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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 187

Night 187: the great assemble

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 29, 2013 11:28 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 187: the great assemble\\
inserted text: the ones that aladdin is calling one after another are…\\
en: agares,\\
en: Astaroth \\
en: phenex!!\\ They are my djinns!\\
?: what!?\\
al: appear in front of me, everyone!!\\
djinns: did you call us, “magi”!!?\\
ha: did he say “magi”!?\\
gilr: prince kouha!! All the rukh are simultaneously sending their magoi… to aladdin!! The only ones who can do such a thing are…\\
inserted text: djinn, djinn, djinn, djinn, djinn~~~\\
en: I see… so the “fourth magi” that judar was talking about…\\ it’s you!!!\\
amon: our kings… you have to close the “dark spot”.\\
amon: otherwise… this world will be annihilated.\\
girl: w-what do you mean?\\
amon: in the far western skies…\\
amon: a “hole” has been opened.\\ from there the incarnation of evil will descend on us…\\
amon: anything that will be touched by its hands will have the white rukh inside of its body be stolen away and it will be erased.\\
amon: no matter if it is people, animals or plants…\\
amon: even the light and the sound will die out, nothing will move, and nothing will be heard… and a completely dead world…\\
amon: will appear today,\\
amon: in this world of yours together with a black sun…\\
lera: don’t let this world die everyone! Otherwise it will be the same as “alma toran”!!\\
asta: leraje! That’s a taboo. The humans of this world shouldn’t even know about the existence of the “other world”.\\
en: did you say the “other world”…?\\
en: the destruction of the world… could it be…\\
ali: what should we do in order to stop such a thing, amon!?\\
amon: you have to destroy\\
amon: the “medium”.\\
ali: medium???\\
amon: the incarnation of evil, “iru irah (black god)”, is an high order being from another dimension that originally is not supposed to exist in our world.\\
amon: and the trigger to drag it down in our world is…\\
amon: the “medium”. The crystallized body of an immense quantity of black rukh and magoi…\\
amon: that’s the final objective of “al thamen” and the reason why they are causing all the “world abnormalities”.\\
al: so we just need to destroy that thing.\\
amon: yes. But it will be a difficult fight…\\
amon: even considering that you, “solomon’s proxy” will be there.\\
en: hey…\\
en: what is this solomon’s proxy?\\
en: furthermore… can it be that…\\
en: the “other world”…\\
en: is the annihilated world that was ruled by king Solomon…?\\
al: eh?\\
al: … why? Do you know something about “alma toran”, uncle…?\\
en: tell me immediately…\\
en: everything you know!!\\
al: you are hurting me… uncle…\\
djinns: king kouen!! Stop being so rude toward the magi!!\\
near al (third frame): hum~~ hum~~ hum~~
al: that’s right!! if you will retire the soldiers and help us destroying the “medium” I will tell you everything!!\\
djinns: whaaaat!?\\
lera: are you sure about that, “magi”.\\ amon: i-if you tell everything to the humans of this world, t-then the normal flow of “destiny” created by king Solomon will…\\
al: we are already in an extreme situation, we cannot care about such things anymore.\\
near al: I’m sorry, king Solomon\\
en: fine then.\\
sfx: inhale\\
en: koumei!!! Hakuryuu, hakuei, kougyoku!!!\\
en: come here immediately!!!\\
en: have you finished treating the injured soldiers!!? As soon as the treatment for the heavily injured soldiers will be finished, kouha and I will depart!!\\
ha: a-are you going to believe to such an absurd story…!?\\
en: it is not a matter of believing them or not, this is part of the abyss of history I’m trying to unveil.\\ if I will be able to solve the mystery of this world before uniting it, then…\\
en: from now on there will not be any need to repeat once again those thousands of wars that happened in the other world*.\\
TLN: here I interpreted his words a little as I think that he is referring to the things he said in chapter 146\\
En: hey “magi”!!\\
en: I will lend you the power of all the metal vessel users in the kou empire.\\
en: in exchange of that…\\ after all of this will be finished…\\
en: you will give me,\\
en: all the truth about this world!!\\
al: uuuh… this old man’s eyes are sparkling and are so frightening…\\
al: tell everything to Sinbad would be fine… but I have the feeling that I’m going to tell secrets to people who shouldn’t know them…\\
ali: hakuryuu!! Will he come here too!!?\\
al: come? … but you called him and yet he is far from here, is he able to hear you??\\
girl: you can bet on it! In our army the orders are transferred through long range clairvoyance magic.\\
girl: the distance of the clairvoyance magic depends on the strength and the consumption of magoi of the magicians that are stationed in the various places but…\\
girl: this time we will take the shortest course! We will also use our magoi and with our strenuous effort we will *mumble* *mumble*…\\
ha: stop telling them our army’s highly classified secrets, please!!\\
mei: ok ok, I heard you\\
hei: acknowledged!\\
gyoku: I understand, brother…!!\\
text: djinn equip: Dantalion\ ren koumei\\
text: djinn equip paimon\ ren hakuei\\
text: dijinn equip: Astaroth\ ren kouen\\
text: dijinn equip: leraje\ ren kouha\\
text: dijinn equip: amon: alibaba\\
text: dijinn equip: vinea\ ren kougyoku\\
djinns: please…\\
djinns: we leave everything to you, our king vessels…!!\\
ok: ok let’s go!!!\\
al: to Magnostadt!!!\\
inserted text: they have gathered all of their power… for the decisive battle!!\\

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