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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 528

Battle 528: shigure-chan special


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 528

Battle 528: shigure-chan special\\
Inserted text: when I undress… it’s to be ready for battle <3\\
side text: in what consists the plan that ryouzanpaku thought about in order to deal with the imminent clash against the armed division…!?\\
elder: probably from now on we will often fight against the armed division… if such a thing happens someone among ken-chan’s friends could die.\\
elder: and an epoch making plan was devised in order to mitigate this critical situation…\\ … or so they told me…\\
ken: … they told him?\\
elder: shigure’s plan.\\
shi: the “shigure-chan special”.\\
ken: what kind of plan is that?\\
shi: it’s a…\\
shi: secret.\\
ken: a plan made by her!? I’m sure that she has decided to corner everyone from the alliance to the utmost limit in order to make them stronger!! What If things go bad and she goes over that limit, and then someone dies during this plan of hers!!?\\
elder: oh dear, shigure said that she wants to make a surprise to ken-chan and his friends so she will not tell the contents of her plan to them\\
elder: akisame-kun, did you give her any suggestion?\\
aki: ah, yes, to be honest I helped her a little with the calculations.\\
saka: what!!? That’s unfair, I never heard of such a thing, tell me what it is, akisame!\\
aki: she is even reluctant to tell us about her plan…\\ It must be a great war plan that requires a lot of concentration as she devised it from the initial draft to the actual realization in such a short time.\\
ken: she is packing a lot of things\\ are those weapons?\\
shi: yeah.\\
ken: s-she is even bringing with her such a dangerous weapon!!\\
ken: where are you going with that bag?\\
miu: we will come in order to keep watch… I mean in order to help you!\\
shi: … I don’t need any help, but…\\
shi: I have to go in various… places.\\
apa: apa apa\\
ken: various places…\\
miu: I’m sure that she wants to assault everyone from the alliance with her weapons.\\
miu&ken: we have to keep an eye on her!\\
ken: the sea?\\ Miu: why the sea?\\
ken: since the beginning I thought that shigure-san was a person difficult to understand, but…\\ only for this time I don’t have the slightest idea about what she is thinking.\\
sfx near shi: lick\\
shi: hum…\\ yeah.\\
ken&miu: w-what is she doing?\\
shi: don’t just stand there watching, help… us.\\
miu: eh? Yes.\\
ken: why are you taking all that sand? What do you want to do with it?\\
shi: just hurry up. Around there should be fine\\
near ken: y-yes\\
ken: s-so heavy…\\
near miu: because it’s all wet\\
shi: let’s… hurry.\\
ken: by the way, this sand could be used to make weights…\\
miu: to make weights…\\
ken: hum~~… is she going to drown everyone from the alliance!?\\
miu: that’s dangerous!!\\
miu: eh? … this sand… I wonder if…\\
ken: eh? I have the feeling that I have already visited this place before…\\
ken: ah!!\\
ken: w-wait a minute, shigure-san!!\\
ken: this place is…\\
miu: who’s there!?\\
miu: so big!!\\
ken: guwah~~~ who are you~~!?\\
kage: muhoh~~\\
shi: long time no see.\\
shi: sai kagerou of the howling guard.\\
kage: long time no see, micchan.\\
shi: my name is shigure. Like always you are unable to remember a woman’s name.\\
miu: if I remember well this person is a former member of yami’s armed division, what kind of business does she have with this retired person?\\
ken: hah!!\\
ken: could it be she is going to instigate this person…\\
ken: in order to make him attack those of the shinpaku alliance!!!?\\
miu: w-what!?\\
kage: muhooo!!\\
ken: wah!!\\
kage: there is an axillary bud on this branch.\\
kage: if you don’t remove the axillary bud from a tomato plant it will take part of the nutrition and the taste of the tomato will get worse~~\\
apa: apapa, tomatoes are delicious~~~\\
kage: this is the sweet bean jelly made with the potatoes I have harvested this year and…\\
kage: and the pickled vegetables I am particularly proud of.\\
shi: so you are doing it… seriously.\\
apa: great!\\
ken: shigure-san, what the hell did you come to do in this place? Please hurry up and tell us the real place where we are headed to.\\
shi: after the… tea\\
shi: fuh\\uh.\\
near apa: I have the cat tongue.\\
shi: howling guard… did you gather those… things?\\
kage: yeah.\\
kage: here.\\
kage: I gathered the things of the best quality I could find.\\
shi: I noticed it last time I was here, but…\\
shi: the quality seems good after… all.\\
ken: this time it’s earth? I give up, what are going to do with that?\\
miu: ah…\\
miu: could it be that…\\
kage: here this is the apparatus you asked for.\\
shi: yeah.\\
shi: it is perfect.\\
ken: uwah, what is this!?\\
shi: we need to mix the earth another 3 times.\\
ken: ah geez, I don’t understand anything anymore!\\
ken: what the hell are you doing!?\\
miu: yeah… just as I thought!\\
ken: eh? Miu-san do you know how that strange thing works?\\
miu: yeah probably that’s similar to an irrigation tube*.\\ kage: wow, you know a lot of things, micchan.\\
TLN: the name is “kannanagashi” and it is a typical Japanese (and chinese) apparatus to transport water for irrigation. “irrigation tube” is the most close thing I could think of.\\
Miu: micchan, huh… well that’s not wrong after all.\\ yeah by pure chance\\
Kage: yeah, in japan since a long time ago this was the way to collect it.\\
Kege: the iron sand I mean.\\
ken: iron sand!?\\
kage: yeah.\\
kage: the light earth quickly flows below, and the comparatively heavier compound that comprises iron remains upstream.\\
kage: if you repeat this operation several times, the iron sand that is inside of the earth and the iron sand that is inside of the sand is taken out…\\
near kage: this is the good smell of iron…\\
kage: and she is now mixing them by using her personal insight.\\
ken: could it be that you do not intend to attack those from the alliance!?\\
shi: attack? What are you talking… about?\\
miu: what are you going to do with this iron sand, shigure-san?\\
shi: … it should be obvious.\\
shi: an iron manufacturing furnace!!!\\
ken: hot… a- an iron manufacturing furnace… that’s necessary to create Japanese swords, right!?\\
ken: c-could it be that shigure-san…\\
ken: wants to transform the shinpaku alliance into an armed division!!?\\
inserted text: in the next issue the ”special’s” full particulars will be revealed!!\\

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