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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 527

Battle 527: the armed division’s footprints


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 527

Battle 527: the armed division’s footprints\\
inserted text: many masters, invincible super humans… concentrated so that their disciple doesn’t die today.\\
side text: kenichi returned to his everyday life, and trains daily!\\
aki: I’m back.\\
ken: ah, welcome home, koetsuji-shishou, how was it!?\\
aki: hum, before that… ok, there are no signs that any of them was removed.\\
ken: I-I never remove them!\\
miu: so, how are ryuuto-san and atalanta… I mean kokorone rimi?\\
aki: they are fine, they conditions are improving.\\ more importantly…\\
near ken: w-wait~~~\\
aki: if that young girl would rest as I said her to do she would heal faster…\\
aki: why are you wearing nurse’s clothes?\\
rimi: well I thought that old men would like this kind of clothes.\\
ryu: it would be fine if you spank her, sensei.\\ with you fists.\\
ken: I’m so glad~~ I was worried about their progresses.\\
ma: you are not in the position of worrying about the others. It will be my turn soon.\\
ken: w-w-what is that? What do you want to do with that pot!!!?\\
saka: what the hell… are you still thinking about that, akisame?\\
aki: yeah, a little.\\
saka: I can assure you that it’s useless to be troubled about it. No matter what kind of hindrance you would have put on his path, at the end that guy called tanaka would have fought kensei.\\
aki: probably you are right.\\
aki: I have a new determination now… I will not let kenichi or any of his friend…\\
aki: lose their life like him.\\
saka: well, we know for sure that from now on they will get involved with the armed division.\\
saka: if such a thing happens, there is the possibility that some of those kids could die.\\
aki: because they are weak. No matter how many times we warn them they are still martial artists, we have to respect their determination.\\
saka: and they don’t seem to be a group of people who would withdraw even if you tell them to do it.\\
elder: maybe you shouldn’t say such things.\\
elder: according to the rumours the wind brings to me, a certain group of people are gathering in japan right now.\\
aki: a certain group of people?\\
elder: the eight radiant executioner blades.\\
elder: they are a group of demons who would even cut down a Buddha…\\
elder: if we don’t fight them things can become desperate.\\
aki: … so finally the time has come.\\
shi: just as we thought we have to protect those boys…\\
shi: hum…\\
shi: yeah.\\
blonde: man, I didn’t think that it would be located in such a cold land.\\
girl: so this the special detention facility we heard of, huh.\\
girl: sensei,\\
girl: when did they built such a thing?\\
blonde: it’s a place than even exceeds the rumours about it…\\
blonde: the fortified prison created to the sole aim of imprisoning the criminals who have the power that surpass that of normal humans…\\
blonde: big lock.\\
blonde: ah, sensei when did you…?\\
blonde: why is making snowballs?\\
girl: beats me.\\
blode: hey look, lasers!!\\
girl: be careful, sensei!!\\
blonde: good idea, the snow changed into mist!\\
blonde: why is he running by making all those turns?\\
girl: he is probably avoiding the land mines, what incredible security!!\\
blonde: the gates are opening!\\
girl: I see they are bringing in materials, he was waiting for the right timing.\\
blonde: even with such a plan, if it weren’t our sensei, he wouldn’t have succeeded.\\
girl: you are right, that means that it is probably impossible to get out from the inside.\\
?: hahahaha\\
diego: it seems that we have a strange guest.\\
diego: alex-dono.\\
alex: he is a visitor from the armed division.\\ diego-dono.\\
glass: diego carlo, the smiling steel fist and alexander gaidar the fist of destruction…\\ even the one shadow nine fists cannot escape from such security after all, huh.\\
diego: fuh,\\ fuhahaha\\
diego: we just don’t want to escape, alex-dono.\\
alex: heh.\\
alex: we were defeated by ryouzanpaku.\\
alex: the defeated obeys the winner, that’s the truth, right?\\ that’s why we are not escaping.\\
alex: maybe you of the armed division don’t even have such a behaviour, right?\\
diego: if we ever have a single reason to get out, then we would. Until that time we will take it as easy as possible.\\
glass: we of the eight radiant blades are gathering.\\
glass: is that reason enough for you to escape?\\
glass: try to consider that well.\\
glass: I just had to tell you that because the one shadow-dono asked me.\\
glass: I see, what was stopping them was not the cage but their pride as martial artists… huh.\\
glass: ryouzanpaku, you were able to understand them to that extent and were successful in confining them.\\
blonde: ah sensei, why are you alone!!?\\
blonde: apart those two from the unarmed division…\\
blode: several capable armed division members should be held into this facility.\\
girl: he is right, if we make them escape they could increase our war potential, right?\\
glass: if they are not able to escape by themselves, then…\\
glass: they don’t have any war potential.\\
blode: like always…\\
both: you are so strict~~~\\
elder: what did you say, shigure!!?\\
elder: it’s true that we were saying that we were worried about kenichi-kun’s friends because from now on we think that they will have to fight against the armed division.\\
aki: this “war plan” you have thought of, in what does it consist?\\
shi: I will call it, “shigure-chan special”.\\
shi: fuh\\fuh\\fuh,\\
shi; fuh~~~\\
side text: shigure is brimming with self confidence while touchuumaru has fearless eyes. And her first disciple is already frightened. The content of the special will be revealed in the next issue!!

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