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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 522

Battle 522: a tragedy caused by ideology


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 522

Battle 522: a tragedy caused by ideology\\
side text: what is kenichi listening after he obtained tanaka tsutomu’s phone…!?\\
cell: this is the test service line…\\
cell: this is the test service line…\\
ryu: what’s wrong, ken-chan?\\
ken: … nothing,\\
ken: this phone is…\\
ken: a-anyway, this amusement park is dangerous!!\\
ken: where is your wife right now!!?\\
tana: don’t worry kenichi-kun… my wife is…\\
tana: in a safe place.\\
ken: what is this feeling…!?\\
tana: nuuhn!!!\\
tana: eisatsu shoudou zan!!! (sharp engraving movement cut)\\
haya: three years ago, midou kai-kun of the tenchi mushin style…\\ was defeated in a battle by kensei… and then he lost his life.\\
haya: but…\\ the tragedy didn’t finish there.\\
oga: midou kai…\\
oga: your moves are now surely engraved on my body…\\
mayu: I will avenge my father!!\\
oga: I warn you, I don’t make any difference in martial arts when I’m fighting a man or a woman\\
oga: I telling you this just another time!!\\
oga: pull down your fists.\\
oga: this is the last warning!\\
oga: if you want to continue, then…\\
oga: I will answer to your attacks as a martial artist!!!\\
saka: that fool!! could it be…\\
haya: midou kai’s daughter…\\
haya: was a master even if she was so young…\\
shi: that’s extremely rare…\\
shi: a young… master…\\
haya: on the contrary, it backfired on her…\\
ma: putting aside that she attacked him with the intent to kill… to think that he would even lay his hands on midou kai’s daughter…\\
ma: damn you kensei!!\\
haya: “in the world of martial arts, everyone should be threated equally”.\\
haya: this is a tragedy caused by his ideology.\\
haya: furthermore, even if he has the determination to be part of the satsujinken,\\
haya: he made a miscalculation.\\
saka: hey, stop this already!\\
saka: there is still something that you didn’t tell us!?\\
haya: indeed.\\ The truth is that…\\
haya: midou-kun’s daughter was assassinated…\\
haya: when she was still pregnant with tanaka-kun’s child.\\
tana: nuguh…\\
oga: so you still didn’t arrive to the point to take my life. A pity, I had great expectations for you.\\
oga: if you cannot kill me, then that means…\\
oga: that I have to kill you, right!?\\
oga: fuhah!!\\
oga: haaaah!!!\\
ken: that’s the trust he used to kill that bear…\\
oga: nouten jikoku keri!! (head hell’s kick)\\
ken: he is going to hit your head!! Avoid it, tanaka-san!!\\
oga: nouten jikoku keri!! (head hell’s kick)\\
oga: weren’t you here to avenge your master?\\
oga: and…\\
oga: your wife and son!!!?\\
ken: w-wife?\\
kiu: his son?\\
tana: kuhah…\\
ken: w-what’s the meaning of that!!?\\
ken: tanaka-san!?\\
tana: tenchi mushin style: kazoe nukite!!\\
oga: ogata style: kazoe nukite!!\\
both of them: 4-3-2\\
both: one!!!!\\
side text: tanaka tsutomu fell into the satsijinken in order to avenge his master, and his wife and son. Kensei is ready to assault. How will this match end!?\\

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