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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 182

Night 182: amon’s djiin equip

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 19, 2013 18:54 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 182: amon’s djiin equip\\
inserted text: he is finally here…!!!\\
inserted text: alibaba’s era has come!\\
sol: who the hell is that guy… i-is he an ally!?\\
ha: he is a metal vessel user… why is he here!?\\
ali: what!? People are confined underground in order to suck magoi from them!?\\
al: yeah. Furthermore the chancellor uses the magoi stolen from those people in order to create the black djinns. He devised the way to create them by collaborating with “Al thamen”…\\
al: it is a little different from Balbadd, but this is the “abnormality of the world” they caused in Magnostadt!\\
al: especially the children with a weak body in the 5th level authorization district suffer so much that they die. Just like it was happening to malga…\\ and titus too, he was troubled that he was born because it was decided that his life would be thrown away for this war… that’s why this is such a sorrowful war.\\
al: black djinns again!?\\
al: this is bad!! That shape is similar to that I saw in Alma toran…\\ those djinns are even more full of malice than those before them.\\ they will eat up this world’s white rukh and… everyone’s hope…\\
al: I have to stop them, otherwise…!!\\
ali: aladdin!\ I’m going ahead. I can fly faster than you in this form. This is not the time to save up magoi…\\
ali: I will stop…\\
ali: the “black djinn”!!\\
ha: it’s useless, they are regenerating!! They will not die if you just cut them!!\\
girl: so hot!!!\\
ha: a-a flaming big ass sword!!\\
ali: amon- zeru saika!!!(amon’s roaring flame sword)\\
sfx: hiiiii\\
sol: i-incredible! He burned down 3 djinns with just a single trust!!\\
al: you did it, alibaba…!!\\
al: you are finally able to use your “djinn equip”…!!!\\
al: others incoming!!\\
sol: t-this time there are 20… no…\\ 30 of them!!!\\
sol: there’s… no end to this…!!\\
ha: he is really going to do it!!\\
ali: aladdin!! I have no other choice, I will lose a lot of magoi, but this is not the case to keep hiding my trump card!!\\
al: yeah. Don’t worry, your metal vessel uses flame magic…\\ so I can help you with my magic!!!\\
ali: I will defeat “Al Thamen” and…\\
ali: the black djinns… !!\\
ali: let’s go, “extreme magic”!!\\
ali: “amor…”\\
al: incredible, alibaba!!\\
ali: no, it wasn’t me!!\\
al: eh!?\\
sol: aahhh!!??\\
ha: I…\\I cannot believe it…\\
ha: impossible…\\ to think that person would show himself here*…!?\\
TLN: here he is using quite a dignified way of speech, so no casual talk here, froggy\\
Ha: b-\\
Ha: brother…\\
sol: p-prince kouen!!!\\
girl: prince kouen!!!\\
sol: his excellency the general commander!!!\\
ha: t-to think that I would end up troubling even a dignified person such as my brother and king…!!\\
TLN: same as before, no causal speech here\\
Girls: but if prince kouen and his household are here…\\ we should be safe!\\
??: prince kouen!!\\
??: prince kouen!!\\
en: enshou\\
en: riseishuu\\
en: gakukin\\
en: shuukokuton\\
en: if these enemies are too much for the others,\\
en: we will deal with them with our strength.\\
in the first frame: yeah!!\\
al: this person is…\\ the first prince of the kou empire and conqueror of dungeons, ren kouen!!!\\
box: he missed the chance to fire it\\
ali: eh?\\
ali: eh…?\\
ali: eh!!?\\
box: magi 182, end\\
inserted text: alibaba… (sob)\\
TLN: no magi for a month guys until issue 27(next issue is number 23), but we will have sinbad’s adventure from the next issue.

Who cares about Sinbad, this is a major cliff-hanger, I want to continue reading the main series!!!\\

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#1. by Aqouze ()
Posted on Apr 20, 2013
hahahaha yeah who care for sinbad now that this is sth cliff-hanger

thanks for your translation as always :)

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