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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 183

Night 183: confrontation

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 1, 2013 08:49 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 183: confrontation\\
On the right: red: we made you wait\ B&Y: the serialization starts once again!!!\\
Left: the great fate, \yellow: begins to move once again!!!\\
right: sorry to keep you waiting!!!!!!!\\
left: my great and handsome self’s incredible deeds begin once again\\
inserted text: who will oppose to the black djiin army!?\\
gaku: geez, what the hell is this? Those black things seem like…\\ hum~~~ bad news to me~~!\\
shuu: they have the same smell…\\ of the impure people who made a nest into our country…\\
li: that’s one more reason to not make kouen-sama’s hands get dirty with their filthy blood, let’s take them down by ourselves! Are you listening to me, you two!?\\
gaku: seishuu, you fucking snake brat, just shut up! Why are you the one giving orders here!?\\
sfx: bako\\
shuu: ouch!\\ I’m telling you that it hurts, gakuken-dono!\\
li: “Astaroth”\\
gaku: “Phenex”\\
shuu: “Agares” created you, household vessel, and now…\\
“consecrate yourself to my body”…\\
“and become one… with it”!!\\
al&ali: what…!!?\\
ali: w-what the hell is happening!!?\\
ali: who the hell… are they…!!?\\
al: i-incredible!\\
ali: yeah, I never saw something like that.\\
under the bubble: wasn’t my turn now?\\
ali: no… I wonder if this really is the first time I have seen such a thing…\\
ali: those elephant and leopard like monsters that we met that time in balbadd were able to grow bigger as well… but they cannot even compare to these 4 people here.\\
al: yeah… they seem to be different from those we met in balbadd. The rukh seems to be attracted by them…\\
al: are they part of that man’s household …?\\
ali: “household”!? of whom!?\\
girl: kouha-sama\\
ha: kuh…\\
girl: kouha-sama!\\
ha: m-my brother and king… I’m sorry, even if I volunteered to take the vanguard…\\
ha: I caused a great loss… a-and this war… is really important for advance toward the west…\\
girl: k-kouen-sama!!?\\
en: heal.\\
en: Phenex!\\
girl: h-his broken arm is once again healed!!\\ thank you very much! Thank you very much!!\\
en: vanguard unit…\\ make the remaining soldiers retreat. And bring those who can still move with you…\\
en: kenmei hou,\\make them merge with the first occupation army that is in the mountains under your command.\\
hou: yes!\\
en: gather the wounded in a single place.\\
en: I will\\ take the command of everything here.\\
sol: yes!\\
ali: “do you know in which situation is balbadd right now!?”\\
ryuu: “right now a man called ren kouen is in charge of things there”\\
ryuu: “he is someone who loves war, and he is scheming to control the entire continent…”\\
sin: “the man called ren kouen…”\\
sin: “is planning to use balbadd as base in order to set out to the west”\\
ali: this person is…\\
ali: ren kouen from the kou empire!!\\
moga: this is good… the black rukh is behaving just as I thought… and becoming familiar with this body.\\
moga: if I continue to swirl together with this black rukh and become one with it… I should obtain even more power!\\
moga: destroy\\ the “goi”’s kings\\
moga: destroy\\ the “goi”’s kings…\\
moga: destroy\\ the “goi”’s kings… both in the west… and in the east…\\
moga: destroy all of them!!!\\
sche: so they were sent here as well after all…\\
sol: what should we do Scheherazade-sama?\\
sche: how is the soldier’s withdrawal going?\\
sol: the fleet began to return to our home country starting from the rear lines since daybreak.\\
sche: I see… only the wounded soldiers remain then. There is a way to make them return to our home country even faster than boats…\\
sol: …? Ah, yes.\\
sol: Scheherazade-sama, you should hurry up and flee as well.\\
sche: no, I…\\
sche: will use the last shards of my power,\\
sche: and defeat at least one unit of those black djinns in order to help the soldier’s retreat and aladdin.\\
??: we will stay with you then.\\
sche: ! y-you…\\
sche: are your wounds alright?\\
fana: we are fine.\\
fana2: who do you think we are?\\
muron: brother, rohroh you cannot act reckless again!!\\
roh: we told you that we are fine.\\
muron: … dammit!!\\
muron: where is titus and what the hell is he doing!?\\
muron: in such a time… when even a little more of battle power is necessary!!\\ why didn’t he choose to do what he should do!!?\\
sche: …\\ titus\\
box: Magnostadt\\
ti: I…\\
ti: I\\
malga: titus…\\
side text: while every single nation is showing its power in the black djinn battle, titus is unable to part with the happiness in his hands, and he is suffering alone…\\

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#1. by ant ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2013
finally back to main story. thanks for translation. ^^

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