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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 180

Chapter 180: the king vessel called ren kouha

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 6, 2013 13:26 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Chapter 180: the king vessel called ren kouha\\
inserted text: what will titus do?\\
sche: aladdin, titus has only few days of life left. Right now he is trying to accept this truth with all himself.\\
sche: that’s the reason why at least I want to let him spend his last moments in peace. Together with that little girl called malga…\\
ti: sorry…\\
ti: aladdin…\\
ti: I…\\ would like to go together with you to fight against the threat sleeping in Magnostadt…\\
ti: or…\\ to fight against the kou empire together with the magicians and the people of Magnostadt…\\
ti: or even\\ to stay together with lady Scheherazade and to fight in order to protect reim’s fleet…\\
ti: I think I have to make a choice, but…\\
ti: I cannot decide… so I want a little of time to think…\\
ti: about what should I do in the time remaining to me…\\
al: ok…\\
al: I understand.\\
al: titus.\\
ti: hum…\\ but if I…\\
ti: I decide to use my staff in order to help you, then…\\
al: at that time\\ we will be waiting for you\\
ti: thanks aladdin.\\
sche: aladdin! That’s…\\
al: the chancellor, he did it… after all…!\\
mage: what is that…!?\\
mage: m-monsters!!\\
mage: are they from the reim’s army!?\\
mage: no, you are wrong!\\
mage: those are the artificial life forms created by the dark rukh… the “black djiin”.\\
mage: this is something that only a few people know even among the high level magicians in the academy. 12 years ago, chancellor mogamett completed this technique after making a joint research with a certain organization.\\
Irene: d-did you say black djinn?\\
Irene: if we have such strength, why didn’t we use it to fight against reim…!?\\
Mage: that’s…\\
Mage: chancellor mogamett…\\
Box: before the war, “5th level authorization district” deepest sector\\
moga: in order to obtain black rukh…\\
moga: we force our criminals, war prisoners and the 5th level authorization citizens who are on the verge of death to fall into depravity…\\
moga: we forcefully dye their boy in the black rukh and make it change… this technique bears the same results of the curse used by ithnan, although we are just able to deceive them by using a spirit perturbation spell from the 8th type of magic*. We dye people’s spirit with desperation\\
TLN: that is life magic.\\
Moga: but… when I will create the black djinn with the black rukh gathered here, it will be the end for me…\\
Mage: !?\\ w-why are you saying such a thing, chancellor mogamett?\\
moga: in order to manipulate the black djinn, I need to use that same spell and make myself fall into depravity.\\
moga: and after my role will be finished, this body will be dried completely by the black rukh and die out. The rukh must return to the great white flow. Probably my consciousness will continue to be consumed by hatred for all eternity.\\ … and I will not be able to meet you again.\\
mage: i-impossible… c-chancellor mogamett.\\
mage: mogamett… this country cannot live without you!\\
moga: don’t worry.\\
moga: this is our last resort. In the case we will need to use it … I leave the rest to you.\\
mage: chancellor mogamett…\\
mage: look… what incredible quantity of magoi it has…\\
mage: we can win with that…!!\\
mage: go! Black djinns, you are the guardian deities of Magnostadt!!\\
mage: get rid of reim and kou’s armies, please!!\\
ali: aladdin… what’s wrong with this country!? Even in Magnostadt… things like the birth of “black djiins” happen…?\\
ali: just like it happened to cassim… are the weak people of this country forced to think of themselves as… t-trash by the mere fact that they are born…?\\
al: yeah!\\
ali: I will not forgive them!!\\
ali: what!? They are running away!!\\ s-so fast!!\\ why are they not headed toward reim’s army!?\\
al: their objective is not the reim’s army…\\
al: kouha!!\\
box: kou empire western occupation army, third alpine* division stationed in the tenzan plateau\\
TLN: maybe here “mountain warfare” is better\\
Sol: prince kouha!\\ prince kouha!\\
Box: vanguard’s supreme commander\ ren kouha\\
Girls: your hair become all messy when you ride a horse,\\ do you want to use the palanquin!?\\
