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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 516

Battle 516: the reason to practice martial arts


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 516

Battle 516: the reason to practice martial arts\\
inserted text: it is your turn, first disciple!!\\
side text: miu called kensei a “demon” after he destroyed once again one of his disciples. But that fist of rage didn’t reach him…\\
ken: you raised you hand on miu-san, I will not forgive it!!\\
ken: I will…\\
ken: fucking hit you!!\\
ber: fu fu\\ fu fu fu\\
ber: fu fu fu…\\
ber: … fuh.\\
ber: kakakakah!!\\
ber: you are really interesting, do you know that?\\
oga: come on, berseker, you cannot do that, you cannot laugh at other people’s fighting spirit.\\ he is serious about this…\\
oga: right, boy!?\\
ber: however… he doesn’t have any chance of victory. Furthermore…\\ I didn’t finish with him.\\
ken: I know that the difference in power is evident!!\\
ken: and I was rebuked countless times by my masters that I have to not fight against masters which I have no chance to win against!!\\
aki: don’t be reckless\\
ken: nevertheless, just for this time, I will not retreat!!\\
ken: I’m practicing martial arts because I want to fight the evil that the other people pretend to not see… in order to become a man capable of protecting miu-san!!!\\
miu: uuh…\\
ken: that’s why if I retreat here…\\
ken: my reason to practice martial arts would disappear!!!\\
oga: you are so passionate.\\
oga: I like you after all.\\
oga: anyway the basis in your legs and loins it’s not that bad~~~\\
oga: what will you do? Do you want to continue this?\\
oga: you can stop anytime.\\
miu: uuh…\\
ken: guaaah!!!\\
ken: gubaaah!!\\
ber: he is so heartless, he is aiming at the same places where shirahama was aiming for and returning the hits with the same strength.\\
oga: hasn’t the time to stop this arrived yet?\\
ken: I will not stop!!!\\
oga: you wanted to hit me like this, right?\\
ber: incredible, this time kensei-sama read the moves before shirahama would use them and returned them back!!\\
oga: you have an incredible endurance, what kind of training do they force on every single day?\\
oga: what cruel masters you have.\\
ken: g-go a little forward…\\
ken: mubyoushi!!\\
oga: the last one was a really good attack.\\
oga: well then, you two…\\
oga: let’s go to watch the other fights.\\
ken: fuh…\\
ken: fuh…\\
oga: look at that berserker. Her has one of the most important factors for a martial artist.\\ that is…\\
oga: tenacity!!\\
oga: but if he comes at me with such tenacity I have to suitably answer. If he attacks me again…\\
oga: it’s death!!!\\
oga: stop, I don’t want to kill you.\\
oga: you fought more than enough. You are worth of my praise.\\
oga: a real pity.\\
ken: ryuuto!!?\\
side text: ryuuto was forced on a wheelchair because of the after-effects of the seidou gouitsu, but he started to revolt against his own master, kensei… don’t miss the next issue!!\\

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