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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 520

Battle 520: the guide to darkness


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 520

Battle 520: the guide to darkness\\
inserted text: secret move!! Present extortion eyes!!\\
side text: tanaka tsutomu is challenging kensei in order to avenge his master… against a master the only thing you can trust are your fists!!\\
ryu: wha…!?\\
ryu: kensei-sama is on his knees!!\\
tana: stand up kensei… no, ogata isshinsai.\\
tana: I’m here to avenge my master, midoukai.\\
ken: t-tanaka-san.\\
tana: … sorry kenichi-kun.\\
tana: I cannot remain on your same path after all.\\
ken: are you saying that you want to kill kensei!? To avenge your master!!\\
ber: impossible.\\
ber: kill kensei…\\
ber: one of the one shadow nine fists…?\\
oga: this strength, these techniques…\\ there’s no doubt about it…\\
oga: you reached that “domain” tanaka tsutomu.\\
ken: “reached”… could it be…\\
miu: he clearly exceeds the level of an e-expert.\\
miu: I clearly saw that…\\
tana: for the sole purpose of defeating you…\\
tana: just for that reason…\\
tana: I came out off my shell of an expert!!\\
oga: I see.\\
oga: Welcome to the domain of master doom!!\\
tana: ieaah!!\\
tana: nuuh!!\\
ber: what!!? That cannot be called neither a strike, a palm attack nor a body blow, what the hell was that!!?\\
ryu: it’s a move that tears your opponent without a thrust…\\
ken: t-this is… a move of the tenchi mushin style!!\\
tana: tenchi mushin style: mogari dachi*!!!\\
TLN: this is a little difficult to translate. If one looks at the pronunciation it should be “bamboo fence earth strikes” while the kanji can also mean “dropping tiger earth strikes”, plus his hands move like a tiger so…\\
Ken: he is pushing!\\
Ken: tanaka-san!! hold him down without killing him!!\\
Tana: what’s the meaning of this?\\
Tana: kensei!!?\\
tana: you are going easy on me, right!!?\\
oga: there’s no killing intent in your attacks yet.\\
oga: you came here to avenge you master, right? I’m not the one with those feeling here.\\
oga: furthermore, it would be quite unrefined for me to take to life…\\
oga: of someone who doesn’t even have the determination to kill yet…\\
ken: I knew that tanaka-san wasn’t someone who could become part of the satsujinken so easily!\\
tochu: chu\\
apa: apa?\\
shi: ah it is you kisame.\\
aki: hello.\\
aki: I’m back.\\
apa: we thought that it was kenichi and miu.\\ they promised to bring us presents.\\
ma: kenichi, miu, welcome back, I’m preparing the dinner…\\
ma: ah, it’s just you, akisame?\\
saka: what the…\\
aki: yeah I know, I’m not kenichi-kun\\
saka: … where the hell did you go, akisame?\\ and remove this hand.\\
aki: ah, nothing I had an urgent business\\
aki: where is the elder?\\
aki: I have to talk with him.\\
hayato: what!!?\\
hayato: you went to the tenchi mushin’s dojo?\\
aki: yes.\\
aki: something troubled me after seeing the extraordinary tenacity of that young man, tanaka tsutomu-kun.\\
aki: to be honest I went there several times.\\
aki: the dojo is already burned down, it is uninhabited and in ruin, but today I was particularly lucky and met a former disciple of the dojo who lives near there…\\
aki: it seems that…\\
aki: my premonition became true in its worst possible form.\\
aki: you already knew it, elder?\\
hayato: … yes.\\
hayato: I just wish that…\\
hayato: tanaka-kun doesn’t ever meet kensei.\\
oga: try…\\
oga: to come at me after you increased the darkness inside of you\\
ken: s-stop… kensei!!\\
ken: why do you want to make tanaka-san fall into darkness to that extent!!?\\
miu: he is right… he in not killing him immediately… instead it is like he is gently guiding him into darkness.\\
oga: that’s right, you cannot kill me with the katsujinken!\\
oga: polish your killing intent!!\\
oga: I will go first!!\\
oga: behold the true killing intent!!\\
tana: kensei~~~!!\\
miu: kyaaah!!\\
ken: guooh!!\\
side text: what happened between kensei and tanaka tsutomu who is putting a good fight against a one shadow nine fists? This riddle will be solved in the next issue!!\\

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