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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 525

Battle 525: after the death match


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 525

Battle 525: after the death match\\
inserted text: … the conclusion!?\\
side text: without being able to avenge his wife, son and master… tanaka tsutomu sinks in front of kensei!!\\
ken: t-tanaka-san.\\
miu: g-get an hold on yourself, kenichi-san!!\\
oga: I assure you…\\
oga: that your moves are engraved onto this body!!\\
ryu: uguuh…\\
ryu: guuh…\\
miu: ah!\\
miu: ryuuto-san!!\\
miu: auh!\\
miu: aaah!! Ryuuto-san!!\\
ryu: berserker!!\\
ber: this is just because I want to fight against you someday…\\
ryu: … heh.\\
ber: are you going?\\
ber: yeah.\\
ber: I will learn from kensei-sama for your sake as well.\\
thor: hot hot… dosukoi!!\\
val: we are entrapped!! We are surrounded by a sea of flames!!\\
val: it took us time to save our friends after all!\\
sieg: my deepest apologies.\\
flag: uwah, c-commandant!!\\
niji: survival route sensors!!!!\\
box: let me explain!! Our commander niijima, in order to assure a survival route for himself, is equipped with all the kinds of sensors that wouldn’t miss even a crack where ants crawl out!!!\\
niji: this way, underlings! This is the smell of water… we can use the pool’s drain in order to head for the main gate!!!\\
flag: ok!\\
renka: hey wait, alien!!\\
renka: what are you going to do about kenichi, can it be that you are planning to leave him behind!?\\
niji: shut up!!\\
renka: !! kyaaah!!\\
thor: what the hell are you doing in a time like this!!?\\
niji: my mission, as your commander, is to reduce the damage that our group can possibly suffer to the minimum!! I am the one who decides where and how to fall back from here!!\\
near niji: I’m sure that he can do it by himself…\\
niji: matsui!!\\
flag: yes commander, I understand. You want that everyone follows me right!?\\
niji: eh?\\
flag: it is too easy to understand, the commander will go alone in search of shirahama and the others, right?\\
niji: about kenichi…\\
flag: you didn’t call him after all.\\
flag: you know commander, you always have been a person that at the very last moment…\\
flag: would protect his group even if he has to sacrifice himself!!\\
niji: eh,\\
niji: hum~~\\
niji: y-you are right, kenichi and miu-chan are important pieces for my ambitions! I will bring then back by myself!!\\
niji: go!!\\
flag: y-yes, shinpaku!!\\
flag: follow my flag!!\\
val: yeah!\\
thor: don’t die on me nijima!!\\
renka: I will come too!\\
niji: don’t come. In that way I will not be able to run away!!\\
renka: if I come it will be more likely that we come back alive.\\
freya: I will come too!!\\
ki: heh… then me too\\
niji: you cannot do it!\\
niji: it’s the commander’s duty to decide the formation of his soldiers!!\\
niji: you have to follow the others. Just for today I’m not sure to understand what can happen!!\\
freta: … heh.\\
freya: I understand, commander…\\
renka: so, from where do we begin to search? Hot…\\
niji: don’t move carelessly, we are surrounded by fire. Just read the undulation of the fire, follow me.\\
niji: shit, I lost any chance to retreat.\\
niji: as things are now, I have to save the two of them in order to not make the troops’ morale go down.\\
niji: ouch~~~\\\
niji: kyaaaah!!\\
niji: it’s useless, if we continue to search for them in such a huge amusement park we will die!!\\
near niji: survival sensors\\
renka: eh, did you see them?\\
renka: these people…\\
renka: they said they saw someone that resembles kenichi and miu!\\
renka: thanks, you should get away from here immediately too!!\\
renka: this way, alien!\\
niji: y-yeah.\\
niji: I feel like I saw him somewhere…\\
renka: hurry!!\\
renka: with this fire… they probably…\\
niji: no, someone is here.\\
niji: this way~~\\
renka: kenichi~~!!\\
niji: there are odin and Atalanta…\\
miu: it’s alright, they don’t have any hostility toward us anymore!\\
renka: kenichi, kenichi~~!!\\
ken: uuh…\\
ken: w-what about… tanaka-san…?\\
niji: ah that’s right, I thought that I saw him somewhere, I see, so he was that salary man martial artist who was on despair island!!\\
niji: you don’t have to worry about him, he went together with his family to a safe place!!\\
niji: let’s hurry as well!!\\
ken: … I see… tanaka-san…\\
ken: so you met your family.\\
side text: … goodbye, tanaka tsutomu.\\

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