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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 519

Battle 519: the conclusion of the local battles


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 519

Battle 519: the conclusion of the local battles\\
inserted text: this battle is heating up too!!\\
renka: wah, y-you idiot! You persistently continue to perform these unreasonable grapping moves~~~ I will not let you show off like this~~~\\
rac: ahahaha <3 my moves aren’t just plain grapping techniques!\\
rac: differently from others martial arts, such as your Chinese kenpou, that pursued with tenacity only ugly and simple moves in order to defeat the opponent…\\
rac: our lucha libre included in those moves that beautifulness that charms everyone from the audience <3\\
ren: h-heh, we don’t have any audience here, you know!!\\
rec: oh~~~ now that you mention it, no one is showing up here~~~\\
rec: this is really disappointing.\\
ren: you pervert\\ h-however,\\
ren: I can avoid to cover myself in a strange way, dulling my movement for the very reason that there is no one here, otherwise I would stop fighting!!\\
ren: eeih!!\\
ren: ya!!\\
rec: oh?\\
ren: hakke shitou kuushou!! (eight trigrams palm soaring wings)\\
ren: oh!\\
rec: kuh, you are right, if there is no audience here, I should throw away the decorations and release the real movements of the lucha.\\
ren: what!?\\
rec: fu fu fu <3\\
ren: she released the strength from her stance!?\\
rec: I’m coming.\\
rec: los turkos sin non bure (the moves that don’t have a name)!!\\
ren: nuah!?\\
ren: kuh…\\
ren: what the hell… because of those decorations she put on her moves their real strength was quite reduced!!?\\
rec: sorry about these boring moves. Let’s finish this quickly…\\
ren: guh!!\\
ren: her will to fight has halved!!?\\
natsu: in the past the only thing you did was serving in ragnarok as the 5th first, just a rank above me.\\
natsu: you are a good fighter after all, Siegfried.\\
sieg: I see, so that’s one of the reasons because you choose me as your opponent. Hermit, I wanted to fight with you once as well!!\\
sieg: goa trance assault!!\\
natsu: shi!!\\
natsu: konrairyuu shou!!! (palm of the flowing thunder dragon)\\
sieg: funnuh!\\
sieg: cough, I was thinking about this~~~ in order to arrest my evasion moves due to my “complete circular movements”, you hold and seize me with the your own blows… quite a feat, you have my praises.\\
natsu: … every time you speak you look down on me, sieg.\\
sieg: sure, I cannot speak equally with an immature person like you who is not able to accept something irreplaceable such as friendship!!\\
natsu: guoh!!\\
sieg: sink into my friendship rhapsody~~~\\
natsu: not even if you kill me!!\\
natsu: fuh!!\\
sieg: raaah!!\\
kaname: ukita!!\\
uki: guhaaah!!\\
ki: uh!\\
ki: s-stop…\\
shira: kisara-sama…\\
ki: if you continue like this ukita will die… for sure.\\
kushi: no problem, failures are at the base of success.\\
kaname: I cannot bear to just watch anymore!!\\
kushi: ah\\
kaname: she stopped?\\
??: why do you kill people?\\
kushi: y-you are…\\
kushi: “karman-san”\\
near kushi: we meet a lot in my dreams lately\\
kar: yes, I’m the incarnation of the doubts you harbour in your heart.\\
kar: why do you kill people?\\
kushi: … you already know it, karman-san, those are my master’s orders…\\
uki: uh… freya.\\
kaname: I don’t understand what’s happening, but this is our chance to get away, ukita.\\
near kaname: karman?\\
kushi: but this is what my master told me.\\
kar: then why do you have an head?\\
kushi: to eat sweet things, right?\\
kushi: eh? Friends? But chikage is always alone.\\
kar: are you sure?\\
ken: look, finally the forget-me-not’s bud has blossomed!\\
kushi: I know the flowers from the picture book, it should be a violet perennial plant.\\
ken: just as expected, so do you also know the origin of the name?\\
kushi: the origin?\\
ken: in the past, a certain knight was picking flowers for his lover when he fell into the Danube and died.\\
ken: the last thing that knight said was “don’t forget about me” and so the name of the flower became forget-me-not.\\
ken: if you will go back in yami and have you heart filled once again with blood thirst…\\
ken: I want you to not forget about this day filled with sunny light.\\
kar: see you.\\
kushi: u…\\
kushi: uwaaah!\\
mikumo: she is rejecting it, huh.\\
mikumo: I should have killed her emotions just a little more… this is quite regrettable.\\
mikumo: it’s necessary to tune her up once again.\\
kaname: y-you bastard, what the hell are you doing to that little girl!?\\
mikumo: you are the ones who are making this child suffer.\\
mikuno: aren’t you able to understand such a thing?\\
mikumo: tell the same thing to that boy as well.\\
kaname: that boy…\\
kaname: was she talking about shirahama?\\
shira: freya-sama, the fire is all around us!\\
ren: to think that her pure kung fu would be so strong.\\
ren: kuh.\\
ren: however…\\
ren: above that her usual cheerful self is no where to be found…\\
ren: what the hell is this dark aura she has?\\
rec: this brings back memories.\\
rec: to think that I would use once again this kind of fists that I sharpened in my solitude since the time I was a little girl alienated from her parents…\\
ren: I see, this is your rage kung fu obtained by the mortifications of your solitude…\\
ren: then try to accept…\\
ren: the kung fu of someone who soaked her martial arts…\\
ren: in company of a lot of friends and her family!!\\
ren: ba-ke renkangeki suichin!! (ma-style: circular strike formation)\\
rec: hahyah!!\\
rec: I-\\I can still fight!\\
ren: it is true that the lucha libre techniques are full of decorations, but…\\ the fact that they are so tricky make them difficult to deal with.\\
rac: I’m not finished yet!!\\
ren: heh, hurry up and surrender.\\
ren: if someone looks at me while I’m fighting like this, I…\\
ren: eh?\\
ren: don’t look at me you horny monkeys!\\
val: uwah.\\
val: they are totally naked.\\
val: how the hell were they fighting until now?\\
rec: uwah… they looked at me~~~\\
niji: yeah I saw everything.\\
rac: this is too embarrassing~~~.\\
rac: I showed boorish moves to the audience…\\
rac: while fighting against my opponent!!\\
near rec: as a luchador\\
rac: forgive me, maestro!\\
niji: … is that the problem?\\
niji: anyway that bad feeling I had has not settled yet…\\
niji: is kenichi alright?\\
natsu: kahaah!!\\
sieg: heh.\\
sieg: It seems that while it’s really small, a difference in real strength between us exists in the end, right?\\
sieg: well probably it is just a meagre difference due to the timing of our battle.\\
sieg: with this you should have understood the strength of those who gather together with their friends and work diligently in order to develop themselves!!\\
natsu: yeah, you really improved, this close difference really surprised me because I’m someone who struggled to death in order to polish myself.\\
natsu: but you know…\\
natsu: why you are the one who was defeated and yet you still look down on me?\\
sieg: you probably don’t understand~~~\\
natsu: yeah I don’t.\\
sieg: that’s right, that’s probably your limit right now.\\
natsu: I’m asking you why you are acting so self-important even if you are the one who hit the floor\\
sieg: if you would have fought against kenichi-uji…\\
sieg: you would have been the one to lose.\\
sieg: I can guarantee you only that!!\\
natsu: … tch.\\
natsu: maybe it was better if I fought him, huh…\\
natsu: is that bastard still alive?\\
side text: the different fights are concluded. And from the next issue the fight between kensei and tanaka tsutomu will be once again on the main stage!!\\

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