka

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 31, 2013 11:19 | Go to Buyuden

-> RTS Page for Buyuden 96

Chapter 96: depressed moka\\
I’m the new manager todoroki runa! Nice to meet you, everyone!!\\
side text: the new manager entered the club… then the next day…\\
take: I’m going.\\
take: heheheh.\\
take: that girl called runa who joined yesterday was really sweet.\\
take: she said “teach me everything about boxing, please <3” is such a lovely manner~~.\\
take: I mean she is a petite and delicate girl…\\
take: while I was won over by a girl with a tank like built… but that’s how a girl should be after all.\\
runa: good morning, take-kun!!\\
take: t-todoroki!!\\
take: w-why are you here!?\\
runa: eh?\\
runa: I already told you yesterday, right?\\ our homes are really close,\\ so we could go to school and come back together…\\
take: ah…\\
runa: ah…\\
runa: s-sorry!\\
runa: now that I think about it, you should have a girlfriend, right?\\ I’m just the club manager… so I shouldn’t be over-familiar with you…\\
take: ah… no.\\
take: I don’t have a girlfriend or something like that…\\
runa: eeeh? Really!?\\ but take-kun, you are such a handsome boy.\\
take: I’m telling you the truth.\\
runa: eh? Really? That’s strange~~\\
runa: yeah, I know.\\
take: well, see you after school.\\
runa: see you~~\\
take: ah, moka, good…\\
take: what’s wrong with her!\\
take: hey you are ignoring me, moka!\\
moka: you get along quite well, you even come to school together, huh.\\
moka: and you two talk with a casual speech when referring to each other\\
take: eh, it’s nothing in particular, we just came to school by mere chance!\\
take: and using a respectful way of talking between students with the same age would be strange, that’s why we talk to each other with a casual speech.\\
TLN: In Japanese there are several patters of speech according to the level of intimacy you have with a person, or the position of that person in relation with you. The same verb can be conjugated in different ways if you are talking to a friend, someone you just met or a teacher. Here moka is indirectly saying “why are you so intimate with her even though you just met her yesterday?”.\\
Moka: … heh, maybe you are right, considering that you had to teach a lot of things to our new manager,\\ things I should have taught her, you made me save a lot of time.\\
take: hum…\\
take: what is this feeling…\\
take: could it be that moka is a little jealous of me…!?\\
sfx: pih\\
runa: I’m not interested in boxing, but I’m really interested in Take Isamu-kun.\\
runa: I became the manager to carefully make him fall for me.\\
moka: … what the hell. Why Am I so irritated?\\
moka: to me take-kun is an important childhood boxing friend, but…\\
moka: he is just a friend.\\
moka: the fact that girl is making a move on him doesn’t have anything to do with me!\\
moka: It’s impossible for me to become jealous even if the two of them develop a romantic relationship!\\
teach: hey, next!\\
moka: ah… y-yes.\\
sfx: pih\\
moka: and to begin with my current physique I’m not a match for her…\\
girl: uwaah, moka~~~ the level of water decreased~~~\\
girl: it seemed like a walrus just entered in the pool.\\
small sfx in the frame: ahahahaha\\
big sfx in the frame: *thud*\\
runa: take-kun~~.\\
take: todoroki!\\
runa: are you having lunch!?\\
take: eh… ah, yeah\\ I’m going to the cafeteria together with kure.\\
runa: really!? It’s perfect then!\\
runa: I prepared a bento for you today! Would you like to eat it!?\\
take: eh…\\
girl: eh? What’s wrong moka?\\ you are the king of appetite, and yet you are not eating anything today.\\
moka: I lost my appetite after you girls said that I looked like a walrus when I was doing that dive.\\
girl: ahaha.\\
girl: w-we were just joking, you know!\\
girl: sorry about that.\\ we are sorry so you can eat!\\ you are the cutest when you eat after all!\\
moka: urgh… I want to eat… this is the bentou made by my mother.\\
her stomach: gyuruuuu\\
moka: ah? kure-kun.\\
moka: why are you eating bread today? Didn’t you go to the cafeteria together with take-kun?\\
kure: eh…\\ ah, yeah, about that…\\
kure: it seems that todoroki-san prepared an hand made bentou for take-kun so…\\
kure: they are passionately eating lunch together in the courtyard.\\
runa: h-how is it?\\
runa: does it suit your tastes?\\
take: eh?\\
take: ah, yeah it is delicious, you are good at cooking.\\
runa: that’s great! Will I become a good wife then!?\\
take: … you know, todoroki…\\
runa: yes?\\
take: it’s fine for today, but for the time being it is not good if you do such a thing.\\
take: you are not just my manager, but the manager of the entire boxing club.\\
runa: ah… I see.\\
runa: s-sorry! I was caught up in the moment and acted over familiar toward you…\\
runa: I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!!\\
runa: you can just throw away that bentou!!\\
take: eh…\\ no, wait…\\ there’s no need to act like that…\\
runa: just as I expected, he is not an opponent that would fall with just my second day homemade bentou attack, huh.\\
rune: take-kun you are quite difficult to deal with. I’m liking you more and more now… <3\\
runa: I will make you fall for me no matter what!!\\
side text: runa quickly becomes intimate with take…!! Is this situation really that bad… for our walrus!!?\\

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