Ha: I cannot do such a thing. They entrusted me with many soldiers, so if I don’t lead them, who would? I didn’t tell you to come all the way here, you know?\\
Girl: s-sorry…\\
ha: well no biggie. Because you remained in Magnostadt, you could give me a lot of information. You did a good job…\\ you are very virtuous.\\ pure\\
ha: and beautiful.\\
girl: prince kouha~~~!! Praise us more, caress us like you always do, please~~~\\
ha: hey!! Don’t cling all over me!! my hair are messy remember!?\\
ha: geez… if you want to play, do it after we win this fight~~\\
guy: our victory is certain, leave everything to us, prince kouha.\\
guy: at any rate, “those people” said that they will lend us their strength this time.\\
ha: we don’t need that. I will bring down Magnostadt with the vanguard alone.\\
guy: yes. There is no enemy capable to oppose to prince’s kouha’s metal vessel.\\
ha: yeah~~ I guess. I got this power by a mere chance, but I feel like using it.\\
ha: I really wonder why I got this thing…\\
ha: I really don’t understand those djinns~~\\
guy: so you didn’t notice it yet… prince kouha… \\
box: 3 years ago in the 14th dungeon “Leraje”’s treasure room\\
lera: listen to me~~ kouha. It is true that if I was a normal djinn, I would not choose you but that sexy guy standing on your side.\\
sfx near leraje: gusu\\gusu\\
lera: but that cheater is already controlling 3 djinns! I swore to stop falling in love with cheaters like him. I mean seriously.\\
near kouen: cheater…\\
near ha: *cough* *cough*\\
ha: what~~? You perverted djinn~~~ your make-up is mess~~~ you have the face~~~ of someone who was just ditched by her man~~\\
lera: be silent!\\
lera: furthermore, I don’t want to see a world that is ruled by a single and absolute king…\\
lera: but I want to see a king and his strong retainers who would not even lose to him work together in order to build this world…\\ … at least for this time.\\
ha: ah~~~ then I will become part of brother en’s household. That should be enough.\\
lera: no, you are not fit to be the vessel for an household.\\
lera: I understood what kind of man you are by looking at the eyes of your subordinates.
sage1: prince kouha.\\
sage2: prince kouha.\\
sage1: those people are the failures of an experiment which aim was to create artificial magicians.\\
sage2: why did you come all the way here…\ to include those people into your army?\\
sage1: those people have a social position even more repulsing than the slaves, they are swordsmen who joined or are born in various clans who would even make a prostitute's hair stand on end.\\
sage2: why did you come all the way here to…\\
sage1: those people are the warriors from commander kanmeisei’s clan who planned a revolt 120 years ago during king chou’s age. Because their ancestors were that clan’s vassals they were exiled for all this time in the wilderness.\\
sage2: why do you invite…\\ into your residence only that kind of people?\\
vassals: the 3rd prince likes to gathers twisted people\\ that should be expected. At any rate since his childhood, the 3rd prince had an eccentric personality and liked the sight of blood.\\
vassals: it must be caused from the fact that his mother lost her sanity for a long time.\\
vassals: even if he becomes a mere general, it is impossible for him to be suitable as kou’s emperor.\\
ha: this country doesn’t expect anything from us.\\
ha: as things are now we can spend our life in the shadows.\\
ha: but if you wish to go to a place where your family, and you, can have a future which you can be more proud of,\\
ha: to a bright place where you can live with dignity, then…\\
ha: you must know no shame,\\
ha: rise you heads and fight!\\
ha: you are lucky, there are people who want to do such a thing together with you.\\ my brother En and my brother mei already take care of me, so I will take care of you.\\
ha: come on now,\\
ha: is there any idiot who wants to try to rise that timid smug!?\\
lera: maybe he cannot become the king of this world.\\
lera: probably almost all the people who live bathed in the sun will not choose a man like kouha as a king…\\
guy: and yet for us…\\
guy: for us, there is no one better than prince kouha…\\
guy: you are our king…\\
guy: prince kouha!!\\
ha: ok, let’s go!! We almost arrived to Magnostadt!\\
sol: yes!!!\\
ha: eh?\\
guy: what is that…?\\
inserted text: a merciless attack!!

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