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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 186

Night 186: kouen and alibaba

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 22, 2013 09:16 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 186: kouen and alibaba\\
inserted text: a disaster befalls on Magnostadt!\\
box: Magnostadt\\
mage: uwaah!?\\
mage: what’s happening!?\\
mage: w-what…\\
mage: the hell is that!?\\
box: fifth level authorization district\\
?: the roof was opened!!\\
??: the s-sky!!\\
???: is that really the sky…!?\\
????: we can…\\
????: get outside!!\\
al: oya oya? The 200000 humans underground are still alive…\\
al2: then who supplied the magoi as food in order for the furnace to become the “medium” for our father’s descent?\\
al: gyoukuen-sama…\\
gyouku(I think): that’s probably the great quantity of magoi that Magnostadt was hiding and accumulated in exchange of the lives of the people underground.\\ Thanks to that the lives of those 20000 humans were spared.\\
gyouku: that furnace was active for almost 10 years.\\ it was active in that small country called Magnostadt, it gathered black rukh, sucked magoi for all this time… and continued to grow…\\
al: splendid.\\
al: in other words this event is a result of gyokuen-sama guidance, right?\\
gyouku: no, this is something that the people of this world…\\
gyouku: did by themselves.\\
gyouku: this is the parting gif from ithnan, although that boy didn’t built the furnace directly.\\ ithnan was the person who betrayed king Solomon by himself even if he deeply respected and loved him. In the same way, the humans by themselves desire to oppose to the “great flow” of this world.\\
gyouku: he was watching closely the ones who were at the centre of that country,\\ but his way to interfere directly didn’t match with my style…\\
gyouku: he was such a unskilful foolish boy, still dragged down by his lingering affections…\\
gyouku: but on the other side…\\
gyouku: thanks to him after 10 years, the humans opened the “black spot” by themselves.\\
gyouku: aaah, “father”!!!\\ we finally met!!!\\
al: we finally met!!!\\
al: we finally met!\\
gyouku: you hands will be guided by the “medium” and in the instant they will touch the surface…\\
gyouku: you will bring in this world!!!\\
gyouku: a pure scenery where only a black sun shines…\\
gyouku: just like in “alma toran”!!!!\\
sol: hey…\\
sol: what did this man just say?\\
sol: he said that he is alibaba saluja the prince of the kingdom of balbadd, right?\\
ha: aladdin…!?\\
mage: what do you mean?\\
sol: if I remember well in that country, after that large scale coup d’état, the royal family was supposed to be executed as the ones guilty of causing the decay of the political situation, but…\\ I heard that because of the intervention if the 7 seas alliance, the 3 princes were barely able to save their skin and they took asylum in sindria.\\
gaku: I see. So that metal vessel user is a protégé of sindria…\\
shuu: in that case he is not an enemy.\\
al: …!!\\ a-alibaba-kun!?\\
ali: it’s alright, aladdin. Hakuryuu and kougyoku, plus a lot of people from the kou empire already know my face.\\
ali: they would have discovered my real identity sooner or later.\\
ali: it is true that I could suitably make my way with words and probably be able to get away from this place…\\
ali: but,\\ for the sake of my future…\\ this is the only person on which I cannot turn my back on!!\\
sol: …!? What are his intentions?\\
sol: according to his behaviour, he intends to…\\
ali: I…\\
ali: stepped on the battlefield in order to protect the life of the third prince of the kou empire, ren kouha-dono!\\
ha: what…!?\\
ali: alibaba-kun…!?\\
over al: well, he saved kouha-kun, but…!\\
al: why is he saying such a thing…!?\\
sol: … reinforcements…?\\
sol2: reinforcements he says… is that true?\\
sol3: are we really going to believe to the words of an enemy general?\\
sol4: but it is true that he saved us…\\
mage: h-he is telling the truth, since the beginning he came to this place so save us…\\ kouha-sama he is a good person!!\\
ha: …!! T-that bastard…!!\\
shuu: this is a bluff, no matter you look at it.\\
lion: the current situation is not related to the truth in his words. There’s no way to prove if he is telling the truth or not. Bu there is a meaning is declare such a thing in front of everyone. If our young master would acknowledge him, then we will not be able to lay our hands on him anymore.\\
en: aren’t you looking down upon me…\\
en: because you have already lost your country?\\
en: I have to thank you.\\
en: you did a good job in saving kouha.\\
shuu: kouen-sama let that brat get away even if he dared to use kouha-sama! \\ furthermore, he didn’t thank kouen-sama in their first meeting…\\
gaku: there’s no need to have such a resentment here.\\ it seems that even the young master didn’t mind it too much…\\
gaku: that boy was the one which intentions were seen through,\\ and he was embarrassed from the deepness of his heart.\\
near gaku: that’s a real pity~~ boy\\\
al: …\\ alibaba-kun…\\
sol: what?\\ the western sky became black?\\
al: impossible…!!\\
ali: aladdin!?\\
al: even if the war stopped, even if the black djiins were stopped…\\
al: that thing appeared!!\\
al: old man kouen!!\\
ha: o-old man!?\\
al: retire your soldiers, I beg you!!!\\
al: it doesn’t matter if they are from kou or reim!!\\ if the people around here continue to fight they will die!!\\
shuu: kouen-sama! Don’t be bothered by the nonsenses sprout by this dirty little magician!\\
mage: no… aladdin-dono\\
mage2: yes… he feels different from the first time we met him… I wonder what is it?\\ he is not wielding any staff, furthermore he didn’t clearly use any magic in front of us, and yet the rukh is…?\\
al: we don’t have time. If you don’t believe me then, the situation will be explained directly…\\
al: by your djiins!!!\\
the three djiins: we are here to serve you, our “king” and the incarnation* of our past “great king”!!!\\
TLN: I used “incarnation”, but this word can be subject to changes according to what my translation checkers say.\\
inserted text: they are here…!!\\

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#1. by victoria ()
Posted on Jun 25, 2013
Can you put a translation of Volume 4 ?

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